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Our Relationship with uShip

Our Relationship with uShip

Our Relationship with uShip and How it Keeps on Growing

uShip offers a service that brings companies and customers together. You might have something you want to be shipped or be looking to reach more customers. The uShip marketplace brings people like you together. You might be wanting to ship a car, motorcycle, SUV or classic car. uShip helps make the process simple and painless.

When Our Relationship Began

SGT Auto Transport began its mutually beneficial relationship with uShip way back in 2014. Our illustrious owner Stefano and his gorgeous family took time out to explain exactly what trucking meant to them. They featured as part of uShip’s trucker of the month feature.

Platinum Status Achieved in 2019

Fast forward a few more years and in March 2019 we decided to display our published rates. Within just a few weeks we’d achieve Platinum power broker status and haven’t looked back since.

Where We Are Today

We currently enjoy a 4.9-star rating and 972 customers have been kind enough to leave us some feedback. We’re listed #3 in the cars and light trucks section and our sales ranking are #6 out of more than 1 million other providers. Pretty impressive don’t you think!

Over the years we’ve shipped vehicles for a range of different clients, from athletes and movie directors to the company that is on the hit TV show American Pickers.

Our aim is to continue to rise through the ranks and go above and beyond what our customers need, always exceeding their expectations.

How uShip Can Work for You

uShip is a convenient service that provides you, the customer, with a selection of options. All you have to do is list what you want to be shipped and uShip does the rest.

You’ll receive a list of suitable providers along with their bids. Your job is to sift through these bids. You then book your auto transport service with a company who meets your expectations.

To help you decide, uShip provides the following:

  • Real feedback that’s been left by actual customers. If you click on the profile of SGT Auto Transport, for example, you’ll be able to read all the comments left by previous customers. You’ll also be able to see what items have been shipped and get an idea of the quality of service you can expect to get.
  • Cancelation details can also be found together with any comments. This is important because cancelations are rarely the result of poor service.
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) issues Motor Carrier numbers to companies that are registered. This information can be found on the uShip provider profile.
  • uShip gives you the option to communicate with your provider before making a booking. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and talk about any bids.
  • SGT Auto Transport is also pleased to inform you that we have our own dedicated uShip Team.

We’re still very much in the early years of our relationship with uShip but our success so far bodes very well for the future.