The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB on the road

Cruising into the Future: The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB: Redefining Electric Mobility


The latest manufacturer to play the nostalgia card is Volkswagen with the Volkswagen ID Buzz. This latest release from the VW camp is also riding the wave of popular interest in electric cars. All versions run on a near-silent motor powered by a sizeable battery pack. VW has been teasing the public for more than 20 years with promises of releasing the iconic Microbus. The good news is that it’s finally here. 

Quick Stats

  • Motor: AC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous
  • Output: 201 Horsepower / 229 Pound-Feet
  • Battery: 77.0-Kilowatt-Hour Lithium-Ion (usable)
  • EV range: 225 miles (est)
  • Base price: $50,000 (est)

Under the Hood

VW’s new MEB electric vehicle platform is what powers the ID Buzz. Thanks to the platform, Volkswagen can capture the famous forward-control proportions of the original Bus and still meet today’s strict safety regulations.

The ID Buzz is available in standard-wheelbase form, but here in the US, we can only get a long-wheelbase version. Although it is underpinned by the same 82-kWh gross (77-kWh net) battery pack as the ID4  SUV. Something else that’s the same is the powertrain. Like the ID4, the Buzz features a rear-mounted permanent-magnet motor that is good for 201 hp and 229 lb-ft of torque. 

VW has said that the ID Buzz’s batteries don’t use cobalt, an expensive rare metal often linked with unethical mining practices. In addition, it’s promising to take back the batteries when they reach the end of their automotive life to prepare them for a second use. This is great news for the sustainable thinkers among us. 

Performance and Drive

The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB

The VW ID Buzz’s 201bhp electric motor allows it to manage 0-60mph in a respectable 9.5 seconds. The van feels nippiest at town speeds, where it can squirt away from traffic lights and onto roundabouts with surprising gusto. 

You’ll find acceleration tails off noticeably above 40mph, although you won’t have any issues with outside-lane highway driving. 

Driving Range

Volkswagen is being quite coy about the distances you can expect on a single charge, however, based on its specs, the ID4 Pro’s 280-mile EPA rating, and the new EV’s instrument cluster showing a 76% charge with 222 miles remaining, it’s safe to estimate that the driving range will be around 270 miles. 

VW is saying that the ID Buzz will feature a peak charge rate of 170 kW and will be good for a 5 to 80% charge in around 30 minutes. 

Another important feature is the onboard AC charger which is good for 11kW. This ensures your ID Buzz will keep Level 2 charges as brief as possible. 

The ID Buzz’s Styling

The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB 2

The new ID Buzz successfully combines classic VW Bus design cues with more modern ID design language.

The LWB version that’s coming to the US is around 15 inches longer than the SWB form, making it roughly the size of a Mercedes-Benz Metris. It will be available worldwide as a passenger van and a cargo van. 

Up front, both vintage and contemporary styling cues combine. For example, there’s the oversized VW logo and optional two-tone paint that tie in nicely with an LED lightbar, diamond-pattern grille, and uniquely shaped headlights. 

Going along the side are two power-sliding doors, and three distinctive strakes on its E-pillars. These tie into the grille design and are very reminiscent of the air intakes on the second-generation Type 2’s D-pillars. 

Standard wheels on the ID Buzz will be 18-inch, however, there will likely be optional 21-inch wheels. 

Moving around the back of the passenger van you can expect a hatchback, with split-opening barn doors optional on the ID Buzz Cargo. There’s another massive VW logo with “ID Buzz” written underneath it and a full-width taillight.

A Hippie Chic Interior

The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB 4

The ID Buzz has animal-free upholstery and there is extensive use of recycled plastic, although the cabin is fairly contemporary, which might not suit everyone’s taste. While very simplistic, the design is also quite stylish with faux wood paired tastefully with white plastics. It’s also possible to get trim that matches the van’s two-tone exterior, of which yellow is quite stunning. 

The dash features a 10.0-inch digital instrument cluster and a large 12.0-inch infotainment system display. There’s also a wireless phone charger to the right of the steering wheel and a USB-C outlet on the passenger side. 

For storage, there’s a large cubby in front of the passenger along with more storage space in the doors. Two cupholders pull out from below the power-sliding door switches on the center of the dash. In between the driver and the passenger, there’s a removable center console that features dividers that double as a bottle opener and ice scraper, more cupholders, and storage drawers. 

Regarding seating configurations, the LWB model will come as a seven-seater with a 2/3/2 arrangement.

There are some fun features inside the ID Buzz such as the Play and Pause pedals. Various Buzz easter eggs are dotted around the cabin. The ambient lighting system has 30 colors to choose from, and there are some unique trim colors and materials. For example, you can have:

  • Dark brown and black pairing for the leatherette seats, white piping, blue door inserts, and a dark wood-look dashboard
  • Light gray and clay with grey leatherette, clay piping, clay door inserts, a light wood dash, and light grey decor
  • Light brown leatherette sears, yellow piping, light gray door inserts, and a washed wood-look dash

Under the windshield is the ID.Light system that consists of a light strip that uses different light pulses to communicate things like incoming phone calls, readiness to drive, navigation turn instructions, and brake prompts from the driver-assistance systems. 

Driver-Assistance Systems

The ID Buzz comes with VW’s IQ-DRIVE hands-on Level 2 system as standard. It includes convenient lane centering and a capacitive steering wheel when out on the highway. If you’re driving in town, the system can alert you to nearby obstacles. Road sign display is standard. Optional equipment includes park assist with remote parking, a head-up display, and Area View.

How Much is a VW ID Buzz and Where Can I Buy One?

The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB 3

The LWB 2024 Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB is expected to start around $45,000 and max out just shy of $60,000 for higher-spec versions. Volkswagen reservations books are already open, so if you’d like to add one to your garage, the wait is over. 

If you’d like to have one delivered to your home we can arrange car transport on your behalf. Liaise with your chosen dealership and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements to get your new Buzz safely to your doorstep. 

If you’ve got any questions about our auto transport services, our car shipping advisors will be happy to answer them. Reach out at (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 

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