Top Auto Transport Review Sites for 2019

Top Auto Transport Review Sites for 2019

If you ever find yourself in need of an auto transport service, the first thing you should do is check out the online reviews. It is possible to ask friends, relatives, and colleagues for their recommendations, but what if you don’t know anyone who has used auto transport services.

You can ask for help from Google, by simply typing “Auto transport reviews” into the search bar, or you can visit one of the many review websites.

Before you pay any of them a visit, there are some things you need to know. Review sites can be very overwhelming if you don’t know your way around.

Some Review Reading Tips

Visit any one of the review sites you find online, and you might be amazed at the amount of useless information contained within the pages. However, nestled in amongst the clutter is some beneficial information, especially if you're looking for car transportation services near me.

Spend any length of time reading the many reviews, and you might come to appreciate that many of them have little value. For example, you glean little from a five-star review with no other information. Likewise, a one-star review is equally useless. You’ll encounter lots more reviews of this caliber as well as a few that are a little, shall we say ‘suspect’!

However, reviews that are well-written and informative are an invaluable resource. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we recognize the importance of good reviews, and this is why we decided to provide you with the quick guide. When you’ve finished reading it, you'll have a handful of websites worth visiting and know what to look for when you’re shopping for a car transport service near me.

How to Use Review Sites to Your Advantage

When you visit a review website, you face several options. It’s possible to sort the reviews you want to be looking at in several different ways. If, for example, you only want to know about auto shipping companies in your area, you can refine the search parameters. That way, you'll only see reviews for local businesses. You might be looking for carriers that operate nationwide because you’re relocating across the other side of the country.

The various websites also show different reviews. For example, you might find yourself looking at a review website that only lists three-star transport luxury auto reviews. Another site might concentrate on listing five-star passage auto transport reviews. Another common way to review sites to organize the reviews is by ranking them based on the total number of positive and negative reviews. This can be a useful feature because it provides you with an at-a-glance view of a company’s reputation.

Here are some more tips to bear in mind when looking at motor vehicle shipping company reviews.

  • The number of reviews is important – if a business has lots of reviews, there's a better chance for those reviews and the company’s overall ranking is going to be dependable. A far more accurate picture can be painted if there are thousands of reviews rather than just a couple of hundred. 
  • Give weight to more recent reviews – companies can go through quite a transformation in just a few years. For this reason, it's essential to give more weight to recent reviews. A glowing review from several years ago might have little relevance to the way a company runs today.
  • Look for comparable reviews – if you’re looking to book a particular auto transport service, for example, a luxury shipping service, or expedited delivery, look for reviews left by people using the same type of service.
  • There are always going to be extremes – when you're reading reviews, you may encounter some that are tooth-achingly sweet about a particular company. There may also be a few that are painfully negative. Rather than taking too much notice of these extremes, pay close attention to those that fall in the middle. These are more likely to have been left by people like you. 
  • Be wary of jargon – if you decide to leave a review about the auto transport company you use are you going to use lots of jargon and industry terminology? The answer is likely to be no, so be wary of any reviews that contain a large amount of detail the average customer wouldn't bother to include.
  • Is there a common thread? – look for a common thread when reading reviews. Are there customers, for example, with similar kinds of issues? Are similar compliments made about a company? These are the reviews you should take seriously.
  • Spotting a fake review – the sites we’re about to mention below can be relied upon to publish unbiased reviews. They all oversee the reviews placed on their website, and any fake ones are removed expediently.

Now you’ve got a few review reading tips under your belt, let’s introduce you to our top auto transport review sites.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Visit the Better Business Bureau website, and you'll find more than customer reviews. It’s a site to visit if you want to know more about a company you might be approaching for a product or service. It’s also a great place for BBB auto transport reviews. Good, bad, and neutral reviews are published, and you get a good idea of customer experiences. SGT Auto Transport has an A- rating with BBB.

Transport Reviews

Visit this website, and you'll find several hundred thousand reviews written about more than 4,000 auto transport providers. It’s a website where real customers can leave their feedback, and anything written requires verification. Any reviews written by non-customers or fictitious reviews are removed immediately.

My Moving Reviews

This is a review site that deals mainly with moving companies, but auto shipping companies are also featured. There's an auto transporters tab at the top of the home page, and if you click on this, you'll be taken to the appropriate page. Companies are divided by state and while some only ship locally, SGT can arrange car shipping anywhere within the continental USA, including Hawaii.


SGT Auto Transport is very proud of its rating on Trustpilot. This review site is popular for people shopping for virtually anything. Fake reviews are promptly spotted as there's a team of compliance officers working around the clock. With more than 13 million reliable reviews left on the site, you should find it very useful when looking for the best car two transport carriers.


Google is beneficial when it comes to company reviews. Customers of auto shipping businesses can post directly on Google. If you want to read some of these, you can do it in one of two ways. Either search for the company name and scroll through to local results that appear alongside a map. Another way to look for specific company reviews is to use Google Maps.


Facebook users can't post directly on a company's Facebook profile anymore. However, there is a feature called recommendations. If a person interacts with a business, they might ask whether they wish to recommend it. There’s also an opportunity to share additional information about their experiences. You can read some of our customer reviews here.


As a uShip contractor, SGT is pleased to be associated with this company and you can read about our customer experiences in the uShip auto transport reviews.

If you need to transport a vehicle any time in the future, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (864) 546-5038. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your shipping experience is a good one and provide with the opportunity to say good things about our company.