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Open Car Transport Services

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If you ever need to move your car from one state to another or across the country, open car transport services are a very affordable option. If you’re relocating and want budget friendly transportation, this service fits the bill.

Here at SGT Auto Transport we’ve been specializing in open car shipping services for several years and have a long list of customers happy to recommend us.

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We’re confident our affordable prices will interest you and we’re offering a free instant open transport quote to everyone that gets in touch. Get a free instant quote using our online quote calculator or speak with our experienced customer representatives by telephone or Live Chat. Open car transport services are our most popular option by far.

What is Open Transport?

Vehicles that need to be moved over long distances are often hauled using a car transport trailer. This trailer can be either open or enclosed. One of the most popular methods is with an open trailer. It’s more affordable, easy to arrange and offers the fastest turnaround.

An open car transport trailer can have one or two levels and carries ten or more cars. A single level trailer is better for vehicles with low clearance, large tires or modifications. It is also the preferred method for SUVs, modified cars and trucks.

Why So Many People Prefer to Use an Open Trailer

There are many reasons why our customers prefer to use our open transport service.

Fast and Efficient

Open car transport services are one of the fastest ways to ship a vehicle. This is because more than 95% of trucking companies use an open trailer. With so many companies to choose from you’ve got a better chance of finding the right open carrier service when you need one.

Insurance Included in Every Open Car Transport Quote

Your vehicle is covered by the carriers insurance throughout the journey and there’s nothing extra to pay. Get in touch today for your open transport quote.

Popular with Car Dealerships

Dealerships are regularly moving vehicles around the country and they almost always use an open carrier service.. Some of our best customers are car dealers.

We Can Arrange a Guaranteed Pick-Up

There aren’t too many guarantees in the auto shipping world, but one thing we can arrange is a guaranteed pick-up date. If you have a schedule you want to keep to and need your vehicle picked up on a specific day, a guaranteed pick-up is an option.

Top Loaded for Additional Protection

There are certain advantages to be enjoyed if your vehicle is top loaded. It costs a little extra, but it means no vehicles are going to be above your precious car. This means no risk of fluids leaking onto your car. Your car is also a little further away from the road surface. Find out the cost of top loaded by requesting an open transport quote.

Open Transport Service Offers Discounted Cash Rate and Billing

The discounted cash rate means we collect a small partial from your debit/credit card upon dispatch. The balance is paid upon delivery of your vehicle.

An Open Carrier Service Means Your Car is Completely Safe

We often get asked how safe our open car transport services are. We’re able to ease customers' concerns because we know how good the service is. Yes, your car is exposed to the elements, but it’s no different to leaving your car in the street or on your driveway. Using an open service is just the same as driving a vehicle daily.

Statistics back up how safe this method is. Even though your car is exposed to the elements, there’s virtually no chance of it being damaged. Car dealerships wouldn’t use an open car transport service for delivering and receiving new vehicles if it wasn’t a safe option.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

There is a shipping service that offers an even higher level of protection if you want it. Enclosed auto transport is another option we can offer, but it comes with an additional cost.

Enclosed shipping is the preferred method for owners of luxury, high-end, custom, classic, sports and collectible cars because the cargo isn’t exposed to the elements. While it might be perfect for such prestigious vehicles, there is a more cost effective method for the average car. Request your open transport quote now.

Our Open Transport Service is Door-to-Door

Here at SGT Auto Transport we provide open door-to-door car transport services. Wherever possible, we arrange for the pick-up and delivery to be as close to your chosen locations as possible. Talk to one of our experienced representatives when making your booking and they’ll happily discuss options.

Fast Open Car Transport Services

One further option you might be interested in is our fast open car transport services. The cost is a little more, around a 30% increase, but it means we can pick your vehicle up in a couple of days. This is the perfect choice if you’re on a tight schedule.

Are you ready to make your booking? Do you have a few more questions about our open car transport services you need to ask? Would you like an open transport quote?

If you want to know the cost of our service get a free instant quote using our online quote calculator. Our customer representatives are at the end of the phone, waiting to hear from you. Call (866) 774 6570 or use our handy Live Chat option.

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