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A Guide To Auto Transport Insurance

A guide to Auto Transport Insurance

A Guide to Auto Transport Insurance

Shipping a vehicle with the help of an auto shipping company is a very safe and secure thing to do. Nevertheless, making sure your precious vehicle is fully covered for any damage is an essential part of the process. Your automobile is likely to be one of our most expensive possessions but is it covered by your current insurance? It’s always best to check with your insurance provider as it may not be covered as much as you’d like. It might not be covered at all.

Also, you should be aware that certain auto transport companies include a waiver in the contract. This waiver means they’re not responsible for any damage that might occur to your vehicle. Rest assured, here at SGT Auto Transport your automobile is covered by the carriers insurance. Choose to use a company other than ours and you should always double check the insurance coverage before signing any contract.

There are a number of other things you must bear in mind when shipping a car.


Always Ask for Proof of Insurance

Any reputable auto transport company will have valid insurance. It happens to be a legal requirement. Never be afraid to ask for a copy of the policy or to ask questions about the coverage. Here are a few suggestions:

  • What sort of damage is covered by the carriers insurance?
  • If damage occurs to the taillight, for example, is this covered?
  • Is there a deductible and how much is it?
  • What is the limit of the coverage?
  • Is it possible to purchase additional coverage if required?


Make Sure Everything is in Writing

Any special agreements or considerations you make with your chosen vehicle shipping company must be made in writing. This is to ensure you’re fully protected should something unforeseen happen. It’s particularly important when it concerns the car shipping insurance.


Contact Your Own Auto Insurance Company

We always recommend our clients contact their own auto insurance company and let them know the vehicle that’s insured is going to be transported. It might be that your vehicle will be covered by your current auto insurance but don’t assume this is the case. Check it’s covered while being shipped, the same as it would be if you were driving it the same distance. You should also check whether you need to provide the company with written notification from the carrier transporting your car.


Personal Belongings Aren’t Generally Covered

Here at SGT Auto Transport we do allow you to transport up to 100lbs of personal belongings, in the trunk of your car. They do, however, have to be secured in a box or suitcase. We should point out, that these belongings are not generally covered by the carriers insurance, so only take advantage of this option is you have no alternative. All loose items inside your vehicle should be removed before pick-up. Not only does this reduce the risk of internal damage, but it also reduces the risk of a break-in theft.


Inspection Before Pick-Up

Before your vehicle is picked up you must clean it thoroughly and carefully inspect it for any damage. Any chips, dings, dents or scratches should be noted, and photographs taken. The automobile transport company will also perform a thorough inspection and you have to be available when it’s being done.


The Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is a document that gets filled out when your automobile is delivered. This documentation acts as a report of the condition of the vehicle upon arrival. When your vehicle is delivered spend time looking at it very carefully, both inside, outside and underneath. It’s also a good idea to start the engine and make sure it’s functioning as expected. Should the delivery be made after dark it’s advisable to check over your car under bright lights.

Once the bill of lading has been signed by you, you’ve effectively signed off on the shipping contract. Any damage found at a later date is not something the shipping company will be liable for. Any damage found has to be recorded on the bill of lading and signed off by the driver.


What to do if Damage is Found

It happens less than 5% of the time, but should it happen to you there are certain steps you have to follow. First you have to contact the carrier and let them know about the damage. They will be able to advise you of the process for filing a claim under their auto transport insurance. You’ll need to provide photographs and details of the condition of your car before shipping. You’ll also need to provide photographs and details of its condition upon arrival. This proof will be sent to the car shipping insurance provider.

Should you experience any issues with the delivery of your vehicle, speak with our customer support team and they’ll be able to guide you through the process. As a reputable auto transport provider we’re also able to provide proof of the auto transport insurance coverage upon request.

Give us a call on (866) 774 6570, use our instant chat option or send us an email. Support is available 24/7.