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Why Military Members Choose SGT for Their PCS Moves

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Why Military Members Choose SGT for Their PCS Moves

PCS moves can be stressful situations for military families to find themselves in. Unfortunately, they’re part and parcel of serving this country we call home. To make life easier, here at SGT Auto Transport, we're able to offer a military car shipping service just for you.

When it comes to making your PCS move as stress-free as possible, planning is the key. Understanding how a military vehicle shipping service operates means you’ll be able to sleep at night, knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.

The Option of a PPM

When a PCS order is received, you’ve got two options for the transportation of your belongings, including your car. The first is to use military contracted carriers, and the other is to make the arrangements yourself. You might have to hire a truck and drive your belongings to your new location and organize the moving of your car.

For many military personnel opting into a PPM program is the obvious choice. The benefits of choosing this route include:

  • Minimizing the risk of loss or damage to your household goods
  • You can move at a time that’s convenient for you and your family
  • You control every aspect of your relocation
  • You might feel a little more motivated to declutter
  • The cost of your relocation can be reimbursed, provided you're able to produce the right paperwork and receipts

PCS moves often involve long distances, which means driving your car is not the best option. Fortunately, cross country transport is affordable, especially if you’re an active duty service member, retired or reserve professional.

For several years now, military PCS vehicle shipping has been one of our most popular services, and there are many reasons why.

Discount for Service Members

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we appreciate the work you do and are proud to offer a discount for all active duty, retired, and reserve military personnel. If you want to know more about our auto shipping rates, we've got an online calculator you can use. However, for the most accurate discount auto transport quote, it's best if you pick up the phone and speak with our shipping advisors. Rest assured, our auto shipping rates are more than reasonable.

Call (866) 774 6570 and have a chat with one of our representatives. They're more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Top-Quality Customer Service

We understand how important it is for our customers to feel at ease. For many years now, we’ve been helping military personnel through a nerve-racking time in their lives. You can contact our shipping advisors during office hours on weekdays and weekends.

Shipping Options

Do you consider your vehicle one of your most prized possessions? Would you prefer it received the white-glove treatment? There are two types of transport from which to choose. Open vehicle shipping is the most popular service we offer. However, we also offer enclosed vehicle transport when you need your vehicle transported with the maximum amount of protection. 

A Fast-Track Option

We recommend transporting a car to another state is arranged as far in advance as possible. However, the very nature of a PCS move means you could receive your orders at short notice. For these occasions, we can offer an express car shipping service. The cost of this service is a little bit more, but you don’t want to be in your new station and find yourself with no means of transport.

Door-to-Door Service

Many auto transport providers only offer a terminal to terminal service. We've decided to take things one step further and offer a far more convenient door-to-door service instead. Rather than having to worry about driving your car to a terminal for the pick-up, we arrange for the carrier to come to you. We can also arrange delivery at a location of your choice.

Don’t ever feel intimidated about organizing your PCS move. We’re more than happy to help you with the transportation of your car. Knowing your vehicle is in safe and trustworthy hands allows you to get on with all the other necessary arrangements. We’ve been providing our services for many years and have a long list of satisfied customers, both military and civilian. Take a moment to read some of our reviews, and you'll appreciate what we're saying is true. 

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