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How Weather Conditions Affect Car Shipping in the Summer


Summer is a popular time for car shipping because of the favorable weather conditions. However, you’ll be interested to learn that even in summer, certain weather conditions can significantly affect the car shipping process. 

Let’s introduce some ways weather conditions impact summer car shipping.

Heat and High Temperatures

The intense heat and high temperatures typically experienced during the summer can impact car shipping in several ways.

  • Vehicle condition: Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can affect the condition of your vehicle. Pain and interiors can suffer damage if not properly protected.
  • Driver fatigue: High temperatures can lead to fatigue, potentially slowing transportation.
  • Engine overheating: Older vehicles or those with cooling issues may overheat during loading and unloading.

Summer Storms

Summer is also a season known for sudden and severe thunderstorms, which can create challenges.

  • Delays: Severe storms can cause delays in pick-up and delivery times due to hazardous driving conditions.
  • Damage: Hailstorms can cause significant damage to vehicles, especially if they’re being transported on an open carrier.
  • Safety concerns: Lightning and heavy rain can pose safety risks to vehicles and transport personnel. 

Increased Demand and Traffic

Summer is a peak time for moving and travel, leading to increased demand for car shipping services.

  • Traffic congestion: Holiday traffic and road trips can lead to congested highways, slowing transport trucks and extending delivery times.
  • Higher costs: The increased demand for car shipping services can increase prices during summer.

Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to wear and tear:

  • Paint fade: Continuous sun exposure can fade the car’s paint, especially if transported on an open carrier.
  • Interior damage: Sunlight can damage the car’s interior materials, causing cracking or fading of the dashboard and seats. 

Best Practices for Summer Car Shipping

Car transport weather effects can have a profound impact on vehicle shipping. Therefore, it’s crucial to prepare in advance for potential weather-related challenges. Here are some ways you can do it:

Understanding Weather Patterns

Make sure to research the typical weather patterns for your preferred shipping route during the transport. Use websites like the National Weather Service to help you plan. It’s an excellent resource because it provides accurate forecasts. 

Choose the Right Time

Flexibility is best because it allows you to plan your vehicle shipment during a season with typically milder weather conditions. It’s more challenging to ship your vehicle during extreme weather, and potential delays and increased risks may also increase auto transport costs. 

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Insurance Coverage

Before you ship your vehicle, check your existing vehicle insurance policy to see if it covers any weather-related damages during transit. If not, you might want to consider purchasing additional coverage. Some vehicle shipping companies offer additional insurance options. Always read the terms and conditions to understand what’s covered.

Vehicle Preparation

It’s crucial to prepare your vehicle for transit. This includes checking tire pressure, battery charge, and fluid levels. Additionally, secure or remove any loose parts on your vehicle. This will prevent damage during transit in harsh weather conditions. 

Communicate With Your Auto Transport Provider 

Before you make your booking, check that your chosen provider is efficient in communication. They should inform you about potential weather delays or challenges along your shipping route.

Backup Plan

Weather can be unpredictable, and sometimes, despite all the preparations, you might encounter unforeseen weather challenges. It’s always good to have a backup plan. This might involve being flexible with your delivery dates or having alternate locations to receive your vehicle.                                               

At SGT Auto Transport, we understand the challenges of hot weather car shipping and take all necessary precautions to ensure your vehicle arrives safely and on time. 

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