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A No-Nonsense Guide to Shipping Your Car

Guide to Shipping Your Car

A No-Nonsense Guide to Shipping Your Car

There are many reasons why you might find yourself looking for an auto transport service. You might have purchased your car online and need it delivered to your home. Relocating or taking an extended vacation, are two more occasions on which you might need such a service. Whatever the reason, booking with a top-rated auto transport management company like ours is vital. 

There are also several steps you need to take to ensure your auto transport goes smoothly.


Where do You Want to Ship from and To?

This is the first thing you need to think about. If you’ve bought a car online, the pick-up location is going to be where you purchased the car from. The final destination is most likely going to be where you live. When you’ve decided on these locations, you’ll also need to determine the zip code. With the zip code you can use our online calculator for an accurate quote.

With this information to hand you’ll be able to talk to one of our shipping advisors by calling (866) 774 6570. Make contact as far in advance as possible because this will ensure you receive the best service possible.


When do You Want the Auto Transport Service to Take Place?

This is the second most important decision to make. It will be possible to change the dates, as long as the carrier hasn’t dispatched a vehicle. However, you will need to keep in touch with us here at SGT Auto Transport, so we can provide the carrier with all the latest information.

Choose pick-up and delivery times as far in advance as is possible. This gives us plenty of time to sort out all the necessary arrangements. You also need to be certain you pick dates when you’re available, as you need to be present at the pick-up and delivery location. If you’re unable to be there, you need to decide on a trustworthy representative who can act on your behalf. Part of the reason a person has to be present is that the vehicle needs to be inspected by you or your representative and the driver. Any damage is recorded on the bill of lading and it then has to be signed by all parties.


Check the Auto Transport Company’s Reviews

To get a good idea of the reputation of a company, it’s always a good idea to check out their reviews. There are a number of other avenues you can explore if you want to find out more about the quality of the service.

  • Ask family and friends – ask people you know for their recommendations. You might know a colleague, relative, neighbor, or friend who has had to ship a car. Knowing about their experiences is going to be an advantage for you.
  • Do some online research – the internet is a great tool if you want to find out about an auto shipping company. Websites to visit include Facebook, TrustPilot, BBB (Better Business Bureau), and Google. Don’t be overly worried if you find some negative reviews, because let’s face it, even hugely successful companies such as McDonald's, Amazon and Apple are going to have a few disgruntled customers. What matters is not the negative review but how quickly and whether they were able to resolve the issue. You should be more worried if the company you’re considering has no online reviews at all.

Here at SGT Auto Transport, our primary aim is to ensure all our clients receive exemplary service and the transport of any vehicles is a smooth process. Should any problems occur, we like to think we can work with our customers to ensure a swift and mutually agreeable resolution. If you’ve got any questions at any stage during the process, our representatives are on hand to guide you.


Finding the Best Car Shipping Cost

One of the most important deciding factors when it comes to booking an automobile shipping service has to be the cost. Before you make your final decision, spend time shopping around and asking for several quotes. Choose us and you’re lucky enough to be able to get an online instant quote using our calculator.

Any quote you get is not set in stone until you’ve made your final booking. The quote you receive is fully inclusive of all fees and charges. It’s also guaranteed for 7 days. If you find you can’t make your booking within that time frame, don’t worry. Your details will be in our system and the price can be recalculated.


Making Your Final Booking

Before you make your final booking, it’s a good idea to understand how the shipping process works. Take a look at some of the articles in our blog section and you’ll know everything there is to know about shipping a car.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • It costs more, generally, to ship a large vehicle than a smaller one
  • Trips that are shorter, tend to cost less than moving your car from one side of the country to the other
  • Express shipping is available, but it will cost a little more

Making your booking with us here at SGT Auto Transport is as easy as ABC.

Arrangements – get in touch with our shipping advisors and give them all the details.

Be available at the pick-up location – make sure you’re there at the pick-up location for the scheduled date and time. Make sure the location is easily accessible, with no over-hanging trees, parking restrictions, or narrow streets. If you’re unable to be at the pick-up location, make sure a trusted friend, relative or neighbor is there to act on your behalf.

Collection – the final step is for you to receive your vehicle. When the truck driver is close to the final destination, they will give you a call to let you know they’re on their way. Be available to greet them at the scheduled delivery location wherever that might be. Part of the delivery process is for you to check over your car and make sure no damage has occurred. If everything is in order, you simply sign the bill of lading and drive away in your car. You won’t owe the driver anything if you paid in full. If this isn’t the case you’ll need to pay the trucker in cash or by certified funds.

We’d loved to hear about your auto shipping experience, so don’t forget to let us know how it all went and leave us a review. We do everything we can to ensure our transport service runs as smoothly as possible. More than a company, more than a service is our motto and our aim is to go above and beyond for all our valued customers, both old and new.