Does eBay ship cars? Everything you need to know about eBay car shipping

Does eBay ship cars

With just a few clicks, you can buy almost anything from the online shopping platform eBay. Many items you buy will come with the offer of shipping included in the sale. Clothing, electronics, office appliances, household items, and garden equipment are just some of your options. 

When it comes to buying a car, however, it’s not quite the same. eBay does not ship cars for customers who buy them. Typically, you’re the one responsible for getting your purchase home. 

So how do you get your car home? In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can safely ship your four-wheeled purchase from eBay Motors to your home. To help you get the best deal when shopping on eBay, we’re also going to share some online vehicle shopping tips.

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What shipping options does eBay offer?

eBay is an online shopping portal that offers shipping services for the products sold on the site. The three options available are:

Ordinary mail

The products you buy are shipped to you just like an ordinary parcel sent in the mail. This option comes as standard, and you can expect it to take a few days to complete. If you want to ship a car you’ve purchased, the ordinary mail is not set up for such a large parcel. 

Express mail

Express mail is much the same as ordinary mail, only faster. You can expect to receive your purchase in the shortest time possible. Once again, however, this is not an option for car shipping.  

Courier service

If you make your vehicle purchase from a business rather than a private individual, it could fall under a courier service. Courier firms specifically for car shipping are eBay auto transport companies. The seller of the vehicle will sometimes arrange an auto shipping service. 

Auto shipping is not an option set by the terms of eBay Motors

Some sellers will arrange an auto transport service to get your purchase to your home, but this is not the usual way of doing things. In fact, the seller is in no way obligated to provide a courier service, and most don’t. For other types of purchases, sellers are obligated to provide shipping, but not in the case of vehicle purchases.

Shipping small items isn’t a problem, but when your purchase is the size of a vehicle, things get a little trickier, especially if your purchase isn’t in the state where you live.  

Does eBay ship cars?

Does eBay ship cars

No, eBay doesn’t ship cars. As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to ship the vehicle to your home. eBay dealerships sometimes offer free shipping, but rarely, and then only to locations within a couple of hundred miles. Be wary of private sellers offering free shipping. It could be a scam.

What can you do as a buyer if you’ve set your heart on a dream car and it’s across the other side of the country? Let’s look at your options, now you know there’s no such thing as eBay car shipping or eBay car delivery. We’ll start with car shipping with an auto transport company.    

Best way to ship your eBay Motors purchase

Open car transport

If you’ve just spent your savings on the car of your dreams, it makes sense that you want to get it home safely. Even if you’ve just bought an average car, getting it home with minimal fuss has to be a priority. 

One popular way to ship your eBay purchase is with the help of a car shipping company like SGT Auto Transport. Some of the other options include: driving or towing it yourself, hiring a professional driver, asking a friend or family member, or shipping it by train. We’ll look at these a little later, but for now, we’ll concentrate on auto car shipping, a safe, secure, and reliable eBay car delivery service. 

What is cross country auto transport?

Cross country auto transport is a service that ships your car from one destination to another. It might be coast to coast, across state lines, north to south, to and from Hawaii, or internationally. 

You make the necessary arrangements with the auto transport company, a carrier collects your vehicle, loads it onto a trailer, and delivers it to your chosen location. How simple is that? The pick-up location could be an eBay seller’s home, a dealership, or a car lot. The delivery location will be your home, or as close as is safe and legal to do so. 

Why it’s the best option

We’re going to look at some of the other options, but they pale compared to using an auto transport company. Here are the benefits you can expect from auto transport.

  • It’s the cheapest way to ship a car across country.
  • There’s no wear and tear or extra miles added to the odometer.
  • Shipping a car is stress-free
  • It saves time.
  • If your vehicle is valuable extra protection is available in the form of enclosed auto transport.
  • If you need your vehicle shipped in double quick time, express auto transport is an option.
  • You have the choice of shipping more than one car.
  • It’s a door to door service.
  • Zero upfront payment is required.
  • You’re kept informed throughout the service. 

There is a small downside, in that not all locations are accessible for auto transport trucks and trailers. However, you can overcome this problem by arranging to meet the carrier at a more suitable location nearby, such as a wider street, parking lot, or outside your place of work.  

How much does auto transport cost?

If you like the sound of auto transport, you’re probably wondering how much it’ll cost. Putting an exact figure on it isn’t possible without all the details of your eBay Motors purchase. However, we can fill you in on the factors that affect the cost.

The cost of your eBay car delivery service depends on the following factors:

  • The distance traveled
  • Whether the carrier has to pick your purchase up from and deliver it to a metropolitan or rural location
  • The time of year
  • The type of auto transport service you prefer
  • The current price of fuel

For an exact eBay car shipping quote, use our instant quote calculator. Alternatively, speak directly with one of our shipping advisors by telephone or Live Chat.   

How long will this type of eBay vehicle shipping service take?

It’s not uncommon for auto transport trucks and trailers to cover several hundred miles in a day. Therefore, how long it takes for the carrier to deliver your car depends on the distance they have to travel. It might be just a couple of days, or longer than a week.

If you need your purchase sooner rather than later, you can book an express auto transport service or a guaranteed pick-up service.  

What are the options when it comes to eBay auto transport?

Book an auto transport service for your eBay purchase, and you’ll have several different services to choose from. Such a choice means you can get a service that meets your needs, another great advantage of auto transport. 

There is a range of different options, depending on the company. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we offer the following:

Open vs. enclosed auto transport

One of the most affordable options for anyone who wants to ship a car is open car transport. The carrier transports your vehicle in an open trailer. This does mean it’s exposed to the elements, but it’s a perfectly safe and secure option. 

Enclosed auto transport costs between 30% to 40% extra, but the carrier transports your vehicle in a trailer that’s enclosed on all four sides. It also has a roof. This option provides complete protection for the car inside, and we would typically recommend it for owners of custom, expensive, unique, antique, high-end, and valuable vehicles. It’s also better suited for cars with low ground clearance. 

Whether you choose open or enclosed auto transport depends on your needs. 

Buying a car on eBay shipping

Shipping a vehicle you purchase on eBay doesn’t have to be a terrifying thing to do. Here’s how SGT Auto Transport works for vehicle shipping:

  1. Find your dream car.
  2. Click “Get a Quote,” telephone or use Live Chat.
  3. Make your booking.
  4. We collect the car.
  5. Your car is delivered within a few days.  

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Other car shipping options

There are several other ways you can get your latest eBay Motors purchase back home. Let’s look at your other options.

Drive your latest purchase yourself

For some people, this is the first option they’ll consider. The basic cost is on the cheap side, and if you’ve got the time to drive across the country, why not? However, before you book time off work to jet across the country to pick up your car, consider the extra costs you have to factor into the equation. 

To start with, there’s the cost of getting to the seller’s location, whether you fly, go by bus, or train. Then there are the added costs of driving the car home. Unless you can share the driving with someone, you’ll need to make stops along the way. Factor in the price of overnight accommodation, meals, and drinks, and the total cost is starting to add up. 

Other additional costs include filling the gas tank and road tolls, depending on the route you take. 

Transport your vehicle using a trailer or dolly

This is kind of similar to driving the car yourself and might be appealing if you’ve bought more than one vehicle. 

One advantage of using a trailer or dolly is that you can carry extra cargo, although it will depend on the trailer’s weight limit. 

A huge disadvantage to this option is that it’s not something you should do without any experience, especially if you’re towing your latest purchase home. Towing a car can take a lot of getting used to. Reversing and maneuvering, in particular, take lots of practice and skill to get it right. 

Another downside is the additional costs you’ll have to pay, for example, gas, food, accommodation, and the cost of hiring a trailer. 

Hire a professional driver

Several different companies provide professional drivers, or you could hire someone directly. Finding a reputable company or individual driver you can trust can, however, be challenging. 

The cost is often much higher than using auto transport, and there’s the hidden cost of unnecessary wear and tear. 

Have a friend or family member drive it for you

You probably know someone close to you who would be willing to drive your car, and it certainly sounds like a budget-friendly option. Provided you can trust them to drive your new vehicle safely and sensibly, of course. 

There are some disadvantages. For example, you’ll need to ask your insurance company for additional insurance to cover another driver. There’s also additional wear and tear and the cost of getting your friend or relative to the pick-up location. 

Cross country vehicle shipping by train

One final option worth mentioning is shipping the car by train. The cost is sometimes cheaper, but not compared with booking an auto transport service. Many major routes are covered, but there’s the problem of getting the car to the station in the first place. You’ve then got to collect it from the station at the other end. 

Another downside of this option is that it can take a long time. Let’s not forget that rail auto transport is not very flexible because trains run on a defined route and have a fixed timetable. 

Buying a car on eBay Motors

Buying a car on eBay Motors

There’s no denying that eBay is a fantastic place to look for a new car, whether you’re looking for something special or more standard. There are thousands of listings, some of which are for vehicles right in your backyard. However, if you want something a little more unique or have specific requirements, the chances are you’re going to need to buy it from a seller who lives further afield.

How does eBay Motors work?

eBay Motors is a part of eBay dedicated to buying and selling cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and many other types of vehicles. It’s also where you go if you’re looking for any parts and accessories. 

Anyone buying a vehicle on eBay is automatically enrolled (upon purchase) in the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) Program. This program protects against many common kinds of fraud and nondisclosure, for example, loss of deposit or payment in full in the case of on-receipt of the vehicle in question, loss in instances in which the vehicle was previously reported stolen, and any undisclosed liens on the car. 

The purchase protection also guards against differences in the make, model, year, or odometer reading of the vehicle from those advertised in the Motors listing. 

How eBay Motors sales work

The eBay car buying process is a very straightforward one. A seller places a vehicle for sale on the marketplace. They have to list all relevant details about the car, including its current condition. There, you can submit bids to purchase the vehicle. 

There are thousands of vehicles for sale, which can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, you can refine your search with an easy-to-use search tool. Filter cars by make, model, year, distance from you, price range, color, and much more. 

When you’ve found your ideal car, you can either buy it now or place a bid and hope to win it in the auction.

Research before making an eBay car purchase

You should always do some upfront research before buying a car on eBay Motors. Knowing what you’re getting into before you start is critical. The more you prepare, the more confident you’ll be throughout the process. Basic information you should know before making a purchase include:

  • Title and registration: Use your state’s DMV website to determine what forms you need to transfer the title and registration should you buy a new car. 
  • Your needs and preferences: Think about what you want from the car. Is it just for fun, or does it need to be a practical vehicle for driving the family around?
  • State safety and emissions requirements: If you’re buying a car across state lines, you’ll need to comply with your state’s specific safety and emissions requirements. You’ll find this information on your state’s Department of Public Safety website.
  • Insurance: The cost of insurance is something people often overlook. Always consider how much the auto insurance policy will be and call your insurance company for a quote. 
  • The cost of shipping: Remember to factor in the cost of getting the car to you.    

How much does eBay charge to ship a car?

eBay Motors charges several fees, but it doesn’t charge for shipping a car. Typically, if you sell less than six vehicles in a year, your listing will cost between $25 and $95 per vehicle. The cost for higher volume sellers ranges from $55 to $95 per vehicle.

How to buy a car on eBay Motors: A step by step guide

  1. Create an account: If you haven’t already got one, you’ll need to create an account. You’ll need to supply your first and last names, email address, and a secure password. You can also sign up with your Google or Facebook account.
  2. Browse inventory: eBay has a well-rounded search tool that allows you to filter results by your specific preferences. You can save particular cars to view at a later date by simply clicking on the “add to watchlist” button.  
  3. Review vehicles and seller: eBay Motors is a safe place to purchase a car, but you should still perform research on both the vehicle and the seller. 
  4. Make an offer or buy now: There are two options for buying a car on eBay. You can place a bid or buy it now. Use a tool like the Kelley Blue Book to see what others are paying for similar vehicles. 
  5. eBay Motors payment methods: The seller decides on the payment methods, but they must be one of eBay’s approved ways. These include PayPal, PayPal Credit, credit or debit card, payment upon pickup, or financing. 
  6. Arrange shipping and delivery: We’ve covered the ways you can ship your car from eBay Motors. By far the most convenient, flexible, and affordable is auto transport shipping. 

Top tips for buying a car on eBay

It always pays to be prepared when you’re buying a car on eBay. The following tips should make your next eBay buying experience a positive one. 

1. Analyse the purchase history on eBay

One cool feature of eBay is that you can review a seller’s previous transactions. Not only that, you can see how much people have paid for that type of vehicle. At the bottom left of the eBay, screen is a “Search Options” box with an item labeled “Completed Listings.” Check the box for any search, and it’ll generate information on completed auctions over the last six months. 

2. Investigate the seller

Checking a seller’s feedback is a good way of getting a handle on their reputation. You might also want to run an internet search for the seller’s name or business name. 

3. Research the car for sale

A reputable car seller will provide a carfax vehicle report. If that’s not available, get your own. The cost is typically $25. Even if you don’t win the auction, the report will mean you’ve risked very little to save thousands if there has been a problem with the car. 

4. Call the seller

Talking with the seller will give you a good sense of the type of person they are. It’s also an excellent opportunity to ask questions. If they refuse to discuss the auction over the phone, it’s probably not someone you want to do business with. 

5. Don’t get carried away with bidding

Don’t go higher than the price you initially set. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of an auction and if you’re being outbid, feel compelled to get into a bidding war. Stay disciplined as you could end up spending hundreds, even thousands more than you anticipated. 

6. Don’t wait until the last minute to bid

Experienced eBayer will tell you to wait as long as you can before you make a bid. This makes sure you’re not allowing other people to outbid you. However, for such a large and important purchase as a car, you should ideally give yourself at least a little time to get a bid in. 

7. Make sure all the paperwork is in order

Make sure the seller can supply all the paperwork. Retaining the title from the seller is extremely important as this document is needed to prove ownership. 

8. Have the car inspected

When you buy a car online, there’s not usually an opportunity to inspect the vehicle yourself. Check for mechanics in the seller’s area and see if one will agree to do a general inspection of the car. It’s a cost-effective way of ensuring you’re not buying a lemon. 

Next time you want to buy a car on eBay don’t forget to give us a call. We’ll get your latest purchase to your home with minimal stress and hassle. Call (864) 546-5038 to speak with our shipping advisors or use our Live Chat option. 

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