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It Pays to Have SGT Auto Transport in Your Corner

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More Than a Company More Than a Service – but You don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we’re very proud of our company motto. You’ll certainly hear us mention it on countless occasions. However, we appreciate you might need a little more convincing, so we thought we’d share a story.

Obviously, we can’t share actual names, but let’s call the guy in question Tom Hardy. After finding out he needed to relocate for his job he was faced with the task of organizing the move. Finding movers for all his possessions was a walk in the park. His car, on the other hand, proved to be a bit of a problem. Car shipping companies are a dime a dozen but finding the right one can be a nightmare. It’s not just finding the right one either. There are enclosed car transport and open car transport services to choose from, express, guaranteed pick-up and no end of other permutations.

Tom wasn’t going to let this challenge get the better of him and decided to pick a name out of the hat, so to speak. Everything he’d read about the company seemed above board and he was looking forward to handing over his keys on the arranged day.

This is where the story turns south because the auto transport company he’d chosen thought nothing of letting him down. And they didn’t do it very gently either. Tom was left high and dry, with all his possessions already on their way to his new home, but his car was left looking forlorn and dejected on his driveway.

He’d figured the cost to ship a car into his moving budget but was left without a car hauler to pay it to. Trying to organize anything last minute can be stressful, but when it’s a prized possession such as a car, the stress levels go through the roof. Needless to say, Tom was not dealing with the situation very well and was almost at the end of his tether. Last resort, for this gent, was to drive his car to his new home and he really didn’t want to drive several hundred miles. Facing days of traveling, nights with no sleep and eating at garage stops along the way he didn’t know what to do.

Help came in the form of a quick Google search. Tom was lucky enough to come across our contact details and quickly got in touch. Communication began with several chat conversations, and it wasn’t long before he plucked up the courage to give us a call and speak with us directly.

June, one of our top shipping advisors, was the lady he spoke to first and she very quickly put his mind at ease. He only had a very small window for the pick-up and was adamant he wanted an enclosed car transport service. After all, he’d saved long and hard for his 1966 Shelby Cobra and open shipping wasn’t an option. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we like to keep our customers informed and provide them with all the important information. She explained that this particular type of service would be difficult to arrange at such short notice, but she’d do everything she could to help him out.

At this point, she turned the problem over to Alexander, one of her trusted colleagues. We have a long list of pre-approved car delivery companies we can turn to and luckily, after making many phone calls, he was able to find Tom a spot. One of our preferred car carriers was able to provide the weekend pick-up and an enclosed trailer. Cheers were heard all round. 

Tom was over the moon, and Alexander was really proud that he’d sorted something for this distraught customer. But the story doesn’t stop there. It would have been all too easy for Alexander to make the arrangements and then go home on Friday and enjoy his weekend. He might have had a BBQ in the garden and enjoyed a few beers with friends. This wasn’t the case, because, like all our shipping advisors, Alexander wanted to go above and beyond and ensure Tom Hardy received the service that was promised.

Our office is open 7 days a week, but that doesn’t mean our shipping advisors don’t get time off. Alexander decided he wanted to see the shipping service through until the end, so he canceled his weekend arrangements and came into the office instead. He made sure the carrier picked up Tom’s car and happily kept him informed throughout its journey.

Putting the customer first is something we encourage, and our motto would be pointless if we didn’t make sure it happened. We think we provide one of the best car shipping services out there and we’re pretty sure Tom would agree with our sentiments.

If you want to book reliable auto transport for any of your vehicles, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You might not be able to speak to June or have Alexander arrange the delivery of your car. However, rest assured you’ll be treated with understanding and respect, and we’ll go out of our way to arrange automobile transport that meets your needs, whatever they may be.