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What’s the Best Option for Shipping Your Car? Open or Enclosed Trailer?

Best Option for Shipping Your Car

What’s the Best Option for Shipping Your Car? Open or Enclosed Trailer?

If you ever need to move across the country or to a new state, you might want to consider shipping your car rather than driving. When you need to get your custom or classic motor to a specialist garage, classic car transport is one option. Shipping vehicles is also a popular solution for military personnel who have received a PCS order.

When you contact a shipping provider you’ll be given two options to choose from: open and enclosed shipping. To help you decide which one to choose let’s look at the differences.


What is Open Shipping?

A carrier that offers open shipping uses a truck and trailer that’s usually 75 to 80 feet in length. The trailer is able to carry two rows of cars, one of the top and a shorter row on the bottom. The trailer has no roof or sides, so the vehicles being transported are open to the elements, road debris, and traffic grime.  It is the most popular option for anyone wanting to ship a standard model or used car. 

The Pros and Cons of Open Shipping

The most important benefit of open shipping is the low price. Typically, open car shipping is much cheaper. Another benefit is that the trailer driver is able to inspect all the vehicles being transported throughout the journey. This type of carrier is used to transport almost any make and model of vehicle. Availability is another benefit because there are more open shipping companies providing a service. Open carriers are also more efficient because they transport more vehicles in a single journey. For those of you concerned about the environment, open shipping is better because the carrier vehicles are lighter and therefore use less fuel. 

The downside of this option is that the vehicles being transported are exposed to the elements. That means the sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail. As well as the weather, vehicles are exposed to road debris and traffic grime. The level of protection is therefore lower. Open shipping is also less secure than an enclosed trailer. For expensive, luxury, high-end or custom vehicles classic car transport might be the better option. 

Reading this you might be worried about choosing open shipping. Don’t be, because the damage is a very rare occurrence. Thousands of people, companies and car dealerships use this popular method every day. The level of protection is more than adequate for your average vehicle.

There is a way you can increase the level of protection. Talk to your shipper about a “top load”. This option means your car is loaded on the upper deck of a two-tier trailer. This means it’s protected from flying road debris and traffic grime. It is also protected from any potential leakage that might have been above if the car was on the lower tier.     


What is Enclosed Shipping?

Enclosed shipping carriers use trailers that are enclosed on all four sides and they have a roof. In other words, it’s fully enclosed. This means the vehicles being transported are in a safe and secure environment throughout the journey. It is offered the highest level of protection and security. Classic car transport is a perfect choice if your vehicle is precious, has sentimental value or is worth a lot of money. It is the preferred shipping method for owners of new cars, antique, collectible, custom or expensive vehicles. 

The Pros and Cons of Enclosed Shipping

For owners of luxury, high-end, custom, classic and sports vehicles, enclosed shipping is the transportation method of choice. This is because it offers the best security and a high level of protection for their very precious vehicles. The vehicles are completely protected from the weather, traffic grime, and road debris. They are also out of sight of anyone who might consider stealing them.

The biggest downside of classic car transport is the price. It is more expensive, sometimes as much as 50%. Routine inspections are also a little more difficult. The fuel efficiency of this type of trailer is much lower and there are fewer carriers that offer this option. 


Choosing the Right Transport Method for Your Car

If you want the right transport method, think about the level of protection required. For vehicles that are worth a lot of money, for example, a collector’s or vintage car, it’s better to choose an enclosed trailer. Other occasions that might call for enclosed transport include shipping a newly painted vehicle, unique or rare car, high-end model, or when a car is usually stored covered.

If your vehicle is pretty standard, an open trailer is more than sufficient. It is the most popular auto transport method and thousands of car dealerships use it every day. 

You might think the open trailer is not for you. After all, you love your car very much and would hate for something to happen to it. Rest assured, here at SGT Auto Transport we take great care to ensure all the vehicles we help to transport are delivered in good condition. The carriers we use are well-trained and treat the vehicles being transported as if they were their own. Vehicles are always carefully strapped in and the damage is a rare occurrence.

If you want to know more about enclosed or open shipping options speak with our shipping advisors on (866) 774 6570.

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