An interview with Stefano: Оur illustrious CEO

an interview with Stefano our illustrious CEO

An Interview with Stefano – Our Illustrious CEO

We thought it was about time our customers gained a little insight into the people they’re trusting to transport one of their most treasured possessions. What better place to start than with our revered leader, Stefano. So, here goes………

Q: Why did you choose to start a car shipping company?

A: I kind of had an epiphany really. It was a few years ago now, and I was working in the healthcare industry. Life was pretty mundane, and my job didn’t seem to be taking me anywhere. I often found myself thinking what it would be like to be my own boss, and how I’d handle the freedom. I was talking to a very good buddy of mine about his career and he was currently enjoying a role in the transport logistics business. Strangely enough I was very interested. It certainly wasn’t a career path I’d considered, but there were opportunities for me to run my own business.

I found out as much as I could and spent many long nights trawling the web for as much information as I could find. I also spent hours reading auto transport company reviews. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Q: How and when did you start your auto transport service?

A: You want to know the truth? I started SGT Auto Transport in June of 2014, while sitting on my couch. This entire business was started with a $250 Google Chromebook my lovely wife had purchased for me as a Christmas present.

Q: What is the mission and vision of SGT Auto Transport?

A: Our company motto is “MORE THAN A COMPANY, MORE THAN A SERVICE”. It’s our aim to provide a one-stop auto transport service that far exceeds your expectations. And to become your best friend while you do it.

You’ve probably read a number of horror stories relating to car transportation. Customers being left with no vehicle for months at a time, vehicles being delivered in a sorry state, and people left waiting, wondering what has happened to their precious car. Our mission is to make sure this never happens to any of our customers and become the number one auto transport management company in the USA. 

We understand how stressful it is shipping a car, because some of us have found ourselves in exactly the same position. This empathy for our customers puts us in an ideal position to meet our goal.

Q: Why should someone choose SGT over your competitors?

A: It’s quite simple. Our customer service is second to none. Our transparent process and pricing give you the confidence you’re working with a 5-star rated company. You won’t see our auto transport logo when you’re driving on the highway, but you can trust our services because we only work with the most reputable autotransport companies. You’ve only got to read some of our all-weather auto transport reviews, and you’ll appreciate the value of our service. 

Q: How does the auto transport USA process work?

A: We understand that transporting your vehicle is a stressful thing to do, but rest assured, it’s really very easy, once you’ve hired the right transport auto services. You’ve already made the most important step because you’re here at our website. The next steps are easy. Use our online calculator or call (864) 546-5038 and request a free quote. If you like the price, (I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed – wink, wink), you simply book your order. You schedule a pickup date and a few days later your vehicle is delivered.     

Q: Does SGT Auto Transport ship to HI?

A: Aloha! Oh yes we do, and we’re proud to be able to add it to our list of services.

Q: What would be your recommendation for anyone struggling to decide between enclosed and open transport?

A: Open transport is the most common method of shipping. It’s utilized by car dealers and shippers nationwide due to it being a cost-effective, quick, and safe option. If, however, you want to ship any kind of classic, sports or exotic car, we’d recommend enclosed transport. I would also recommend an enclosed car trailer service if your vehicle has a lot of sentimental value.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for those seeking to ship their car during the winter?

A: Absolutely! I would encourage people to plan accordingly to ensure they secure a good rate. The winter months can be an expensive time to ship a car because those looking to escape the cold are heading for warmer weather. Contact our shipping advisors to see when the best time to ship your vehicle would be to get the best shipping rate. You can get in touch by telephone, use our online chat service, or drop us an email to

Q: Is your company offering a discount for military pcs vehicle shipping?

A: We value our US military and its service members. We do offer discounts for all active duty service members, as well as for retired and reserve professionals. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your service. It’s also important to us that you feel secure and taken care of whenever it’s time for your vehicle to be moved. Car shipping for military personnel is one of our specialized services.

Q: How would you define door to door transport?

A: Door to door transport is not quite what it says on the tin. Let’s face it, would you really want a truck and trailer that might be carrying as many as ten other cars to roll up outside your front door? Do you actually have that much room in your street? What we mean when we say we offer a door to door car service is that the pickup and delivery can be made at a pre-arranged place.

You don’t have to stress about driving hours to get your car to a terminal. We can arrange the pickup and delivery around the corner from your home, in a nearby parking lot, outside your office building, or at a storage lot. 

Q: What is the most expensive vehicle that you’ve shipped?

A: We do ship some pretty high end motors, but the one that pinched the title of the most expensive was an Italian super car produced by sports car manufacturer Pagani. Only 100 were manufactured, so it’s not that likely we’ll be transporting another one any time soon. Needless to say, it was an enclosed shipping service that was requested by the customer. 

We can’t say who the proud owner was, but let’s just say a couple of our shipping advisors swooned when they heard who was on the other end of the telephone line.

Q: Did you ever ship a famous person’s vehicle?

A: Aside from the one already mentioned, we have shipped quite a few celebrity cars. We do respect and honor the privacy of all our customers but can mention some professional sports in reference. NBA, NFL, MLB, to name just a few, and you can add to the list some movie directors and screen writers.

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