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How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Shipping Service

Get the Most Out of Your Car Shipping Service

How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Shipping Service

If you ever need to move to another town, city or state, you might need the help of a car shipping company. Shipping your car from one location to another is often the most reliable, safest and economical option.

There are plenty of auto transport services to choose from and doing your research is an important part of the process. Also bear in mind the following advice, if you want to make the most of the shipping experience.

Decide on a Budget

With so many options, it makes sense to decide on your budget before you start looking for an auto transport provider. How much you’ve got to spend is going to impact on the decisions you make. Think about whether you want open or enclosed auto shipping. How quick you want your vehicle shipped also makes a difference to the price.

Don’t Be in Too Much of a Hurry

You can arrange auto shipping in a short period of time. However, you’re assured of the best and most economical service if you’ve got plenty of time to consider the options. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we prefer to have as much time as possible to make the arrangements. Ideally, aim to allow two weeks from the date your vehicle is ready for shipping.

Understand Your Options

There’s no one size fits all auto transport service which means you’ve got lots of options. The main choice you have to make is between open and enclosed transport. There is a difference in the price, with the open option being cheaper. It does, however, mean your vehicle is exposed to the elements. Just in case you’re worried, it’s worth pointing out that open shipping has been around for quite a number of years. There are very few instances of damage. It is in fact so reliable that car dealerships all over the country use it.

Is a Door-to-Door Service What You’d Prefer?

When it comes to pick-up and delivery you can choose between a door-to-door service and terminal to terminal. Door-to-door is the most convenient, which is why it’s a service we’ve chosen to specialize in. We pick your vehicle up and deliver it as close to your chosen locations as is possible. 

Be Careful What You Pack in Your Vehicle

Book your auto transport service with us and you can pack up to 100lbs of personal belongings in your vehicle when it’s shipped. It does, however, have to be contained within one box or suitcase and secured in the trunk of your vehicle.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Vehicle Before and After Delivery

Always clean and check your vehicle before it’s shipped. Document the condition it’s in, either by taking photographs or video. It’s unlikely that any damage will occur, but it’s better to be prepared. The claims process is much simpler if you have proof of the condition of your vehicle.

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we always go above and beyond what is expected of us. It is our goal to make sure your shipping experience is a good one. Speak with one of our shipping advisors on (866) 774 6570. Alternatively, use our online chat function.