Military PCS vehicle shipping

▷ Military PCS vehicle shipping

If you are reading this, chances are you’re in the military. To answer your most pressing question: Yes, we do offer discounts for all active duty service members, as well as for retired and reserve professionals. It is our way of showing appreciation for your service and it’s important to us that you feel secure and taken care of whenever it’s time for your privately owned vehicle (POV) to be moved. We do everything we can to assist you with your POV shipments in a reliable manner. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

In our experience, professionals from your field are often required to relocate without much notice both within the United States and to an overseas duty station. A PCS move is not always easy—with the wrong transportation service military moving can turn into an ordeal. Taking care of everything before such a move is tough and having to pick a car shipping company is too. You are currently trying to make that choice. Therefore, rest assured—we know what we’re doing. We have been helping our soldiers ever since we established our business and we can give you tips that save you both time and money. Make sure that you check out our customer reviews and our ratings. Don’t just take our word for it! If you are still feeling somewhat anxious about sealing the deal, just call us or go have a friendly chat with our representatives. We also recommend that you contact your local vehicle-processing centre. There are no stupid questions and all questions matter!

To make car shipping for military personnel as smooth as possible, we highly recommend, whenever circumstances allow it, that you book your order well ahead of time. Booking a month before your move, for example, will greatly increase the chances of us locating a driver within the desired time-frame. This doesn’t mean we’ll know a month in advance when a driver will be picking up your POV because drivers don’t plan their schedules that far ahead. It means, however, that around 2 weeks before your move, we will be reaching out to truckers and letting them know when your vehicle needs to be moved. We do have one of the largest carrier networks so it should be no problem for us to arrange everything quickly and smoothly.

When it comes to pricing, the cost of your shipment will be determined by factors such as distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the size of the vehicle and any special requirements. Also, if you’re looking to ship your POV, please be advised that we can’t arrange that for you as we don’t ship firearms of any kind. If on the other hand, you need personal property or household goods shipped, be advised that you can place items up to 100 lbs in the cargo area at no additional cost. If you have to to ship more than that, please contact our representatives. It doesn’t matter if you need your vehicle in your new station or if you’re being deployed overseas and you need if shipped home while you’re gone—we will make it happen. We are extremely proud to help you and your family so a military discount is the least we can do to thank you for protecting us. Shipping costs must never be a source of anxiety for you! We provide consistent communication with the carrier and see to it that your car arrives in perfect condition—customer satisfaction guaranteed! There is nothing better than knowing that the small things are taken care of while you devote yourself to big ideals.

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