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Does the Value of My Car Impact the Cost of Shipping It?


The answer to this question is yes, but many other factors also affect the cost of shipping a car. The best way to determine the price is using a car shipping calculator. There’s one right here on this website.

However, in this post, we’ll look at what impacts the cost of auto transport and explain how to use a car shipping costs calculator. 

What factors impact the cost of shipping a car?

The price of shipping a car changes based on many factors. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

Distance and location

Distance is the most obvious factor. The further you need to ship your car, the more it’s going to cost. This is all down to the mileage and fuel consumption. In addition, this distance will also impact the time it takes to ship your car. 

Location is another important factor. It will likely cost less if you’re shipping a car between major cities. This is because major cities are easier for the carrier to reach. Locations that are away from main highways are more difficult to reach.  

Time of year

Like many other services, there are ebbs and flows in the auto transport industry. It tends to be busiest when people are moving or traveling. 

Snowbirds, for example, rely on car transport services when they want to send their cars back home to the north when spring approaches. In the fall, they want to send their cars to their winter homes in the south.

Summer is another busy season. Children are out of school, and it’s, therefore, a popular time for people to move before the next school year starts. June and July are also popular months for vacations. 

It will be more expensive if you want to ship your car in the summer. While it’s not always possible to choose whether you want to ship your car in the winter or something, it’s something to keep in mind. 

The weather is another seasonal factor that can affect the cost of shipping your car and its safety. When the weather is inclement or harsh storms are expected, it makes driving difficult for the carriers. These factors can also affect the cost of auto transport services.    

Delivery time frame flexibility

You will likely get a better rate if you can be more flexible with your delivery dates. A reliable auto transport company will provide many options for shipping your car. Some will be more economical than others, while there will be options that guarantee a specific pick-up window and quicker delivery. The latter will cost more. 

If you’ve got the time, aim to book your service a couple of weeks before you need to ship your car. This gives the shipping company ample time to offer a fair price. 

Shipping a car on short notice means you’ve got fewer options, and it will be more expensive. Fast auto transport services require quick and efficient route planning, increasing the cost.    

Shipping options

Different shipping options also come with different prices. In general, there are two types of shipping options to choose from:

Open car shipping

This is the most flexible option for someone who wants to ship their car. It is also the most common method. Several vehicles are transported simultaneously and your car will be exposed to the elements, dirt, and debris.  

Enclosed car shipping

This is an auto transport service that offers the maximum protection for your vehicle. It will be transported in an enclosed trailer which offers protection from dirt, dust, and the weather. This method of shipping your car is recommended for exotic, antique, custom, sports, luxury, and expensive vehicles. 

Vehicle weight and dimensions

Cars come in many different shapes, sizes, and weights. All of these details can impact the shipping cost. If you want to ship a heavy truck, it requires more effort, space, and safety measures than a small car. 

The type of the vehicle and its condition also affect the shipping price. If you’ve made any modifications it can change the dimensions and weight of your vehicle. The condition of your vehicle and whether it’s operable or inoperable, also have a bearing on the car shipping price.  

Special requirements

There are special circumstances that might affect the cost of shipping your car. One example is if you want to carry extra personal items in the trunk of your car. You might prefer a top load position on the trailer. Both of these might cost a little more. 

If you’re wondering how to shave a few bucks off the price, consider the following:

  • Ask whether there are any discounts you might be eligible for
  • Book at least a couple of weeks in advance
  • Choose the right type of car shipping service
  • Pick the best time of the year in terms of price
  • Ensure your car is operable
  • Ship more than one car simultaneously

How to use a car shipping quote calculator  

When you ship a car from point A to point B, the first step you take is getting a quote. You should contact several auto transport companies and request quotes because then you can compare costs and services and decide which suits you best. 

Typically, there are several options with regards to requesting a quote. You can call a contact telephone number and speak with an agent, use a Live Chat service, or use an online shipping car cost calculator, like the one we provide here on our website.

Get an Instant Quote

Getting a quote is a very simple process. A car shipping calculator requires no personal information, aside from your email address. However, you will need to input some details. It’s vital that you provide the correct information, as these determine the car shipping rates you can expect to pay.

Let’s take a closer look at how our online car shipping calculator works. 

  • Step 1: Input the locations for the pick-up and deliver (zip code or city)
  • Step 2: Choose whether you want open or enclosed auto transport
  • Step 3: Enter the vehicle details and whether your vehicle is running or not
  • Step 4: Provide your contact details and an email address
  • Step 5: You receive your quote 

To view your quote you click on the “view your quote” button. It will automatically on another page. You’ll see a range of information relating to your quote and you have to check the details carefully. 

If you want to ask any questions or make a booking, call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat. Our shipping advisors are waiting to hear from you.   

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