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Corvette parked on a parking lot

9 Things to Know Before Buying or Selling With Vroom

Thanks to the internet, buying and selling a car is a breeze, but with so many platforms to choose from, it can leave you wondering which ones are legitimate.[...]

A grey car parked in front of a white big house with palms on the background

Transporting a Car From NJ to Florida: Cost, Time, and More

Right about now is an important time for a section of the US population commonly known as snowbirds. Snowbirds are typically retirees who migrate to warmer climates for the winter to avoid the snow and cold temperatures of a northern winter. They tend to move from northern states such as New Jersey to warmer southern states such as Florida. [...]

Black Sports Car Parked on the Hill Beside Tree

Everything to Know When Shipping a Car From Chicago to LA

Moving a vehicle cross country from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA is quite an undertaking. For many people it can be a logistical nightmare but not if you enlist the help of an auto transport company like SGT Auto Transport.[...]

Grey Classic Car

Where Can I Sell My Car for the Most Money?

If you ever need to sell your car, the first question you’re going to ask is, “Where to sell your car for the most money?”  Currently, both new and used car inventories are at record lows, which means that car prices are at a record high. [...]

Black sedan on the road

Buying a Car Sight Unseen - Your Go-To Guide

For many people, buying a car is the second biggest investment they’ll ever make in their life. Generally, part of the buying process is first inspecting and then test-driving the car. Not doing this might seem ludicrous, but with an increasing number of people shopping for cars online, it could be a necessity. [...]

Red classic car with an open lid

The Best Used Car Websites to Buy Your Next Used Car From

Buying a car is a big deal and for many people, it’s one of their biggest investments. If you don’t want the stress of a dealership, it’s possible to go online to research your new ride, shop for a vehicle, and apply for an auto loan. But which are the best used car websites, and are there any you should avoid?[...]

Flatbed transportation

What are the Benefits of Flatbed Auto Transport?

Many different vehicles are used for shipping vehicles across the country. If you ever need to ship a vehicle, it helps if you understand some of the options. [...]

black corvette uploading in an enclosed carrier

What is the Fastest Way to Ship a Car?

Nowadays, it’s possible to ship a car anywhere in the continental United States. The standard time frame for a distance of 2000 miles is around 9 days. It’s a challenge to be more specific because there are various variables that must be considered. [...]

Blue Sedan parked in front of a a house

Should I Wait to Buy a New Car Until 2024?

Buying a car, whether new or used, is a big investment. It, therefore, makes sense to look for the best deal. In recent years, the price of a car has steadily increased for a variety of reasons, which means you might be wondering whether you should wait to buy a car. Will 2024 be a better time? Do you have the flexibility to wait? [...]

Green firebird parked in front of a house

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car From Boston to Florida?

It’s easy to give a ballpark figure when it comes to the cost of shipping a car from Boston to Florida. On average, the price per mile for distances over 1,000 miles is $0.59. The distance between these two locations is around 1366 miles. Therefore, the estimated total cost is $805.[...]