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Clearing up the Confusion: 11 Car Shipping Myths Debunked


Shipping your car can be a daunting process if you’ve never done it before. Hearing various myths and misconceptions only adds to the stress and worry. From fears of excessive costs to concerns about vehicle safety, these myths often put people off car shipping altogether. 

As a reputable car shipping company we thought we’d take the time to put your mind at ease and separate fact from fiction. In this blog post, we debunk 11 of the most common misconceptions once and for all. 

Let’s take you on a journey into the world of car shipping, dispelling any car myths and providing the truth behind a convenient and reliable service. 

Whether you’re relocating to a new state or purchasing a vehicle online, understanding the benefits of working with the best car shipping company will empower you to make informed decisions and enjoy a stress-free experience whenever you want to ship your car.

Driving a Car is Cheaper Than Shipping It

There is a grain of truth in this rumor, but in most cases, it’s simply not true. The problem is that people tend not to factor in all the details when estimating the cost. If you want to move your car over a long distance, it will take several days driving which means staying in a hotel for several nights while on your trip. 

Additional costs that must be accounted for include gas, tolls, additional maintenance, wear, and tear, food, and beverages. 

You Can Only Transport a Running Vehicle

It is possible to transport inoperable vehicles, although it will be more expensive and take longer. The reason for this is that shipping non-running cars requires extra work and effort on the part of the carrier. 

A different type of trailer may also be required, and these can be more difficult to find than regular trailers. The trailer needs to have a winch or the use of a forklift is required. 

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Reading Online Reviews is a Waste of Time

Reading online reviews is not a waste of time, on the contrary. In reality, reading reviews can help you make an informed decision about who to hire for your car shipping needs. Doing your due diligence is important and a good way to gauge whether you’ve found the best safety car shipping company is to look for positive customer reviews. 

There are several places you can look such as Google Business, BBB, Trustpilot, and Facebook. As well as ratings, you’ll also see whether any complaints have been made about a company and how the company responded to the negative reviews.  

Car Transport is Risky

If you hire a professional auto transport company with lots of good reviews and years of experience, there is no risk in transporting your car. To further reduce the risk you should ensure your vehicle is in good condition, avoid overloading it, and use a safe shipping company. 

Additionally, always get estimates from a few companies and compare prices and services before deciding which one to use. One further check to make is that the transport service includes insurance coverage. This will cover any unforeseen damages that may occur during transport. 

All Car Shipping Companies are Untrustworthy

Car shipping companies get a lot of bad press and most of it is unfounded. Some people believe they are scams and can’t be trusted with valuable vehicles. This isn’t the case, but you must do your research. Only then can you be certain your car will be shipped safely and securely. 

Your research should include reading customer reviews, comparing prices, and checking a company’s track record before making a booking. Also, check that the company you choose has a good reputation online and is known for providing excellent quality services at affordable prices. 

There’s no Insurance for Car Shipping

There is a lot of confusion relating to insurance for car shipping. Many people believe there’s no insurance coverage at all. In reality, this belief is inaccurate. Reputable car shipping companies are required to provide insurance coverage for all vehicles they transport. 

Transporting Your Vehicle Takes a Long Time

Transporting your vehicle isn’t something that takes 24 hours, however, it doesn’t take as long as many people think. Typically, the duration ranges from a couple of days to 10 or more, depending on the distance. If you’re in a hurry there are options to speed up the process such as guaranteed pick-up and express auto transport. 

Open Shipping is Not Safe

Open car shipping is when a car is transported on a flat deck or platform that’s open to the elements, which is why many people think it’s not a safe option. However, professional car shipping companies like SGT Auto Transport, only work with carriers who are always vigilant and drive meticulously, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely. 

You Can’t Put Personal Belongings Inside the Car

While this applies to some shipping companies, it doesn’t apply to them all, including SGT Auto Transport. Ship your car with us and you can have up to 100 pounds in the trunk/cargo area of the vehicle. Items must be contained in a single box or suitcase. If you’d like to load more personal items this is possible, but you must provide the estimated weight of the items so we can calculate an all-inclusive price. 

There is one exception to this rule: When you ship a vehicle to or from Hawaii, you are not allowed to ship any personal items inside the vehicle. 

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There Aren’t Many Differences Between Auto Transport Companies

If you’re looking for a company to ship your car there are many to choose from, but contrary to common belief, they are not all the same. Companies may offer different services or have different reputations. Their prices are also likely to vary. Some companies will be able to ship large vehicles while others might not. 

Every auto transport company operates in its own way, so it’s important that you choose one you’re comfortable with and can trust. 

When Shipping Your Vehicle, Always Choose the Lowest Quote

It’s important not to choose a car shipping company based on price alone. There are companies who might offer you low prices and then demand you pay more once they’ve got your car. Bait-and-switch tactics are not common practice, but there are such auto transport scams in the industry. 

Look for a company that has good reviews online and offers reasonable prices compared with other companies. It’s far better to choose a company you know will take care of your vehicle and not charge you a lot of hidden fees, rather than save a few dollars. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve shed light on the truth behind common car shipping myths, it’s clear that a reputable auto transport company offers convenience, reliability, and peace of mind for your transportation needs. By debunking misconceptions about costs, safety, and logistics, we hope we’ve empowered you with the knowledge needed to make confident decisions when it comes to shipping your car. 

Remember, with reputable car shipping companies like SGT Auto Transport, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be handled with care and delivered to its destination safely and efficiently. 

Don’t let myths hold you back - embrace the reality of car shipping and enjoy the convenience it offers for your transportation needs.

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