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Tips for Shipping an Oversized Vehicle

Tips for Shipping an Oversized Vehicle

Tips for Shipping an Oversized Vehicle

Are you the proud owner of a bus, box trailer, coach, van or truck? Do you need your construction, farming or mining equipment moved to another state? Moving vehicles that are larger than normal is almost the same as shipping a standard vehicle, with a few minor differences. Knowing what these are means you’ll be better prepared for your pick up date.

The Difficulties of Shipping an Oversized Vehicle

Weight is not the only factor that makes a vehicle oversized. If the vehicle has equipment attached to it, it’s considered to be oversized. The same applies if the vehicle is taller or wider than normal. Examples of this type of vehicle include pickup trucks, construction equipment, large vans, buses or coaches, limousines, fire trucks or diggers.

Carriers who have the right equipment for transporting this type of vehicle are not quite so easy to find. Lucky for you, here are SGT Auto Transport we have the right contacts and can find one. It may take a little longer than normal, although we will do our best to make sure the process is a speedy one.

This means you need to make your arrangements as far ahead as possible, in order to reduce any delays. Also remember to take into account the increased price you’ll have to pay.


Providing All the Necessary Information

For standard vehicles, and some of the more unusual ones, you can use our online calculator for an instant quote. For an oversized vehicle, you’ll be better calling (866) 774 6570 and speaking with one of our trained shipping advisors.

Before you pick up the telephone make sure you have all the details near to hand. These include the year, make, model and engine type of your vehicle. It is also going to be helpful if you can provide its length, height, and approximate weight. With all these details, our advisors will be able to provide a customized quote.


Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

A door-to-door service is not quite so easy to accomplish if the vehicle being shipped is over-sized. More space may be needed for the pick-up and delivery. The vehicle transporter may also need more room to maneuver their vehicle. Bear this in mind when you speak with our shipping advisors. You may be asked to provide a few suitable locations in your local area where the pick up and delivery can take place.


If you want to know more about our over-sized auto transport service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our shipping advisors can be reached by telephone on (866) 774 6570 or use our instant chat option.