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Considering Cheap Car Transport? There is a Better Option


Let’s face it we all love a smoking bargain. Seeking out those special deals is just human nature. It’s also a great way of sticking within your budget. However, when it comes to services like auto transport, you don’t want to trade quality for the price. 

When it comes to shipping your car, cheap car transport companies don’t necessarily provide a better service. Keep reading to find out why. 

What you can expect if you choose cheap car transport

  • Hidden fees: cheap car transport companies lure customers by offering a lowball quote. Quite often, this doesn’t include additional fees, surcharges, and conditions that will be added to the bill.
  • Less customer service: Many cheap auto transport companies don’t have a customer service department. Instead, you deal directly with the driver which can present challenges if you have a problem with delays or damage. 
  • Less experience: An established auto transportation provider will have more experience. This may mean your car costs more to ship. However, it may save time and spare any headaches and hassles with delays or damage. 
  • Scammers: There are scammers in the world of auto transport just the same as anywhere else. They might trick you into paying a deposit and then never showing up to pick up your vehicle. 

Cheaper vs. better

If you’re looking for cheap car transporters, a good place to start is comparing prices. However, don’t stop there. If you make the “bottom line” your only focus, you run the risk of becoming the victim of a scam. 

You’ve heard the saying, “it’s too good to be true”. It’s important to keep this in mind because generally, the offer will be. 

As well as the cost of auto transport services, you should also consider the following factors because they’re just as important.

  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Customer-centric focus
  • Insurance coverage
  • Licensing and safety record
  • The services they provide
  • The destinations they service 

Reliability and experience

If you make cheap car transport the only criterion for choosing an auto transport company, you could find yourself being taken advantage of. Most car shipping companies charge fair and comparable prices for their services. However, there are some that don’t. 

During your research, you’re likely to encounter an auto transport company offering to transport cars cheap and for a price that’s considerably lower than their competition. Before you make your booking, as yourself one very important question: “What may be lost in terms of service to make such a price viable for the company?” 

It’s very likely that the company lacks the knowledge and dependability of a top-tier brand such as SGT Auto Transport.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a gamble on small items such as clothing. But do you really want to take the chance with your prized automobile? We’re taking a guess, but the answer is probably a resounding “No!” 

Following on from real estate, your vehicle is the most valuable item you own. Quite often they have emotional significance as well. Do you really want to trust your ride to cheap car transporters that lack the expertise and dependability?

There are issues that may arise, such as a shipment that’s delayed forever. The worst-case scenario is that it could be badly damaged or not shipped at all. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t fall victim to a scam by accepting a car shipping quote that’s too good to be true. 

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You get what you pay for

Choose cheap car transport services and you’ll become familiar with the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” If an auto transport company is offering pricing that’s much lower than those of established companies, take it as a sign that the company may not:

  • Transport your vehicle in a timely fashion
  • Have a dedicated 24/7 customer service 
  • Provide extensive car shipping insurance
  • Include security measures for your vehicle

Auto transport companies aren’t in the business to provide a free service. On the contrary, they’re in it to make a profit. They have to pay their drivers an adequate wage. Your car has to have insurance coverage during the journey. A super cheap car transport quote simply doesn’t add up. 

Something else to be aware of is that some cheap car transport companies fail to include all expenses when they give you a quote. This is because it makes the price more attractive. Consider it a red flag because it could signify that unmentioned costs will be added to your bill following the delivery of your car. 

Look for customer-centric focus

Look for an auto transport company that puts the customer first. A good indicator of a business that prioritizes its customers is 24/7 customer support. 

You can find out a lot about a company by visiting its website. A credible company will follow these guidelines:

  • Provide free, no-obligation shipping quotes
  • Include information relating to all the services they offer and the destinations they service
  • Provide information on the insurance coverage for vehicles that they ship
  • Have various contact options for customers
  • Include customer reviews

It’s also important that you contact the car shipping company you’re considering working with. Take note of how quickly they reply, whether by email or phone. You can get a good feel for a company when you contact them directly. A customer-centric business will be open, courteous, and joyful. 

You also want them to answer quickly. When you need to talk to someone, it’s important that they’re there. 

Finally, do some independent research of your own. Check out customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Licensing and safety record

Aside from pricing, you should also check that the auto transport company is properly licensed and registered. 

You can check this information by visiting the website of the United States Department of Transport (US DOT). Ask a company for their US DOT number and you can examine their safety records and corporate information. 

If a car shipping company doesn’t have a US DOT number or doesn’t want to give you one, take this as a red flag and look for another company to partner with. 

You can also find out relevant information about a company by visiting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Insurance coverage

Another important factor not to be overlooked is insurance. Individual auto transport companies must be insured. However, you might find that a cheap car transport company cuts corners with its policies. This means you’ll only be paid on a basic level if your car is damaged, lost, or stolen during the shipping process. 

A reputable auto shipping company will provide insurance information on its website. Alternatively, contact the company and ask for a copy of their policy. 

Available services 

Not all car shipping services are equal. The most recognizable is open car transport. This is when up to ten cars are transported at the same time. 

One alternative to this standard service is enclosed car shipping. This is a good option for valuable cars, but it is more expensive. We suggest enclosed auto transport for exotics, antiques, vintage, sports, and custom vehicles. An enclosed trailer is used and it protects the cars inside from the elements, dirt, dust, and traffic grime.

How to spot an auto transport company is a scam

There are some surefire signs to look for if you’re worried about being caught out by a scam. Here are some tips to help you determine whether cheap car transport companies are best avoided.

Being asked to pay an upfront deposit before allocating a driver

If an auto transport company asks for a large deposit before they start the auto transport process, take this as a warning sign. Legitimate companies don’t ask for any money until a job is completed. 

Negative reviews

If a company has zero reviews this is very suspect. Even companies with a ton of 5-star reviews are worth checking out. Check out multiple review sites and take the time to see which companies respond to negative reviews and those which don’t. 

No contact details

You might want to check on your vehicle shipment so check whether the company lists a phone number on their website. If there’s no telephone number, this could be a big problem. 

You can trust SGT Auto Transport to provide a fair and comparable quote for your shipping service. We also guarantee there will be no extra costs, charges, or fees. Our prices are all-inclusive. That’s a promise. 

If you’re ready to book your auto transport, speak with our shipping advisors directly on (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 


What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

The best way to find the cheapest company to ship your car is to compare prices. However, don’t base your choice of shipping company on price alone. Other factors are equally important, such as experience, 24/7 customer support, available services, insurance coverage, licensing, and safety record. 

What is the best auto transport company to use?

The best auto transport company to use is one that’s open about their prices and provides all the information you need regarding their services. Customer support around the clock should also be available. In addition, the company must provide insurance coverage for vehicles being shipping and be licensed and registered with the US Department of Transport. 

How do I know if a transport company is legit?

You can check a company’s standing with the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration. In particular, check whether the company has any complaints filed against it. 

Is it better to ship or drive your car?

For short distances, it’s cheaper to drive your car than ship it. For longer distances, it can work out cheaper to ship it. Driving long distances can also be dangerous for the driver and passengers. 

What is the safest way to ship a car?

The safest way to ship a car is using enclosed or covered transport. Vehicles shipped this way are safely shielded from the outside world within the walls of the trailer.      

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