Car shipping and moving house go hand in hand

Car shipping and moving house

Moving house is up there with getting married, starting a new job, and having a baby when it comes to levels of stress. There is a way to remove some of that stress, whether you’re moving around the block, across town, or to another state entirely. In this article we’ll look at some things you’ve got to consider and discuss how our door-to-door car transport service can lighten the load.

It’s Important to Get Organized

You’ve got lots of things to think about when you’re relocating or moving house. Organization is key to it being successful. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll be running around like a headless chicken and get nothing done. There really is no such thing as being too organized and starting the process too early. 

Having a checklist to work with will help keep you focused. Here are some things you need to consider when you’re moving house.

  • Declutter: Weed out what you don’t want or need.
  • Create an inventory: Make a list of all the things you want to take with you when you move.
  • Create a folder for all your important documents: These might include insurance policies, contact information, contracts, and significant dates.  
  • Contact several moving companies: You want to have a safe and secure way to move your belongings.
  • Book your car shipping service: Use our instant online quote calculator to find out the cost of shipping your car and book your order. You can also speak with our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 
  • Make your travel arrangements: Work out how you’re going to travel to your new home by train, bus, or plane.
  • Let people know you’re moving: You’ll be letting friends and family know as a matter of course, but what about the utility companies, tax office, insurance companies, and the bank.  
  • Start packing: You’ll need to gather packing materials and make an inventory of your possessions. Work out what you’ll need to keep near and handy, for example, a change of clothes, toilet roll, wash bag, towels, and your phone charger.
  • Make an essentials box: Once you reach your new home there are things you need to access easily. Keep it separate from the rest of your boxes. You could pack it in the trunk of your car.
  • Check your property has been properly cleared: this might sound obvious but it’s easy to overlook possessions that are tucked away under the stairs or in the garden shed.     

When all the preparations for moving are finished it might seem like a fun idea to take a road trip. After all, it’d be a great way to unwind and enjoy time with the family, right? 

Is a Road Trip the Safest Option for Moving Your Car?

There are several options to choose from when it comes to moving your car. Get it moved by train, hire someone to drive it for you, or drive it yourself. These options sound like a good idea until you realize they have their disadvantages. 

Shipping a car by train, for example, takes much longer than choosing a car transportation company. It might also be more expensive when you factor in the additional cost of getting your car to the station. 

Hiring someone to drive it for you might sound like a solution until you realize how difficult it might be to find someone you trust. Then you’ve got to add in the cost of all those extra miles and the unnecessary wear and tear you’ll be putting your car through.

A road trip. How cool does that sound? When you really think about it, not that cool at all. You could drive thousands of miles, which will be very tiring. Spending hours sitting behind the wheel is also unsafe. Add in the extra expenses such as gas, accommodation, drinks, and food and you’re looking at a sizable expense.

There is a car transportation solution that overcomes all these problems.  

The Benefits of Car Shipping 

  • Makes moving so much easier: Moving house is stressful enough without having to worry about moving your car.
  • No extra miles on your vehicle: Driving to relocate puts thousands of unnecessary miles on your odometer. Take good care of your car by using a car shipping company. Your car can be moved to Hawaii or anywhere on the mainland adding no miles. 
  • Save money on gas: Driving your car yourself might seem like a good idea but the benefits of car shipping negate any advantage you think you might have. 
  • The convenience of a home-to-home car transport service: You can’t get a more convenient service than a door-to-door car transport service. It perfectly compliments the rest of your relocation plans. 

What Are Your Auto Transport Options?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to car transportation. That’s why we offer people relocating a variety of services. They include:

  • Express car transport: If you’re moving at short notice we can arrange for your car to be picked up in 1-2 business days, compared with the industry standard of between 5 and 7 business days. 
  • Guaranteed pick-up service: You can make your booking with a 24-hour window. Perfect for those times when time is tight. 
  • Hawaii car transport: This is a special car shipping service for anyone moving to the Hawaiian islands or back to the mainland. 
  • Snowbirds car shipping: Do you like to travel south in the winter to enjoy the warmer weather? You don’t have to leave your car behind if you take advantage of a snowbirds car shipping service. 
  • Military car shipping: Part and parcel of being in the military is having to relocate. It can happen at any moment and at short notice. Choose an auto transport company with experience in shipping cars for military personnel. It’ll help make your PCS move less painful.  
  • Classic and luxury car transport: If you can’t bear to leave behind your classic car when you relocate, a classic and luxury car transport service fits the bill. Make sure your investment is given the best possible treatment. 

Open Car Transport vs. Enclosed Auto Transport 

Two of the most popular auto transport services are open car transport and enclosed auto transport. Each one has a place if you’re relocating or moving house.

Open Car Transport

This is the most popular by far. Choose this service for shipping your car and it’ll transport it on a trailer together with several other vehicles. The trailer is open on all sides, so your car is exposed, but it’s much the same as if you were driving your car on the highway, without the extra miles added to the odometer and wear and tear. This method is much safer, cheaper, and more convenient than taking a road trip.  

Enclosed Auto Transport 

Vehicles transported in an enclosed auto transport are completely protected throughout their journey. A protective covering, whether it’s hard or soft, means your car never comes into contact with rain, snow, hail, sleet, dirt, or dust. Your vehicle arrives at its final destination in the same condition it’s picked it up. If you take the time to clean it thoroughly before it’s picked up it’ll still be gleaming when it arrives. 

The cost of enclosed auto transport is slightly higher, typically around 30% - 40% more. You are, however, assured of a premium service, which has to be worth it if you’re the proud owner of a luxury, classic, custom, antique, vintage, or new vehicle. 

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

If you want to know how much it costs to ship a car the best place to start is with our instant online quote calculator. Input a few basic details and you receive your free quote straight away. Alternatively, you can call out shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat.

There are several factors that affect the final cost of shipping a car. 

  • Distance: This is the main factor. Shorter distances are cheaper, however, the cost per mile could be higher.
  • Pick-up and delivery locations: The cost of picking up and delivering to urban or metropolitan locations tends to be lower than more rural areas.  
  • Vehicle make and model: larger and heavier vehicles tend to cost more to ship than smaller ones. 
  • Type of transport: if you want to keep the overall cost of relocating as low as possible your best option is open car transport. Enclosed transport, however, is better if you own a custom, classic, vintage, modified, or luxury car.
  • Condition of your vehicle: If your car is running we can get a more affordable shipping quote.
  • The time of the year: As with many things, the time of year you relocate can make a difference to the price. The winter months can be expensive because snow affects many areas of the US. Special holidays can also be very costly times to ship a car.   

If you ever need to relocate, whether it’s for work or because you need a change of scenery, remember to call us. We’ll help make your moving experience a good one. 

Use our instant online quote calculator to find out the cost or contact our shipping advisors on (864) 546-5038. You also have the option of using our Live Chat

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