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Are Car Shipping Charges Taxable in Florida?


If you find yourself shipping a car to Florida, you might be wondering whether the cost of shipping is taxable. 

Let’s start this post by answering that question. In Florida, delivery charges are only subject to tax when they are included in the sales price of taxable tangible personal property and aren’t separately stated on an invoice or bill of sale. 

If you’re shipping a car to Florida for your winter vacation, the car shipping costs are therefore not taxable.

Now we’ve got that issue sorted, you might be wondering about shipping charges for cars and the average cost to ship a car to Florida. These questions might take a little more answering.   

Average car transport rates

The average cost of car shipping across the country ranges from $700 to $1,755. Check out the following table that shows the average cost of car transportation services to Florida. It reflects market conditions as of April 2022. However, bear in mind that these car transport rates are subject to change depending on various reasons that we’ll examine in the next section. 

Distance  (miles)     Transport type     Average price/mile     Distance (miles)     Price    
1000-1500 Open $0.701000$700
1500-2000Open $0.481750$840
2500-3000Open $0.472700$1,269


If you want to know how much you’ll have to pay to ship your car to Florida, get an instant quote today. 

What affects car shipping charges?

Car shipping charges vary considerably, depending on several different factors:

  • Distance: This has to be the most obvious factor. The greater the distance, the higher the overall cost. 
  • Size of your vehicle: Larger vehicles take up more space which means less space for other cars. Larger vehicles also weigh more and limit the carrier’s total capacity. 
  • Condition of your vehicle: Inoperable vehicles cost more to ship because the carrier has to use specialist equipment for loading and unloading the vehicle.  
  • Type of car shipping service: The most popular auto transport is open car shipping. This is the ideal option if you own a standard car. However, if your vehicle is more valuable, precious, or unique, enclosed car shipping might be the better option because your vehicle will be completely protected. The cost, however, is between 30% and 40% more. 
  • Location: If you want a door-to-door auto transport service in a rural location you can expect to pay a higher price. 
  • Season: Budget-conscious car shippers will enjoy bigger savings during the winter because there is less demand for auto transport services. However, it may take longer to ship your car because of the weather. 
  • Timeline: Shipping a vehicle across the United States can take up to 10 days. If time is of the essence, express services are often available at a higher cost. 
  • Price of fuel: The price of gas and diesel plays a role in the cost of shipping your car. If the price of fuel soars, you can expect the price of car shipping to rise as well.   

Check for auto transport discounts

Most car shipping companies offer a range of discounts. If you want to save some money, check beforehand as you might qualify for some savings. Auto transport discounts that might be available include:

  • Snowbirds discounts: If you’re heading south for the winter or back north again in the spring, check whether you’re eligible for a discount on standard car transport rates. 
  • Military discounts: Many auto transport companies offer discounts to active and retired military personnel to help with frequent moves and recognize their service. 
  • First responders: Many car shipping companies offer a discount to first responders. 
  • Early birds: Some car transportation companies reward you with a discount if you finalize your booking within 48 hours of receiving a quote. 
  • Student discounts: If you’re a student, you might be eligible for a discount in the summer and the fall when you’re moving to or from college
  • First-time shippers: If this is your first time shipping a car, you might be entitled to receive a discount. 
  • Vehicle fleets: If you’re a business that needs to ship a fleet of vehicles, you might be able to get a discount from a car shipping company if you’re shipping vehicles in bulk. 
  • Return customers: If you’re shipping a car with an auto transport company for a second or third time, there might be a discount you can take advantage of. 
  • Senior discounts: It’s not uncommon for seniors to live on limited incomes and have to stick to a strict budget. Some auto transport companies offer discounts to help with the cost of shipping their cars. 
  • Multicar shipments: Most companies offer a discount if you’re shipping more than one vehicle at once. 

If you’re ready to make the arrangements for shipping your car to Florida, speak with our shipping advisors by calling (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option.


Is it worth it to ship my car?

It is possible to save money if you drive your car on shorter moves. However, when you’re driving a vehicle across country there are things to consider such as wear and tear. In addition, there will be lodging and fuel costs to factor into your decision. Aside from the cost, one of the biggest advantages of shipping your car is the time it will save and the convenience it provides. 

How much does it cost to ship a car 300 miles?

If you want to ship a car up to 500 miles, the average cost will be $0.80 per mile. However, the price you pay will depend on various factors such as the time of year, type of auto transport service, and more. 

What is the most reliable auto transport company?

If you’re looking for a reliable auto transport company you should check for the following:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured: A company that is not licensed, bonded, or insured will not provide a financial safety net if your vehicle is damaged, lost, or stolen during the transportation process. 
  • Check customer reviews: Review websites such as Google, Yelp, and Transport Reviews provide valuable insight into the level of service and quality an auto transport company provides. 
  • Search for an accredited business: Research auto transport companies in your area and learn about their accreditation and overall BBB ranking. Avoid companies with a rating of less than 3+ out of 5. 
  • Pay close attention to the details: Review the contents of any written contract you’re presented with. Check the total cost, and whether there are taxes and other hidden fees to pay. 
  • Don’t go for the cheapest option: Going with the cheapest option is not recommended. Steeply discounted rates don’t necessarily mean you’ll receive the same quality during the auto transport process as a more reputable company. Rather than looking for the cheapest, search for a company that is licensed, insured, reliable, and reputable. 

How long does it take to ship a car?

Generally, it can take up to 15 days to ship a car cross country in the United States. A car shipping company will usually pick up your vehicle within 5 days. The transportation part of the process takes up to 10 days. 

How much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to California?

Florida to California is a distance of more than 2,700 miles. Taking the rates provided above into consideration, it will cost a minimum of $1,200 to ship your car between these two states.

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