Classic & Luxury Car Transport

Classic and luxury car transport

Choose Classic Car Shipping for Your Luxury Car - It’s a Premium Service

Choosing the best auto transport isn’t all that complicated, but you do need to be aware of certain factors, especially when it comes to exotic, luxury, vintage, and classic car transport.

A top priority for you and for us is finding the best classic car shipping company to work with. It’s crucial that the classic car transportation provider directly responsible for your baby is skilled at handling high-end vehicles.

Providing the Best Luxury Car Transport Service Requires Special Skills

We thoroughly screen the classic auto transport drivers who transport your cars and make sure they are well trained in classic car transport procedures.

Starting a vehicle properly, knowing how to operate it correctly and most importantly, loading it safely on and off the trailer are crucial. These important aspects of our classic car transport service are something we only trust to the best.

Choosing the Best Classic Car Shipping Service

When you choose a classic auto transport company pay close attention to their track record. Stick with us and we’ll make sure the service we provide is nothing short of excellent.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Classic or Luxury Cars?

Enclosed luxury car transport companies do charge more for their service but you can’t put a price on peace of mind and full protection. Enclosed classic auto transport is typically between 30 and 40% more than open car transport. Let’s give you some examples of the average cost.

  • To ship a classic running car between Florida (Miami area) and California (Los Angeles area) it would cost between $1000-$1100.
  • To ship a classic running car between California (Los Angeles area) to New Jersey/New York it would cost between $1200-$1300.
  • To ship a classic running car between Texas (Houston area) and Illinois (Chicago area) it would cost between $600-$700.

We provide an online quote calculator so you know how much your luxury car transport will cost. You can also talk to our advisors if you’ve got any questions. Call (866) 774-6570 or use Live chat.

The Benefits of Using Classic Car Transport and Luxury Car Transport

Classic and luxury cars are an investment. If you ever need classic or luxury car transport it’s important you get the best possible classic car shipping service. There are plenty of luxury auto transport companies offering their services but not all of them put the customer first like we do.

As the owner of a luxury or classic car you deserve the best quality luxury auto transport service for your car. Our experienced advisors will guide you through every step of the classic car shipping process. You can rest assured your precious and loved vehicle will arrive at its destination safe and on time.

Choose our classic car transport or luxury car transport service and you benefit in many ways.

Luxury Car Transport Means Your Car is Shipped With Care

We have years of experience shipping luxury, classic, and brand new vehicles. Only the best drivers will be trusted with your car and we make sure your car is taken care of every step of the way.

With Luxury Auto Transport Your Car is Protected From the Elements

Choosing our enclosed auto transport option means your classic car is completely protected from the elements. Your car will arrive in pristine condition, ready for you to drive.

You Can Keep in Touch With The Driver

Saying goodbye to your investment can be stressful. Here at SGT Auto Transport we don’t want our customers to worry about their cars so we do everything we can to give you peace of mind. You’ll be given contact information for the driver and we also offer regular updates.

We Only Work With the Best Carriers

All our carriers have to go through a comprehensive vetting process before they get to join our approved carriers list. Only those that can provide a reliable, classic car transport service make it.

We Offer a Door-to-Door Service

For the convenience of our customers we offer a door-to-door car transport service for classic and luxury cars. Let us know where your vehicle has to be picked up and dropped off and we’ll make sure the carrier gets as close to the address as is safe and legally possible.

Classic Auto Transport for Inoperable Cars

The best classic car transport service is just as important if your car is inoperable. These classic car transport services are a lot trickier and not many vintage car transport carriers are willing to perform them.

That doesn’t mean we can’t arrange your classic cars transport for you. Here at SGT Auto Transport we relish a challenge. We also take pride in executing classic and luxury car transport perfectly while providing outstanding customer service.

If you want to make use of our classic or luxury car transport for a car that does not run or there is damage that requires special care, let our classic auto transport representatives know early on in the process.

The more information you provide when booking your classic car transport the easier it is for everyone involved in providing the service. Most important of all, we can give detailed instructions to the classic car shipping driver and ensure that he or she knows exactly how to handle your baby.

Luxury and Classic Car Transport for Modified Vehicles

Has your car been modified in any way? Does it have standard ground clearance or is it much lower? Our classic and luxury car shipping service is able to cater to your needs.

If your car’s ground clearance is under four inches we recommend our enclosed auto transport service. It’s different to open car transport because the trailers have ramps and lift gates.

This special equipment means the classic car transport drivers can be super careful with the lower part of your car. With our classic and luxury auto transport service your car is treated with the utmost care and attention.

Your car will also be totally protected from weather and dust and receive special care due to the smaller number of cars an enclosed luxury car transport carrier can fit.

We tailor all our shipping services to your specific needs and are constantly looking for ways to live up to and exceed our customers’ high expectations. Use our online quote calculator to find out the cost of our classic and luxury car transport service. If you still have questions, call us at (866) 774-6570 or use our Live Chat.

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