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Cost of Car Shipping Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Cost of Car Shipping

Cost of Car Shipping Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

When it comes to shipping your car, the cost is one of the most important factors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a beat-up station wagon or high-end luxury car, how much you pay is the first thing you want to know. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we provide you with a shipping calculator that works the price out for you. All you need to do is input a few simple details, click a few buttons and hey presto your free quote is instantly available. It couldn’t be much easier.

Filling in a few details is fine but understanding what goes into making that quote means you’ll have a better understanding of how we calculate our car shipping prices. Our shipping advisors get asked lots of questions. We also know there are plenty of questions our customers are longing to ask but don’t get around to it. So for all of those current and future customers let’s answer them for you right here.

Q: Are there any pricing rules that apply to all auto transport companies?

A: Yes there are just a few. First is that smaller vehicles cost less to ship than larger ones. It doesn’t matter which auto transport company you choose. This rule always applies. The second rule is that when a short distance is traveled, it costs less. The third rule of car shipping costs is that if you want it done quickly, you pay a little extra.

Q: Is a small or large auto transport company the better option?

A: The answer to this one really depends. As an auto transport management company, SGT Auto Transport works with carriers both large and small. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when providing our shipping prices. These include the availability of a carrier in your local area, how long delivery takes and whether a carrier has the resources to complete the order. Rest assured we use only the best shipping carriers and the safest option for your car is the best quality service we can find.

Q: Rural or metropolitan area – which is the cheapest?

A: The cost of shipping a vehicle to and from a rural area is generally higher. This is because the routes are not so frequently traveled. Fewer truckers visit the rural locations which mean journeys take longer and cost more money. Traveling to and from rural areas tends to require more fuel which adds to the cost.

Q: What if I want my car shipped like yesterday?

A: Expedited car shipping is an option, but you can expect to pay more for this service. It does, however, mean the car carrier has to make an extra effort to make it happen. The best advice we can give is to allow as much time as is possible. That way you can keep your shipping costs low.

Q: Summer or winter shipping – which is more expensive?

A: The demand for auto shipping is higher in the summer which translates to higher costs. However, some transport companies charge more in the winter because the demand is low. Just to confuse matters even further, snowbirds, who travel south in the winter in search of the sun, also affect prices because they put extra strain on the transport companies. The best times to transport your vehicle, if you want to take advantage of the best prices, is the fall.

Q: Is an enclosed trailer the safest option?

A: Unless you’re shipping a classic, custom, sports or luxury vehicle the added expense of an enclosed trailer really isn’t necessary. In an open trailer, your vehicle is exposed to the weather, open-air and other outside elements, but it’s nothing more than if you’d driven your vehicle across state lines. Even new car dealerships use open transport.

Q: Does a military discount make that much difference to the price?

A: Of course it makes a difference and so it should. Offering active duty service members, retired and reserve military professionals a discount is the least we can do to show our appreciation for the work that you do in keeping our country safe. 


If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. Call (866) 774 6570 and speak with our shipping gurus. They have all the answers and aren’t afraid to share them.