Guaranteed Pick-up Service

Guaranteed car transport pickup services

Guaranteed car transport services and what it means?

As a consumer, there’s something about the word ‘guaranteed’ that puts your mind at ease. The official definition of the word is that it’s a promise or assurance that something is of a specified quality, content or benefit, or that it will perform satisfactorily for a certain period of time. It’s also an assurance that an obligation will be fulfilled. Guarantees are used in almost every kind of industry, including car transport services. Guarantees come in a variety of different guises, but in the auto transport industry, it usually takes the form of a guaranteed pick up.

Guaranteed Pick Up Service

One of the most common guarantees is in relation to the pickup of a vehicle. SGT Auto Transport, for example, can offer a guaranteed pickup date. It is possible to make your booking with a 24-hour window. For more information and to request a customized quote call (866) 774-6570. Alternatively, send us an email or speak with one of our shipping advisors using the live chat option.

Guaranteeing a pickup is easier than guaranteeing a delivery because the carrier that is allocated the job will be in your area and willing to pick up your vehicle on the specified date. If you want to take advantage of a guaranteed pick up service, it is best if you book at least two weeks in advance of the first available shipping date. This gives the auto transport management company plenty of time to find the right carrier and the driver time to get to the pickup location. It is virtually impossible to guarantee a specific time, as there are so many things that can impact on the time it takes to travel to a location. It can depend on the traffic, weather conditions, construction on the highway and vehicle breakdowns, which is why a specific window of 24-hours is what’s guaranteed.

Guaranteed Delivery Service

Guaranteeing a delivery, on the other hand, is something that’s much more difficult to achieve. Once your vehicle is on the road, there are several factors that can hold up the journey. In order to guarantee a delivery time, the carrier will have to be very familiar with the route and be able to work with an individual customer in order to ensure they’re going to be able to keep to the agreed schedule. A guaranteed delivery would be a little easier if the trip was two days at most, but this is very rarely the case. Be wary of any company that offers a guaranteed delivery date because you’re likely to be disappointed. It’s a very attractive proposition for the customer but the company making such a promise may have no intention of making sure your vehicle is delivered on a specific date.

Other Types of Guarantees That Are Available

Reputable auto transport management companies such as SGT Auto Transport can offer several other guarantees. For example:

Smooth and Effective Process – book your car shipping service with us and you can be certain your vehicle will arrive safe and sound at your chosen destination.

Guaranteed Price – speak with one of our shipping advisors for an accurate price on your car shipment. Alternatively, you can use our online calculator for an instant quote. Quotes are valid for 7 days.

No Hidden Fees, Guaranteed – all our prices are fully inclusive.

Quality Service – the service you receive from SGT Auto Transport is of the highest quality, from the moment you first get in touch with our shipping advisors to the delivery of your vehicle and beyond.

Competitive Rates – speak with our shipping advisors and you’ll get the most competitive rates for your chosen service.

Tips for Finding the Best Guaranteed Car Transport Services

If you want the best service possible, there are several things you can do.

Check Available Services

SGT Auto Transport, for example, offers 3 levels of service:

The standard service guarantees a pickup within a 1-5 business day window. A quote for this service can be obtained using our online calculator. There is also an expedited service, with a pickup window of 1-3 business days. There is usually an additional cost of $200-$300. Finally, there is a guaranteed pick up service. For this option, you will need to speak with a shipping agent for a customized quote. The window for this service is 24 hours and we're offering only Monday - Friday.

Making Plans

To save yourself time and inconvenience, aim to plan everything around the window you’ve been given, rather than a specific date. It might mean making a few changes to your work schedule, travel arrangements or flight times but it’s much better than waiting around twiddling your thumbs.

Get Regular Updates

It’s possible to check the progress of your shipment by contacting the carrier directly. This will give you peace of mind and let you make the necessary preparations for the delivery.

For all your vehicle transportation needs, SGT Auto Transport is an auto transport management company you can rely on. We don’t make empty promises and always do our very best to accommodate your needs.

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