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Saving Money on Your PCS – Discounts for Veterans and Military Members

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Saving Money on Your PCS – Discounts for Veterans and Military Members

Receiving PCS orders can be a stressful time for military members and their families. At very short notice you can be informed that you’ve got to up sticks and move your belongings and your family to the other side of the country, or another country altogether. It can also be a very expensive undertaking, when you figure into the equation the cost of hiring a mover, getting your vehicle transported, and staying at hotels along the way.

On average, you can expect to pay almost $2,000 in various ways, some of which you’re not likely to get reimbursed.

Luckily, there are several different deals for military members to take advantage of. Here are some for you to look out for, before, during, and after your PCS move. There are also a few ways in which you can get some of the costs of your PCS move reimbursed.

TMO or DITY Move?

A TMO is when your move is handled by the Transportation Management Office. It’s a way of removing much of the worry and stress because they arrange everything for you.

A DITY move, or Do It Yourself move, is when you take on the responsibility for coordinating all aspects of your move. Choose a DITY move and 95% of the cost of moving up to the maximum authorized weight allowance, together with $25,000 insurance coverage. is reimbursed to you by the government. Pay out less than the payout you’re eligible to receive and you get to keep the difference. If you want to know more, contact your military branch or base transportation and financial resources department.

4 Ways to Lessen the Cost of Your PCS Move

  • Military Vehicle Shipping – if you choose a do it yourself move you should consider hiring a military vehicle shipping company for your car. Car shipping for military personnel is cheaper than you think. Many companies have discounts for military personnel, their families, and veterans that you might be eligible to receive. If you want to know more about military PCS vehicle shipping give us a call. Our shipping advisors can be reached on (866) 774 6570. They’ll let you know all about our discounts for military personnel.   
  • Storage – if you need to store some of your belongings during the move there are military discounts available from several different storage companies. Your local storage facility may also offer discounts for military personnel, so get in touch and ask the question.
  • Being Well Organized – if you want your PCS move to run like clockwork it’s worth spending time getting everything organized. If you’ve got any important documents keep them altogether in one place. Create a binder for documents such as birth certificates, packing checklists, powers of attorney, military orders, insurance documentation, and other certificates. That way you’ll know where they are when you need them. 
  • Decorating and Improving Your New Home – what better excuse is there for decorating and a spot of home improvement than moving to a new house. If you find yourself shopping for new items or decorating check your local decorating and furniture stores for military discounts.

Does the Military Ship Your Car for Free?

If you’re being relocated from an overseas duty station, OCONUS, the government will pay car transportation charges. When the move is withing the country, however, the government generally doesn’t pay. There’s always the option of driving your car yourself, but a safer and more convenient option is to pick the best car shipping service you can find.

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