Enclosed auto transport trailer rental

Enclosed auto transport trailer rental


If you ever need to transport your car from A to B, your first step is to investigate the options. There are several to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. You could ship it by train or take a road trip. Shipping a car by train can take an inordinate amount of time. Taking a road trip is stressful and expensive. Driving long distances can also be unsafe and puts unnecessary miles and wear and tear on your car.

There are two further options that we’ll be discussing here. Hiring a door-to-door car transport company like SGT Auto Transport or towing your car using an enclosed auto transport trailer.  

What is enclosed auto transport trailer rental

An auto transport trailer is a four-wheel trailer. It can be used to transport any vehicle as long as it weighs no more than 5,000 pounds. An enclosed trailer protects your car on all four sides. Another advantage of this type of trailer is that it adds no extra miles to your car. It’s also possible to carry extra cargo up to the weight limit of the trailer. 

Is towing a car a safe option?

Yes, it is a safe option, but there are risks involved. Towing a car is not for the faint hearted. If you’ve never towed using a trailer before, it’s quite an experience. To begin with, you can’t see the trailer in your rear view mirrors, which can be quite unnerving. The trailer you rent might not have its own brake system, which makes driving very difficult. Reversing and maneuvering while towing any kind of trailer takes a certain amount of practise and skill. 

Is using an enclosed auto transport trailer rental cheaper?

It’s common for people to assume that renting an enclosed auto transport trailer will be the cheapest option. However, when you factor in other expenses such as food and drinks while you’re on the road, filling up with gas, the cost of renting the trailer, and possibly even accommodation along the way, it works out more expensive. Shipping your vehicle using door-to-door car transport suddenly looks more reasonable. 

Good reasons not to ship a car using an enclosed auto transport trailer rental

We’ve already mentioned that cost can be a reason, but there are a couple more you need to be aware of. 

First and foremost, driving a car with an auto transport trailer is dangerous. The large interstates, for example, that criss-cross the USA are some of the most dangerous. If you’re not used to towing cargo on a large trailer, the danger increases significantly.

Secondly, towing a trailer is not easy. Don’t believe anyone that says it is. Not only that. You’re also responsible for securing your car in the trailer and the trailer to the towing vehicle. Add the complication of navigating highways and small roads and parking while towing a trailer and suddenly you appreciate it’s not as easy as it seems. 

Shipping a car using door-to-door Ccar transport is more convenient, easier, and safer

The most common way for people to ship a car across country is with a car transportation company. The journey across the country can be made using open car transport or enclosed auto transport. Choose a reputable car transportation company like SGT Auto Transport and you can let them take care of all the details. Other advantages include:

  • There’s no wear and tear on your car.
  • The journey adds no extra miles to your mileage.
  • Shipping a car is stress free.
  • It costs no more than using an enclosed auto transport trailer rental.

Open car transport vs. enclosed auto transport: which is the right one to choose?

When it comes to shipping your car from one place to another, you can choose between open car transport and enclosed auto transport. Each has their pros and cons and a right time to use them. 

Open car transport

This is the standard way to transport a car for vehicles with standard auto transport needs. It is the most convenient shipping option and you can select a specific pick-up and deliver location. We pick up and deliver your car as close to this location as is safe and legally possible.

We transport your car using an open car trailer. Your car is exposed to the elements throughout the journey, but that’s no different than it being driven on the highway. Without the wear and tear, of course. 

One of the biggest advantages of open car transport is the cost. It’s the least expensive option. Other benefits include:

  • It’s easy: We can get your car from A to B without causing you any bother. Your car is picked up and delivered to your door and we handle every step of the process. 
  • Saves time: You don’t have to stress about driving long distances. Sit back, relax, and we’ll do the driving for you.
  • Competitive prices: Use our instant online quote calculator to find out the cost of open car transport. Alternatively, you can speak directly with our shipping advisors by calling (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 
  • Multiple-vehicle transport: If you need more than one car shipped, it’s not a problem.    

Enclosed auto transport 

Choose to ship your car this way and it’ll be transported in a fully enclosed trailer. The trailer has a roof and four sides, thereby providing a safe and secure environment for your car while we transport it. 

Enclosed auto transport is the auto shipping method of choice for owners of high-value, antique, custom, luxury, or expensive sports cars. It’s chosen because it provides the highest level of protection and security. Your vehicle is protected from the weather and any debris that might get kicked up from the road. 

The cost of enclosed auto transport is higher, usually 30% to 40% extra. For prestigious car owners, no price is too high for total peace of mind.

When is it the right time to choose enclosed auto transport? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your car an investment?
  • Does snow or cold weather concern you?
  • Are you worried about your car being exposed to dirt, dust, pollution, and other types of debris while it’s being transported?
  • Does your car have a unique or custom paint job?
  • Is your car old?
  • Would you like additional theft protection for your car?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, enclosed auto transport is the right choice to make. 

The benefits of enclosed auto transport are many:

  • Your car is protected from road hazards, weather, and rain: Your pride and joy is 100% protected from the elements.
  • Complete peace of mind: Your car will arrive in the same condition as when you left it.
  • Hydraulic lift gates: For cars with low ground clearance hydraulic lift gates are essential. 
  • Multiple-vehicle shipping: We can provide the best enclosed auto transport service when you need to ship more than one vehicle. 

How much does it cost for an auto transport company to ship a car?

Cost is one of the most significant factors when you’re deciding whether to use the services or an auto transport company. There are several factors that determine the cost. 

The distance traveled is the most obvious one, along with the type of vehicle and its condition. Other factors to bear in mind include the time of year and the price of fuel. 

You also have several transport options to choose from. We’ve already mentioned open car transport and enclosed auto transport. There are a few more:

  • Fast car transport.
  • Guaranteed pick-up.
  • Snowbirds car shipping.
  • Military car shipping.
  • International car shipping.
  • Hawaii car transport.

You might also be entitled to a discount on the overall cost of your car transport service. SGT Auto Transport, for example, has special rates for military personnel, students, and snowbirds. 

How the car shipping process works

The actual process of shipping a car with us doesn’t get much easier. There are three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Get your instant online quote using our calculator, phone or Live Chat and book your order
  • Step 2: We pick up your vehicle.
  • Step 3: We deliver your vehicle.

7 reasons to choose SGT Auto Transport

  • We’re a top-rated car transport company.
  • Our approach is a personalized one.
  • You can choose from a wide range of transport options.
  • Our team of dedicated shipping advisors can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our prices are fully inclusive.
  • We work with more than 200,000 carriers.
  • Free instant quotes are available 24/7.

You can find out the cost of your shipping service using our online quote calculator. You can also call our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat.

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