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Cheapest Auto Transport Companies

Cheapest Auto Transport Companies

In all the excitement of moving it’s easy to forget about your car. It might also be a part of your relocation you hadn’t considered would be a problem. Many people consider driving to their new home a smart option. Did you realize that auto car shipping is more affordable than you think? As well as saving you money, it’s also going to cut the stress and save time.

What It Costs to Move Your Car

A handful of variables are taken into account when working out cheap car shipping rates. These include:

  • The make and model of your vehicle – some cars are heavier, longer, wider, or taller than others. The dimensions and weight of a vehicle determine how many other vehicles can be included in a shipment.
  • Whether you choose open or covered auto transportcovered auto transport can cost 40% - 50% extra.
  • Time of year – there’s more demand for auto transport during summer months so the cost is higher. Fall is another expensive time of the year because snowbirds are moving south for the winter.
  • How quickly you need your car moved – an express service is often offered but there is usually extra cost.
  • The distance of the relocation – this is one of the most important factors. The further your vehicle has to travel, the higher the cost.

The Two Most Popular Car Shipping Options

If you’d rather not drive your car yourself, and we really wouldn’t blame you, there are a few options. However, the two most popular are open and enclosed car transport.

Open car transport – this is the most common method and generally the cheapest option. There are a variety of carriers offering this service but the basics are the same. Your car is transported along with several others, in an open-air trailer. Your car is picked up from a location close to your home and dropped off at your preferred destination. During its journey, it’s exposed to the elements and traffic debris. Although it’s worth pointing out that a minimal number of journeys result in any damage.

Enclosed Shipping – this is the preferred option for owners of luxury, classic, custom, antique, and high-end vehicles. Your car receives the maximum amount of protection because it’s transported in a covered trailer. However, you should bear in mind that this service is more expensive. Expect to pay 40% - 50% extra.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Car Carriers

When it comes to moving cars from state to state, or across the country, SGT Auto Transport is a good company to have in your corner. Even so, there are things you can do to make the most out of our service.

  • Document the Condition of Your Vehicle

While it’s highly unlikely your car is going to be damaged during shipping, it’s better to be prepared. We only work with the most reliable and conscientious carriers, but the unexpected can happen. Carefully document any existing damage. Start with a thorough wash of the exterior and interior. Then take clear photographs.

  • Remove All Personal Belongings

All valuables must be removed from your vehicle. Leave nothing in your car apart from the standard equipment such as the emergency kit and jack.

  • Perform a Few Pre-Shipping Checks

Check the battery is fully charged and the tires correctly inflated. It’s also important that the brakes are in working order. For safety reasons, the gas tank should be no more than one quarter full.

  • Remove All Accessories

All after-market accessories such as custom spoilers, antenna, baggage, bike, or ski racks must be removed. You also need to fold in your side mirrors.

  • Give Your Vehicle One Final Look Over

Just before your vehicle is going to be picked up, make sure you perform one final sweep. Check there are no valuables left inside the car, lock the vehicle doors and make sure you’ve got a spare set of keys. One final tip: disable the security system and remove all toll tags.

To find out more about our prices use our instant car shipping quote option. Alternatively speak directly with our shipping advisors on (866) 774 6570.