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A Variety of Trucks and Trailers Can be Used to Ship Your Car

A Variety of Trucks and Trailers

A Variety of Trucks and Trailers Can be Used to Ship Your Car

When it comes to shipping a car, you’ve got plenty of choices. Depending on the make and model being hauled you can choose between open and closed, one or two-tier, soft or hard sided and many more. Faced with so many alternatives, you might be worried about what to do. To help with your decision let’s delve a little deeper into your options. It’s not something you will have thought about initially but choosing the right auto shipping service can make a big difference.

Open vs Enclosed Transport

Get in touch with us here at SGT Auto Transport and you’ll first have to choose between an open and enclosed transport service. Which one you choose impacts on the price you pay and the service you can expect to receive.

Open Transport

Open transport is what most people picture when they first consider using a car transport service. It can mean your car is transported on a trailer with one or two levels, but most important of all it’s open on all sides. This is one of the most popular options because auto transport rates are very reasonable. The majority of vehicles in the US are moved across the country using open car shipping trucks. A 90-foot car shipping truck can haul up to 10 at a time, making it a very cost effective option. Open car transport loading is undertaken by well-trained truckers which means everything is kept secure and safe during the journey.

There are several different open car trucks currently used by a car hauler.

Single Vehicle Hotshot Trailer

Car shipping truck companies tend to offer this type of service for short distances. For this service a dually truck with a tow trailer behind is what’s used. A dually is a pickup with dual rear wheels on both sides. Behind is a goose-neck trailer that’s just big enough to haul one vehicle. Another occasion that might call for a single vehicle hotshot trailer is when an expedited service is necessary. On this particular occasion, it’s used for long-distance deliveries.

Single Level Multi-Car Carrier

If more than one car needs to be transported, car shipping truck companies often offer this service. Goose-neck trailers are again used for these car transport services, but in this case they’re big enough to carry between two to six vehicles. These might be cars, trucks, small RV’s or a combination of all three. A car hauler might also use a semi rather than a dually, if the trailer is a little larger. A 90-foot car shipping truck struggles to make deliveries in narrow city streets. A much smaller car transport carrier, on the other hand, won’t have such a problem.

Multi-Level Multi-Car Carrier

If you encounter a shipping auto hauler when you’re out on the road it’s more likely to be this type. It is the standard method for transporting your car. For most situations, shipping truck companies use this type because it’s economical, cost-effective, swift and reliable.

Enclosed Car Transport Services

Enclosed transport services, on the other hand, use a transport truck trailer that’s more like a shipping container. Vehicles being moved are completely enclosed and protected from the weather and any traffic grime. A shipping car hauler is the most popular choice for owners of custom, antique, classic, high-end and luxury cars.

When your car is being transported using an enclosed trailer, there are several options to choose from.

Single-Level, Single-Vehicle Enclosed Trailer

If you’ve got a particularly valuable or precious motor, you might choose to use car shipping truck companies that offer this service. Both bumper pull and goose-neck trailers are used to provide this service. A dually truck is used for pulling. As with the open version, it’s used mostly for short distance or expedited deliveries.

Single-Level, Multi-Vehicle Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed car trailers aren’t limited to transporting just one vehicle. There are versions that can carry up to three. When more than one vehicle is being hauled, however, it’s usually done by a semi.

Multi-Level, Multi-Vehicle Enclosed Trailer

When a car transport company needs to haul more than three motors in an enclosed trailer it uses a multi-level, multi-vehicle enclosed trailer. Enclosed car transport loading takes place using adjustable deck ramps.

You might also be interested to learn that car shipping companies are also able to offer a variety of different types of enclosed carrier. They can be hard or soft-sided. A soft-sided car transport trailer, also known as curtain-sided, will have vinyl side curtains that are PVC-coated. Because these curtains can be lifted up when a vehicle is loaded and unloaded, it makes securing the cargo much easier. That being said, these car shipping trucks tend to be hard-sided.

The Benefits of Choosing Open Car Transport for Truck

There are pros and cons of all the transport methods mentioned. However, for a standard open car trailer you can expect to pay much less than for enclosed car service. A 90-foot car shipping truck is also much quicker, because there are more carriers across the US offering this type of service.

One final benefit, that’s very important in our environmentally conscious age, is that hauling your car by truck in this way is better for the environment because less fuel is used and more vehicles can be hauled at the same time.

The Benefits of Choosing Enclosed Car Transport for Truck

For the majority of people, shipping your car by truck in the standard way is more than suitable. There are, however, certain types that require a certain level of care and attention.

Owners of rare, specialty, custom, classic or antique motors tend to choose enclosed car services. This is because the transported vehicles are completely protected, not just from the weather but from traffic grime and debris, throughout the length of the journey. The vehicle being hauled will arrive at its chosen destination looking shiny and new.

One further benefit that’s really important is that the vehicles inside an enclosed carrier are 100% secure and private. No passers-by can see or touch the precious cargo inside. 

Why Shipping Your Car is Better Than Driving

If you’re not really sure whether car transport services are right for you, bear in mind the following benefits before you start planning a long road trip.

Believe it or not, using an auto transport service is much cheaper and takes less time. It’s also going to save the wear and tear on your vehicle. Driving long distances can be very tiring, tedious and frustrating. Book an auto transport service with a car shipping truck company like ours and you can travel in comfort and style. At the end of your journey, you’ll be ready to collect your vehicle when it arrives at the delivery location.

If you want to know more about any of our options give us a call on (866) 774 6570. Alternatively, drop us an email or use the online instant chat option. Customer support is available 24/7.