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Car Transporting Tips for Students

Car Transporting Tips for Students

Car Transporting Tips for Students
July/August is the time when parents and students think about making plans for the fall semester. If you’re in this situation and are wondering what to do about shipping a car, here at SGT Auto Transport we’ve got a student car shipping solution to solve the problem. Believe it or not, the student population makes up a sizeable percentage of our business. This means we’ve got plenty of experience and can tailor a deal that suits your needs.

Why You Should Ship Your Car
There are a couple of really good reasons why you should ship your car. First and foremost, it’s far cheaper than driving it yourself. It might seem like shipping your car is a luxury you can’t afford, but you’ll be surprised how budget-friendly it is. Another reason is that it’s also much safer than driving long distances.
If you’re thinking about allowing your son or daughter to drive their own car to college, the cost of gas, food, and hotel stays along the way will quickly add up. For an accurate quote our online calculator. It takes just a couple of minutes of your time, is free and valid for 7 days. If you don’t book your shipping service at that time don’t worry. Once a quote has been given, it’s very easy to recalculate at a later date.

Shipping a car is going to save wear and tear on everyone concerned and the car. Driving long distances might seem like fun when your kids first hit the road, but it’s not long before stress levels are rising and the driver starts feeling very tired. After several hours in the car attention levels start dropping and personal safety becomes an issue. Avoiding unnecessary miles is also beneficial for the car. If a vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, it’s going to make a big dent in the road trip budget.
One last benefit worth mentioning is that it’ll save time. Shipping a car rather than spending days driving means you’ll have more time to spend with your kids before saying your final goodbyes.

Finding the Right Shipping Company
Choose to use our auto transport management service and we’ll take all the hassle out of finding the right shipping company. With our connections we find a carrier to suit your needs and budget.
Talk to an SGT Auto Transport shipping advisor by calling (866) 774 6570. Alternatively, use our instant chat option or send us an email.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping
There are a number of things you have to do if your car is being shipped.
Clean your vehicle – make sure your vehicle is clean both inside and outside. Not only will your vehicle look good when it arrives, it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to check for scratches, dings and any wear and tear.
Photograph and document any damage - this is an important step to take because it means you’ll be able to compare it with the condition of your vehicle on delivery. It should however be stressed that damage happens very rarely. The carriers we use have excellent safety records.
Basic maintenance – check fluids, tire pressures and that the battery has a full charge. The brakes, including the emergency brake, also need to be in working condition.
Removable parts need to be secured – if the car has ski, luggage or bike racks these need to be removed or secured before transportation. Side mirrors must be folded in and antennae retracted. Alarms also need to be deactivated.
Personal items must be removed – items such as car chargers, GPS, custom stereos, after-market videos and DVDs must be removed before shipping.
Gas tank – run the gas tank down to a quarter full or less.

When the Car is Delivered
When the car is delivered, it needs to be inspected for any damage. It’s not very likely this will happen, but it’s best to check. The inside and the outside of the vehicle should be inspected and compared against the initial inspection. Should any damage be found this needs to be documented on the Bill of Lading (BOL)/ condition report. Request a copy of this from the carrier and remember to take pictures of the damage. A claims advisor will be able to help and SGT Auto Transport will also help with the claims process.
If you like the sound of our student car shipping service don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly shipping advisors are waiting for your call on (866) 774 6570.