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How to Ship a Car?

How to Ship a Car

How to Ship a Car?
So you’ve decided to relocate to the other side of the country. You’ve arranged for a mover to
handle the transporting of your possessions but what are you going to do about your car? You
might not want to drive it yourself because of the distance but what are the alternatives? Such
an issue can also arise if you’re planning to spend the winter somewhere warmer and want to
enjoy the convenience of using your own car. If you decide to purchase a car online having it
transported to your home is another occasion that raises the problem of getting it delivered.
For all these scenarios there are several options to choose from.
Shipping by Carrier
Shipping by Carrier Shipping your car by carrier is possibly one of the easiest and most
convenient options. You can choose between booking a spot with a transporting company
direct or choose to work with an auto transport management company, such as SGT Auto
Transport. Whether you choose to work with a company direct or use the services of a broker,
it’s important you do your due diligence. Check to ensure the company is registered with the
FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).
Hiring a Driver
This is another popular option, although it does have its pitfalls, and you need to be very
careful when it comes to picking a driver. You can look for an individual who offers a driving
service or works with a company that employs full-time professional drivers. If your budget is
limited, working with an individual driver will be cheaper than working with a company.
However, you will need to ask for a copy of their driving license, insurance and driving
record. A company that employs drivers will have already performed the necessary
background checks, which makes it much easier. Before you choose either of these options,
make sure your insurance covers a third party driving your vehicle.
Taking the Train
Shipping a car by train is not the most popular of options, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going
to work for you. Shop around and you’ll find some very competitive prices. It tends to be a
slower method of shipping, but it’s more eco-friendly and rates tend not to fluctuate with gas
prices. It’s not, however, an option that’s available across the US, so you’ll need to check with
local rail operators.
Factors to Consider
There are a number of things to bear in mind, before making your final decision.
•Open or Enclosed shipping
– whether you choose open or closed
shipping will make a big difference to the price. Open shipping means your vehicle
won’t be covered. Therefore it’s going to be exposed to the weather and traffic dust and
grime. Enclosed shipping provides far more protection, but the price tends to be much
higher. This is because this option tends to be used for high-end, luxury and classic
cars which require high-value insurance.
– you may have to pay a deposit upfront when you make your
booking. However, it depends on the individual company policy. With SGT Auto
Transport, for example, there is NO UPFRONT PAYMENT. Once your booking has
been scheduled with the carrier, a small partial payment is collected from your creditor debit card.
•Pick up and delivery options
– you can choose between terminal pick
up and drop off or door to door. Having your car transported between available
terminals is the cheapest option, but this has to be weighed up against the convenience
of having your vehicle picked up from your old home and dropped off at your new
– check with the shipping company that your vehicle is
going to be covered when being transported. Thoroughly inspect and take photos of
your car before pick up and after delivery. If any damage occurs, notify the shipping
company immediately.
•Storing extra items
– filling your car with additional items is not
recommended. All personal items, such as satellite radios, GPS devices, CDs, and
TVs should also be removed.
– it’s always best to run your gas tank down to a quarter full before
your vehicle is transported.
•Company reviews
– thoroughly research any prospective transport
companies before making a booking. Check out customer testimonials and reviews
and look for any specific complaints about a particular company.
•Making the booking
– it’s a good idea to make your booking as far in
advance as possible as this means you’ve got more options. SGT Auto Transport, for
example, recommends you book within 2 weeks of the first available shipping date.

Shipping a Classic or Custom Car
When it comes to shipping a classic or custom car a little extra care is required. It’s likely to
be one of your most prized possessions so you want your car to be given the white-glove
treatment. Whether you’re shipping your baby to a car show, specialist repair center or a
tradeshow event it’s important you choose the best shipping service possible.
The best way to ship a classic or custom car is to use enclosed car transportation. This is the
only way to ensure your car arrives at its destination looking as good as when you waved it
goodbye from your home. Enclosed transportation means its polish isn’t going to be dulled by
rain, snow, sleet or hail. The sun isn’t going to make its paint fade and it's going to be fully
protected from the corrosive effects of sand, salt, dust and traffic detritus.
The condition of your vehicle is also something you need to consider because it will
determine how the vehicle is loaded onto the truck. Always make sure your chosen carrier is
fully aware of the condition of your vehicle, in case specialist equipment needs to be
Millions of people choose to ship their cars rather than drive them long distances. There are
many options to choose from, however, using the services of a fast and reliable auto transport
company like SGT Auto Transport is by far the most popular choice.