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Difference Between Open and Enclosed Service

Difference Between Open and Enclosed Service

The Difference Between an Open and an Enclosed Auto Transport Service

When it comes to transporting your car you generally have two options to choose from. A reputable auto transport management company such as SGT Auto Transport offers customers an enclosed and an open auto transport service. There are several differences that will impact on your choice, for example, price, security, protection and availability. The type of vehicle you want to transport is also going to affect your decision. To help you make an informed choice let’s look at these differences in more detail.

Open Transport Service

If you’re looking for an economical option, then an open service is the one to go for. It is by far the most affordable choice. The reason prices are so low is that more than 95% of trucking companies offer this type of service and it’s one that’s in high demand. Open trucks are also able to carry more cars in one journey, sometimes as many as 10, thereby spreading the transportation cost across more customers. Such a large network of trucking companies also means a much faster service. 

There is, however, a downside to this particular service. As the name implies, your vehicle will be transported on an open truck, leaving it exposed to different weather conditions. However, if you drive your vehicle daily, this is no different from the conditions it’s exposed to on a regular basis. As well as the weather, your vehicle is also going to be exposed to traffic grime, dust and other debris such as stones, bird droppings, and general road grime. 

Before you gasp in horror, it should be pointed out there is less than a 5% chance of anything damaging your vehicle. All carriers that SGT Auto Transport work with are fully insured, which means any such damage is covered. 

If you want a little added protection, without paying the extra for an enclosed auto transport service, you do have the option of requesting a top load guarantee service. All good transport companies are going to include this in their list of services. A top load guarantee means your vehicle will be loaded on the top level of the transporting trailer where it will be protected from any potential leaks from other vehicles and out of reach of much of the traffic grime. There is, however, an additional cost of around $75.  

Don’t think that a lower price means you’ll get a lower quality service. The auto transport companies SGT Auto Transport works in conjunction with take great care and deliver vehicles in good condition. The drivers of the trucks are well-trained and understand the importance of providing a good service and the value of their cargo.  

Enclosed Auto Transport Service

There are occasions when an open auto transport service is not the best option. If you want a luxury, exotic, classic, sports, custom or race car shipped across the country, to the next state, or even to the next city, an enclosed auto transport service is the one our shipping advisors will recommend. When a vehicle needs to be given the white glove treatment and be protected from the weather and the environment, in general, an enclosed trailer is your best option. Enclosed car transport or covered car transport is usually much more expensive. It does, however, mean your precious motor is going to be protected from the weather and road elements. 

There are several reasons why this superior type of transport service is more expensive. Firstly, car trailers of this kind are more expensive to purchase and may also have additional hydraulic ramps so that low ground clearance vehicles can be loaded. This type of trailer might also be more advanced and better able to accommodate luxurious vehicles. The high cost of this type of trailer means fewer are purchased, thereby making the service more scarce. Availability is another reason for the higher rates. Enclosed auto transport services are not as available as open ones. This makes them more expensive, especially when demand is high, which can be the case on certain routes. An enclosed trailer is not able to fit as many vehicles as an open trailer which makes them less efficient. A maximum of six vehicles, rather than ten, is all that can be shipped via an enclosed trailer. 

The final reason is one that can also be considered a benefit of this service and that’s the fact that an enclosed trailer provides more protection for the vehicles inside. The service also tends to include more personal care from the driver as they will be more experienced with high-end vehicles and know how to handle them with care. 

Two types of the trailer are used by companies providing an enclosed auto transport service. The most common are hard-side enclosed trailers and these provide complete protection on all four sides. A soft-side trailer is the other option, and these have only three solid walls. If your vehicle is oversized, this is the best option for you.

If you want to know more about any of these options, SGT Auto Transport shipping advisors are available to answer all your questions. Get in touch via telephone on (866) 774-6570, by email at or by using our instant chat option. For an instant quote, you can use our shipping calculator. Our prices include all taxes, insurance, and all shipping costs. There are no hidden fees, guaranteed.