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4 Ways a College Student Can Afford a Car Transport Service


Every year, around August, thousands of college students are making plans to head off to schools all over the United States. One thing they’ll be considering is how they’re going to get around when they get there. 

For many of them, driving their car around campus and the local area is the ultimate aim. But how will they get their car to campus when their home is several hundred miles away?

One option that’s commonly overlooked is to use car transporting services. The reason it’s overlooked is the mistaken opinion that a transport car service will be far too expensive.

The opposite is true because a student auto transport service is more affordable than you think. It’s also a much wiser call than driving a car long distance. 

Reasons why you should ship your car to college rather than drive it

  • You’ll be able to pack some of your belongings into the trunk of your car and there’s minimal risk of getting them stolen
  • Driving long distances is exhausting and the chances of getting into an accident increase
  • Let an experienced car transport company ship your car and it’s much faster and safer as well as being reasonably priced 

How you can afford a car transport service when you’re going to college

We can already sense some doubts creeping in. But we’re about to explain how it’s possible a student can afford car transport services.

Hire the best car transport service provider

If you hire the best car transporting service, you’re not going to become the victim of a scam or pay a ridiculous price for your car shipping.

Finding the best auto transport provider is not hard, as long as you follow some rules.

  • Only pick a company that’s registered. Its MC number must be valid.
  • Only choose a company that has all the required equipment and staff that are experienced in the car shipping industry.
  • Check out customer reviews because they are a very effective way of evaluating a company’s performance. Reviews tell a lot about how a company deals with its clients. Bear in mind that there is always going to be some negative feedback. More important is how the company deals with such negative comments.
  • No one can predict what will happen during the car shipping process. A reputable company will offer insurance to cover any damage that occurs during the moving process.  

Prepare your car before you ship it

If you want your car shipping experience to be a smooth one, it pays to get your car ready for shipping

You must remove all personal belongings from inside the car. Some auto transport companies do allow the shipping of personal items, but they must be secured in the trunk of the car. 

Equally important is to empty the vehicle’s fuel tank leaving it one-quarter full. This is more than enough for driving the car during the loading and unloading process. Additional fuel is unnecessary and could increase the cost of shipping your car. 

Calculate the car transport service cost

The cost of shipping your car to college is one of the most important things to consider. Your budget is likely limited, so you don’t want to pay more than you have to.

Car shipping prices can vary considerably, from one company to another. Several factors impact the cost. 

  • Distance: This is one of the main factors. The further the final destination, the more it will add to the cost.
  • Shipping time: If you want to get the best price for your car transport service, aim to make your booking a few weeks in advance. 

If you want to know how much it will cost for SGT Auto Transport to ship your car to college, use our instant quote calculator

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Look for ways to save a few bucks on car transport services

There are many ways you can save a few bucks when you want to ship your car to college. 

Book open rather than enclosed car transport

You usually have two options when arranging a car transport service. Enclosed car transport typically costs between 30% and 40% more than open car transport. It’s the best option if you want to ship a luxurious, custom, or classic car, but not for a standard vehicle. 

For an everyday vehicle, open car transport services are the cheapest option. They are also easier to arrange. 

Choose a local company

Smaller auto transport companies tend to focus on regional moves. A local company is likely to have lower overhead costs and can pass this on to the customer. 

Check your car is running

You’re going to save a heap of money when you ship an operable rather than an inoperable car. 

Choose popular locations for the pick-up and delivery

A very effective way to save money is to choose a popular route. These tend to be between larger cities across the country. 

If your preferred pick-up and delivery locations are off the beaten track, you’re going to pay more to ship your car. Opt for a major metro area and you could save a significant amount of money. 

Consider standby shipping services

If you’re not pressed for time, consider standby auto transport services. You simply wait until the right service comes around. 

Be flexible

It’s easier to find cheaper rates if you’re flexible with the time frame for picking up your car. If you can also arrange your car shipping ahead of time, you’re opening the door to better prices and great discounts. Wait until the last minute and you could end up paying much more. 

Smaller cars cost less

A small car is light and doesn’t take up very much room on an auto transport trailer. Big cars occupy more space and therefore cost more money to ship. 

Always compare prices

As with anything you want to buy, it pays to shop around. Car transporting services are no different. Not only do different auto transport companies have varying prices, but they might also offer a variety of discounts or reduced rates. 

Choose the best time to ship your car

The time of year has a lot to do with how much your car transport service will cost. The industry experiences peaks and troughs throughout the year and these affect prices. 

For the lowest rates, ship your car during non-peak times. Avoid holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Spring and summer breaks are also fairly expensive. 

Ask about discounts

When you contact a car transporting company, remember to ask whether there are any discounts you might qualify for. Hopefully, there will be a student discount. In addition, it might be cheaper to make your booking on a Sunday. 

Choose discounted cash rate

When you make your booking, there are two payment options. You can pay the full amount with a credit or debit card, or choose the Cash on Delivery option. 

If you’d like to take advantage of our affordable student car shipping service, call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 


How do college students get around without a car?

There are several options for college students who choose to leave their car at home. If you live on campus, there might be no need for a car, but if you want to get around, here are the alternatives:

  • Campus or public transit
  • Bum a ride from a friend
  • Bring a bike with you
  • Skateboard or longboard around
  • Moped
  • Zipcar
  • Skates and scooters

What are some ways to save on transportation while in college?

It is possible to save on college transportation costs. Try the following:

  • Free bus passes for students
  • Bike sharing programs
  • Carpooling
  • Parking fee waivers
  • Save money on gas with the Gas Buddy app
  • Student discounts on auto insurance
  • Lyft or Uber

How can college students transport their car?

The best way for a college student to transport their car is with the help of an auto transport service. It’s more affordable than you think and safer than driving a car long distances. 

Is it worth bringing a car to college?

There are some good reasons why bringing a car to college is totally worth it. For example:

  • A car gives you a certain level of flexibility when it comes to finding a job and traveling home.
  • A car makes college life easier and more fun. You’re not going to feel you’re stuck on campus. You’ll have the freedom to easily visit restaurants, movie theaters, shops, and much more on the weekends or in between classes.

However, it’s only fair to mention some of the downsides.

  • Having a car in college can be expensive. There’s the regular upkeep to consider such as car insurance, the cost of gas, maintenance, and other expenses.
  • You’ll likely need a college parking permit. These vary in price dramatically and can be expensive. 
  • Owning a car is an added responsibility on top of all the others you take on when you move out and start living on your own.   

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