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9 Things to Know Before Buying or Selling With Vroom


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Thanks to the internet, buying and selling a car is a breeze, but with so many platforms to choose from, it can leave you wondering which ones are legitimate.

In this post, we’ll be looking at Vroom, an online used-car retailer that sells and buys vehicles, and answering the question, “Is Vroom legit?”.

Once you know a little more about the company, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether to use Vroom to sell your car.  

1. What is Vroom?

Vroom is an online vehicle retailer that buys and sells used cars across the United States. Its headquarters are in Houston, Texas, but there is also a refurbishment facility in Stafford, Texas.

The company was founded in 2013 and over the years, it has earned itself a great reputation. It’s available exclusively in the United States and helps to make selling and buying cars easy. 

Vroom specializes in low-mileage pre-owned vehicles, many of which are under three years old. The company maintains its fleet of vehicles, which it buys from dealers, auctions, customer trade-ins, and rental car companies. 

Vehicles undergo inspection and reconditioning to guarantee they are safe for sale and have a clear title. For added protection, there is also a 90-day limited warranty and a year of roadside assistance with every vehicle sold.

2. How does Vroom work?

Vroom works in much the same way as other online car-selling platforms like CarMax, and Carvana. The company keeps a physical inventory of used vehicles you can browse online and have delivered to your door. In addition, Vroom purchases used vehicles and picks them up for free. 

If you’re looking to buy a car, Vroom allows you to directly compare cars and their prices nationwide. If you see a car you like, you can explore financing options, place a deposit, and then get it delivered. You also get a full week or 250 miles to test drive your car and see if it’s the best fit. If you’re not happy, you can return it for any reason. 

If you want to sell your car on Vroom, you must provide some basic information about your vehicle so you can receive an instant price quote. The price quote remains valid for seven days or 250 miles. If you’re happy with the offer you must verify your information and schedule a free pickup. As soon as the pickup is confirmed, Vroom will send you a check. 

Buying a car through Vroom

3. The price you see is the price you pay

If you choose Vroom for your car buying experience, there is no opportunity to haggle on prices. Vroom is a company that focuses on providing a haggle-free process for their customers.  

4. The selection of vehicles is massive

When you visit your local dealership, you’re stuck with the choices available on the lot. Vroom, on the other hand, sifts through millions of cars to save you the trouble. 

5. Is Vroom reliable? Yes, it is

Vroom is a legitimate and trustworthy online secondhand car retailer. The company maintains a massive collection of used cars from many globally renowned automakers.

Vroom reconditions all its second-hand vehicles before selling them. The refurbishment process is automated with the help of proprietary RFID tracking and prioritization software. The automobiles it sells look and perform almost as well as brand-new.  

6. You get a free pick-up

When you sell your car to Vroom it offers a free pick-up service. Once you’ve accepted the offer, pick-up will be arranged shortly after. 

It’s important to remember that you have to be present at the time of pick up. You’ll be asked to sign a bill of lading. In addition, a Vroom professional will inspect your vehicle before loading it to confirm it’s in the condition you described when requesting the offer. 

This is why you must be as upfront as possible with the condition of your vehicle when filling out the initial form. 

7. There’s a charge for delivery

When you buy a car, Vroom gives you two delivery options, each at a different price. You can choose to have your purchase delivered on an open or enclosed trailer. Vroom has a network of licensed and insured transport companies. 

The price of delivery depends on which you choose and the distance the carrier has to travel. 

One other option is to pick up your car. Vroom has a large dealership and refurbishment facility near Houston, TX. They offer the option of picking up your car in person. 

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8. Full-service support is available

Vroom does much more than just sell cars. You can expect help with the trade, finance, and more. They’ll also handle all that pesky paperwork associated with selling or buying a car. The full-service support means you can spend your time doing more pleasurable things. 

9. Vroom offers financing

If you want to buy a vehicle from Vroom, there are three ways to pay. You can pay with cash, provide your financing, or finance with Vroom.

Vroom doesn’t lend you the money personally. Instead, they act as a loan broker and your application is assessed by one of Vroom’s partner lenders and Vroom receives a commission on the transaction.

As an intermediary, Vroom may not provide a loan alternative that’s the best fit for you. We recommend you compare Vroom financing with other lenders before signing on the dotted line. 

Vroom won’t pull a hard credit check during pre-qualification. But they will do a hard credit history check before final approval. This check is the same as any other dealership, lender, or bank. 

You will also have to meet Vroom’s basic requirements before purchasing a vehicle. They include:

  • Minimum monthly income of $1,800
  • Vehicles must have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer
  • Finance is only available for Vroom vehicles
  • Vehicles must be 8 years old or newer
  • The maximum loan term is up to 75 months        

Pros and cons of selling your car with Vroom


  • The car-buying process is quick and easy
  • You complete the process online and it takes a few minutes
  • An offer to buy will be received in less than 30 minutes
  • You are under no obligation to sell after receiving the offer
  • The offer is valid for seven days and 250 miles
  • Vroom will pick up your car for free
  • You pay no fees when you sell your car 


  • The offer you get from Vroom could be less than if you sold the vehicle privately
  • The offer is non-negotiable
  • Vroom has a low satisfaction rating on many review sites
  • Offers tend to be higher for late-model cars and less for older vehicles

Pros and cons of buying a car from Vroom


  • Vroom’s inventory is large
  • There’s no haggling on prices, they are set and you know what you’ll pay for the vehicle
  • Only clean title vehicles are available for sale
  • Free vehicle history report
  • Numerous images and details available on each vehicle for sale
  • Payment can be made in one of three ways


  • Test drives are not an option
  • Negotiating is not possible which may prevent you from getting the best price
  • The returns policy is weak
  • Refunds only apply to the purchase price of the vehicle
  • History of consumer complaints
  • Delivery fees must be paid for delivery, depending on your actual delivery location

We hope you found this Vroom review useful. If you’re wondering is Vroom a good place to buy a car, the answer is yes, but keep the points mentioned above in mind. 


Is it safe to buy on Vroom?

Yes, it is safe to buy on Vroom. However, there have been some negative reviews regarding customer service and delivery delays. Vroom offers competitive prices, but it may not be the best option for those who want to use an online car-buying platform with excellent customer service.

Vroom’s vehicles undergo the same certification standards as other dealerships, including clean title, accident-free, frame, and disaster damage-free. Additionally, Vroom conducts additional safety, mechanical, and cosmetic inspections. It also offers a free CARFAX vehicle history report to every buyer for peace of mind. 

Is Vroom as good as CarMax?

CarMax has a much larger inventory than Vroom.  CarMax accepts cars in almost any condition, while Vroom only accepts accident-free cars in good condition. CarMax also has a faster turnaround time compared to Vroom. 

What are the legal issues with Vroom?

Vroom has faced several legal issues. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles fined the company $47,000 for 47 counts of not transferring vehicle titles in accordance with Florida law. Additionally, Arizona state officials are currently investigating multiple complaints from Vroom customers.

There are reports of customers not receiving titles for months after purchasing cars from Vroom. Thousands of similar complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau.

Please note that the legal issues mentioned above are based on publicly available information and may not represent the complete picture. 

Does Vroom test drive your car before buying?

Vroom doesn’t offer a test drive in the traditional sense. Instead, you get seven days or 250 miles (whichever comes first) after the vehicle is delivered to test it and get a feel for its nuances. If the car isn’t what you expected, Vroom will take it back and refund the purchase price. 

What is the difference between Carvana and Vroom?

Both Carvana and Vroom are online platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of cars. However, they differ in the following ways.

  • Carvana offers free car delivery within its local market, whereas Vroom charges $500+ unless you pick up your car in person
  • Vroom customer support has been rated as poor, but there are few complaints about Carvana
  • Vroom’s inventory is much smaller than Carvana
  • Carvana only pays customers with a physical check for the offer amount, but Vroom pays using digital platforms
  • Carvana allows you to drive the car for up to four hundred miles during the guarantee period of 7 days, whereas Vroom only allows 250 miles

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