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Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport - 10 Handy Tips

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport 10 Handy Tips

There are a number of reasons why you might want to have a vehicle transported. It could be because you’re moving across the country or to the other side of the world. You could be taking a vacation or relocating for a promotion. Whatever the reason, shipping your vehicle, rather than driving, is definitely worth considering because it’s so affordable and convenient.

When it comes to transporting any kind of vehicle, there are several things you need to take care of before the shipping day. Here are 10 tips to help you get your vehicle prepared for its long journey.

  • Clean the Exterior and Interior - giving your vehicle a good clean before it gets transported is going to save you time and effort when it gets delivered. You’ll also be able to check for scratches and dings as well as wear and tear on the interior.
  • Visually Inspect and Photograph Your Vehicle - once you’ve finished cleaning take a walk around the exterior looking for dents, scratches, paint chips or discoloration. Take photographs so you can check the condition of your vehicle when it gets delivered.
  • Carry Out Some Basic Maintenance - there are a few basic maintenance tasks you should complete before transportation. Check fluids, tire pressures and that the battery has a full charge. These simple checks will ensure your vehicle is ready to drive when it arrives at your new location.
  • Secure Any Removable Parts - removable parts such as ski, luggage or bike racks should be secured or removed before transportation. Any side-view mirrors should be folded in and antennas retracted. Consider whether you want to remove any custom spoilers. If your vehicle is a convertible ensure the top is secure.
  • Remove All Personal Items - all personal items should be removed from the trunk and the interior of the vehicle. Items might include your GPS, car charger, custom stereo, after-market video, and DVD player, TVs and radio faceplates.
  • Deactivate Alarm, Parking Passes and Toll Tags - always disable the vehicle alarm system to prevent it from going off unexpectedly. You’re not going to need automatic parking passes or toll tags during transportation so remove them from your vehicle.
  • Run Down the Gas Tank - if your vehicle has a full tank of gas it’s going to make it much heavier. It’s best to run your gas tank down to a quarter full.
  • Check the Insurance - get in touch with your insurance company to check whether your vehicle is covered while being transported. Also, ask the shipping company for proof of their liability and cargo insurance.
  • Bill of Lading - when your vehicle is collected by the shipping company you’ll be given a bill of lading. This document will serve as a record of any damages on your vehicle at the time of pick up. You will be presented with another bill of lading when your vehicle is delivered and you can use it to check for any new damages.
  • Check Contact Information - if you want to keep track of your vehicle as it’s being shipped ask for contact information. This could be a contact number for the transport driver or the company they’re working for. Should there be any delay you’ll want to know what’s happening.

One last tip is to lock your vehicle once it’s been loaded onto the auto transport truck. This will reduce the risk of theft during shipping.