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Trick or Car Ship? Here at SGT We Like to do Both

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Trick or Car Ship? Here at SGT We Like to do Both

Halloween, or the Eve of All Saints Day, might not be a federal or state holiday but it’s one day of the year when people like to do things a little different. Dressing up in spooky costumes, trick-or-treating door-to-door, watching scary movies, and listening to ghost stories are just some of the ways this popular festival is celebrated. Did you realize it’s second only to New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl in the total number of parties.

You might think there wouldn’t be too many people wondering “Should I transport my car?”. But you might be surprised. Along with some of the best auto shipping companies, we decided to keep our phone lines open, handing out advice regarding our car shipping rates, and taking bookings.

However, we weren’t prepared to let this day of celebration pass us by either. Dressed in our spookiest Halloween costumes, we entered into the spirit of the day. Some were a little disappointed there wouldn’t be time for trick-or-treating, but sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the betterment of our customers.

A couple of the team had brought in carved pumpkins, and we also enjoyed some traditional Halloween fare. Soul cakes, toffee apples, boxty, and of course massive quantities of candy were spread across the table. Thankfully, they just about lasted  until the end of the day.

Tips on Halloween Safety

We’d like all our customers to enjoy a safe and happy Halloween, so we thought we’d share a few Halloween safety tips. There are lots of children walking around the streets on this Halloween evening. They’re going to be more concerned about getting candy and checking out each other’s scary costumes, so you need to be more aware.

  • When reversing or driving forward, check around your vehicle for any miniature ghosts and ghouls. It’s going to be dark and they’re not going to be easy to see.
  • Turn off your radio and other distractions, roll your window down and listen out for children
  • Drive slowly in residential areas
  • If you’re going to a Halloween party, don’t drink and drive
  • When trick-or-treating, give your kids a flashlight or a glow stick to carry, and don’t forget about making sure your pet can be seen
  • When crossing the road, remind your kids to look for vehicles in both directions

When you next need to transport your car, don’t forget to give us a call. As one of the leading US vehicle shipping companies, we don’t let Halloween celebrations get in the way of providing a top-quality service.

Have a fang-tastic night and happy haunting.