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SGT Auto Transport delivers on-time, reliable, car shipping and excellent customer service

Jason M
Excellent service
Darian A
SGT Auto Transport did a great job facilitating my vehicle transportation, and the team communicated well throughout the process.
Drew R
This shipping company is great. Fast delivery and the cheapest shipping with very competitive pricing. And to top it off I just gave Noah from SGT my details and her took care of everything for me. Awesome company!
Sandy L
We had SGT Auto Transport deliver a jeep wrangler to us and it was over 450 miles and we are very satisfied with the fast customer service and prompt delivery. We highly recommend SGT Auto Transport. Thank you very
Phillip T
Good company. We used them to ship our son's car from San Diego to Austin, TX. We had no problems and the staff was very good all around. The price was exactly as estimated.
Bill T
Stellar Communication, Professional And Reliable.
Can I buy a car online and have it delivered

Can I buy a car online and have it delivered?

It’s not always possible to find your dream car locally. For this reason, so many people buy their latest set of wheels online. Book your auto transport with us and you can buy a car online and have it delivered. The process is quick, easy, affordable, secure, and safe.

Online car buyers delivery service

The online buying process has come a long way

There was a time when the idea of buying a car online was considered outlandish. What about the test drive? What about haggling with the salesperson for a better deal? Fortunately, it seems these are becoming things of the past.

Now, the idea of buying a car online is now seen as a simple and convenient solution. In fact, there are many benefits to buying a car online. Let’s face it, it is a peer-reviewed world, which means you know what you are getting. And with such online features as video tutorials, real-time safety ratings, and customer reviews are in abundance.

Not to mention, you don’t have to deal with the salesperson on the lot. This in and of itself can make the experience more enjoyable. It also allows you to “shop around” without the pressure. When looking online, you can take all the time you need!

Additionally, buying a car online doesn’t have to be from a dealer or auto manufacturer directly. Perhaps an individual is selling their classic convertible online right out of the

How much does it cost to buy and ship a car

What is an auto transport service?

As the online car buying business continues to boom, so does the online car delivery business. If you need to get a car, or any kind of vehicle, from A to B, an auto transport service provider can do it for you. And that is where we come in. We are the name in the game when it comes to online car buying and delivery.

The vehicle is transported using a truck and a trailer which means no wear and tear. It’s also much safer than driving long distances yourself. And what’s more, we ship any style of car, any distance, right to you.

It doesn’t get simpler than that. Out of state? No problem. In a hurry? No problem.


How much does auto transport cost?

When you buy a new car online with delivery, the cost of auto transport depends on several things. These include distance traveled, type and condition of car, and time of year. We do our very best to secure the best deal for your car transport services.

We go above and beyond with our online car buying shipment

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How our online car shipping and delivery services for online car buyers works

Quick & safe car shipping services for online car buyers in 3 easy steps


Get a quote and book your order

Buying a car online for delivery is not a uniform request, just like all cars are not the same. Additionally, there are other factors to consider, such as distance. These factors will play a role in setting your car shipping quotes, which we happily provide ahead of time. Online car purchase and delivery can be attained instantly by using our free online calculator. Just two minutes of your time is all it takes. Enter a few simple details such as:

• pick-up city and state
• delivery city and state
• vehicle year
• make and model
• condition of vehicle
• transport type
• first available shipping date (this is the first date your car will be ready to be picked up)

These details will help us be as accurate as possible, or even make recommendations. For instance, if you have a luxury or classic car, then enclosed shipping is likely your best option. If you have a more traditional car that can withstand the elements, then our open carriers should do you just fine!

If you prefer, you can request a quote directly by calling us, emailing, or using our Live Chat option. Our professional car shipping advisors will be happy to help. The price you get is fully inclusive. We include taxes and insurance coverage in the price. There are no hidden fees and, no obligations. This makes buying a car online for home delivery a breeze.

If you’re not satisfied with the price, get in touch. We’ll do what we can to meet your expectations. If you’ve had a better offer from a direct competitor, we’ll try our best to match it.

When you’re ready to make your booking, click on the email link in your emailed quote to complete your booking. It’s also possible to book direct and schedule your pick-up with our enthusiastic shipping advisors. Call (864) 546-5038, email, or use our Live Chat option.

Once confirmed, we’ll find a fully insured and vetted carriers to meets your needs and suits your budget. We’ll contact you by phone to confirm the details of your pick-up. We’ll also fill you in on the next stage of the auto transport process. In a separate email, we’ll send the carrier's information.

When it comes to payment, you can opt for a Discounted Cash Price, in which case, we’ll take a small partial payment from your credit or debit card. The balance is paid when your vehicle is delivered, in cash, with a cashier’s check, or money order. Alternatively, if you opt for the Regular Price, we’ll collect the total amount at this point in the booking process. This is to ensure your spot on the trailer is reserved.

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We pick up your vehicle

You’ll be contacted by your assigned vehicle shipping carrier a few hours before the scheduled pick-up time. The driver will want to know about the particulars of the pickup location. Basically, the pickup location should be accessible to commercial vehicles.

If not, alternative arrangements can be made if this isn’t the case. When talking with the driver, arrange a suitable location nearby, such as a parking lot, where you work, or a wider street. The carrier also needs to confirm someone is available to release the vehicle. If you can’t be there, you can nominate a third-party such as a neighbor, relative, friend, or colleague.

When the carrier arrives, they’ll inspect your vehicle along with you, noting any existing damage on the Bill of Lading. This important document is then signed, and you’ll get a copy to keep safe.

Once this is done, your precious vehicle is loaded onto the carrier’s trailer. Your vehicle will then be on its way to the eventual delivery destination. You can check in with the driver at any stage during your vehicle’s journey, if you need to put your mind at rest. Regular updates can also be arranged regarding the status of your auto shipment, by phone, Live Chat, or email.

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You receive your vehicle

You’ll receive another important call when your car is almost home. To make sure you’re available, the carrier will contact you a few hours before the planned delivery time. If you’re otherwise engaged, don’t worry. A friend, family member, colleague, or neighbor can be nominated to accept delivery of your vehicle, on your behalf. The only stipulation is that they have to be at least 18 years of age.

You or your representative have to closely inspect your car when it’s delivered. If everything is in order, the Bill of Lading has to be signed to accept your delivery. If you opted for the Discounted Cash Price, the balance now has to be paid. This can be done with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

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An auto transport service that stands out from all the rest

Learn why we are one of the top companies for buying a car online and have it delivered

Grey circle with grey dollar and zero inside
Zero fees to pay upfront

When you book door-to-door transport with us, you pay nothing upfront. Use our online instant quote calculator to find out the price. We take payment only when your car transport express shipment has been allocated to a carrier and we dispatch your car for shipping.

Grey letters with an arrow between them
The most trusted car transport company at uShip

uShip has chosen us as its most trusted provider of auto transport services. Read some of our customer reviews and you'll appreciate why we received such an accolade.

Grey shield inside with grey tick
Full insurance coverage

Whether you choose open or enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is covered throughout its journey. We include the cost of insurance coverage in our rates, so there’ll be no unexpected additional charges.

Three points that can be adjusted
Customizable transport service

No two auto transport customers are alike, which is why we offer a customizable transport service. From the moment you get in touch with our professional shipping advisors go out of their way to ensure your enclosed or open car transport meets your needs.

Grey man with grey headphones
Personalized car shipping

We know how important it is for our customers to feel special. That's why we make sure our auto transport service is personal. You’re able to speak with real people rather than an automated message service. Additionally, you can meet the driver who will transport your car.

A semicircle with an arrow in which there are 24 hours
24/7 customer support

You can contact us 24/7 by phone or Live Chat. Your shipment is constantly monitored and we’ll make sure you’re kept informed of its progress. For many people, their vehicle is an investment and we make sure it’s kept safe and secure throughout the auto transporting process.


Want to know the cost of shipping a car with us?

What type of auto transport service do online car buyers prefer?

Online car buyers need a service that’s quick. You never know when your ideal car will appear online and when it does, you need to snap it up quickly. For this reason, express auto transport is a very popular choice. You can make last-minute arrangements so there’s no time wasted. When timing is crucial, we also offer a guaranteed pick-up service. Enclosed auto transport is another favorite because of the complete protection provided.

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The advantages of choosing auto transport services

Learn what are the benefits of buying a car online and have it delivered

blue and red yes tick mark icon

Open and enclosed auto transport available

We’re able to offer all customers a choice between open car transport and enclosed auto transport. If you’re looking for a budget friendly auto transport service that’s safe and secure, this ticks the right boxes. For more valuable vehicles, enclosed auto transport provides complete protection.

blue and red yes tick mark icon

Last-minute services are an option

When you’re buying your latest vehicle online, it’s crucial you act swiftly. If you can’t get there to collect the car and need to buy a car online and have it delivered, you want to be certain there’s no waiting around. With express auto transport you can make your booking with a 24-hour window, so there’s no delay.

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Quick and easy auto shipping process

Provide our shipping advisors with all the necessary information and the auto shipping process is quick and simple. The carrier we choose picks up, transports, and delivers your vehicle according to your instructions, and we make sure it happens.

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Door-to-door auto transport for multiple-vehicles

If you decide you want to buy more than one vehicle it’s not a problem. We can make the arrangements for one, two, three, four, or more vehicles. And you can have them delivered to a location of your choosing.

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Safe and secure car transportation service

We have a comprehensive vetting procedure that ensures all the carriers we work with are qualified, professional, trustworthy, and compliant carriers. Your vehicles are safe and secure in their hands.

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Competitive prices

We provide a range of auto transport services and aim to secure the best rates for you. We can tailor our services according to your needs and budget. If you want to know more about our prices, check out our online instant quote calculator

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about buy a car online and have it delivered

Do you ship cars from dealerships?

Yes, we ship vehicles for all the major car dealerships in the US. We will coordinate the pick up with the dealership so that your vehicle is fully washed and detailed prior to transport.

Do you ship cars from auto auctions?

Yes, we ship vehicles from auctions such as IAA, COPART, Manheim, Brashers, Mecum, Iron Planet, Richie Bros, etc.

Can you pay the storage fees from the auctions?

Oftentimes the carriers are able to cover fees as long as the balance is under $100. We recommend having all storage and auction fees paid prior to scheduling your pick up date.

Can I pay you and you pay the seller the cost of the vehicle?

No, we do not get involved in any 3rd party transactions. We are responsible for the shipping of your online car purchase only.

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Want to know the cost of shipping a car with us?

Hints & tips to buy a car online and have it delivered

Online car buyers' advices from experienced car shippers