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How Much Does it Cost to Ship Your Car From Florida to California?


Whether you’ve purchased a car from a far-away dealer, are relocating to the other side of the country, or just want to take your car along for a long vacation, car shipping from Florida to California is a convenient solution. 

Such a service allows you to transport a vehicle safely and efficiently over long distances. We’ve been providing auto transport services like these for more than a decade, and one of the first questions we always get asked is “How much does it cost to ship my car from Florida to California?”

The answer is very simple. The cost to ship a car from Florida to California can vary quite a bit depending on several factors. Generally, most car shipping companies quote prices between $800 and $1,300 to move a standard sedan or small SUV between Florida and California. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the factors that affect the cost to transport a car from Florida to California. Understanding the cost to ship a car from California to Florida is a crucial aspect of preparing for a seamless and hassle-free journey.    

Factors Influencing Cost

When it comes to shipping your car from the sunny shores of Florida to the laid-back vibes of California, understanding the various factors influencing the cost is crucial if you want to make an informed decision. 

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Distance and Route Considerations

The distance your car needs to cover is a significant determinant of the shipping cost. A cross-country journey from Florida to California involves a distance of thousands of miles. In addition, the specific route the carrier takes can also influence the cost. Some routes are more popular than others, providing greater access to carriers and potentially reducing your shipping expenses.

As you might expect, the farther the distance, the higher the cost. That said, the exact location of your pick-up and drop-off also matters. If you’re shipping your vehicle between major cities on a popular shipping route, the cost to ship a car from California to Florida will be less compared with shipping your vehicle to a rural location that’s not commonly traveled by a carrier. 

Type and Size of the Vehicle

Auto carriers have limited space and capacity. Therefore, the bigger the vehicle, the higher the shipping a car from California to Florida cost. Likewise, compact cars and sedans will be cheaper to ship than trucks and SUVs. 

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The weight of your vehicle also impacts the shipping price. Transportation guidelines specify weight limits carriers must comply with. Therefore, a carrier shipping heavier vehicles can’t ship as many and might charge a higher price.   

Examination of how the characteristics of the vehicle impact shipping expenses.

Consideration of factors such as weight, dimensions, and special handling requirements.

Choice of Shipping Method

When you decide to ship your car, you must decide whether you want it to be open or enclosed car transport. Open transport is the more common and budget-friendly option, however, your vehicle is exposed to the elements during transit. 

Enclosed auto transport provides additional protection for your vehicle, but it does come with a higher price. It’s a service that’s generally recommended for collectible, luxury, or antique cars.

Additional Services and Insurance

Beyond the basic transport service, there are optional add-ons that may contribute to the overall shipping cost. These could include door-to-door transport, where your vehicle is picked up and delivered directly to the specified locations for added convenience. 

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Another option is top loading. This is where your vehicle is loaded onto the top level of the trailer, eliminating the risk of fluids dripping onto it and providing extra protection from road debris, dirt, and grime.

Express shipping and guaranteed pick-up services expedite the shipping process but will cost more.  

While these services enhance the shipping experience, it’s essential to weigh their benefits against the additional costs they may incur. 

One of the cornerstones of a secure shipping process is comprehensive insurance coverage. While insurance adds to the overall budget, its significance cannot be overstated. Insurance protects against potential damages that may occur during transit. Understanding the coverage limits, deductibles, and the insurance provider’s reputation is essential in making an informed decision about safeguarding your vehicle throughout its journey from coast to coast. 

Seasonal Fluctuations in Shipping Rates

Shipping rates can fluctuate based on the time of the year. Seasonal variations, such as peak moving seasons or adverse weather conditions, may impact the demand for car transport services. Understanding these patterns can help you anticipate potential cost changes and make informed decisions about the timing of your car shipment. 

Obtaining and Comparing Quotes

In the world of car shipping, obtaining accurate quotes and effectively comparing them are crucial steps in navigating the cost of transporting your vehicle from Florida to California. 

Guidance on Obtaining Accurate Quotes

To kickstart your car shipping journey, ensure the quotes you receive accurately reflect your specific needs. Provide comprehensive details about your vehicle, including its make, model, dimensions, and any special considerations. 

Specify the desired shipping method - whether open or enclosed - and be transparent about the pick-up and delivery locations. 

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By providing precise information, you’re laying the foundation for obtaining quotes that match the unique requirements of your car transport from California to Florida. 

Tips for Comparing Quotes

Once you’ve gathered quotes from different auto transport companies, the next step is a thorough comparison. Focus not only on the cost but also on the services included in each quote.

Consider the reputation and reliability of the shipping companies. Evaluate the offered insurance coverage, delivery timeframes, and any additional services provided. Customer reviews can be insightful in gauging the overall satisfaction of previous clients. 

Tips for Cost-Efficient Planning

In the quest for budget-conscious car transport from Florida to California, we thought we’d finish up with some practical advice and strategies you can use to minimize the cost of car shipping without compromising on the quality of service.

Practical Advice on Minimizing Shipping Costs

  • Explore options for flexible scheduling, allowing for more cost-effective transport
  • Choose the right season for shipping, and ask about potential discounts during off-peak times
  • Prepare your vehicle for shipping, ensuring it meets carrier requirements and avoiding additional fees

Strategies for Budget-Conscious Individuals Planning Car Transport

  • Obtain multiple quotes to identify the most competitive rates
  • Consider the benefits of bundling services
  • Explore discounts offered by some auto transport companies
  • Planning early allows ample time for research and negotiation
  • Choosing a reputable company is vital and you can check the reliability of a company by reading customer reviews and testimonials. 

In closing, navigating the price of auto transport from the West Coast to the East Coast demands careful consideration of factors that determine how much to ship a car from California to Florida. From distance and vehicle type to shipping method and timing, understanding these elements empowers you to make informed decisions. 

As you embark on this journey, may your choices be both cost-effective and hassle-free. 

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