Ship a car by train across country

Ship a car by train across the country? There is a better option!


The simple answer is yes, you can ship a car by train. It’s not, however, the only option. At first, it seems like the perfect answer. You avoid all the extra miles you’d clock up if you drove yourself. Plus, it can sometimes be cheaper. Nevertheless, it’s worth pointing out there are other options, for example, door-to-door car transport with a car carrier. 

In this post, we’ll look closely at the process of shipping a car by train in the USA and help you decide whether it’s right for you. We’ll consider the pros and cons and then investigate another option.

How to ship a car by train across country?

Shipping a car by train across country is almost the same as transporting it via a truck, but there is one vital difference. You have to buy a passenger ticket and travel on the train as well. Shipping a car by train is also cheaper but takes much longer.

Train carrying containers with cars

How much does it cost to ship a car across country by train?

The cost to ship a car by train across country depends on whether you choose optional priority offloading and which class passenger ticket you buy. Currently, the only available route is with Amtrack from Lorton, VA, to Sanford, VA which starts from $497. The cheapest passenger ticket is $89.

Grey train crosses railway line

The Pros and Cons of shipping a car by train

Rail transport isn’t an option for everyone. There are, however, certain ADVANTAGES to shipping a car by train from California to Florida, from Florida to California or between two other locations.

  • The cost to ship a car across the country by train can sometimes be less than shipping a vehicle by truck, for example.
  • Trains have a lower carbon footprint so it’s better for the environment.
  • Rail services cover most of the major routes in the US.
  • Both open and enclosed transport options are available. 

Are there any DISADVANTAGES to shipping a car from Florida to New York by train? Whether you choose this shipping route or another, there are a few downsides if you ship a car by train across the country.

  • Door-to-door pick-up and delivery is not an option, you must drive and pick up your vehicle from a designated station.
  • Most times, shipping a car by rail takes much longer.
  • This method of transportation doesn’t always work out cheaper when you factor in additional costs, for example getting your car to the station.
  • Trains run on a defined unchangeable route which means there are fewer options on where you can get your vehicle transported.
  • Personal items are not allowed inside your car when it’s being transported by rail.  
  • If you don’t live in a city, you must use other transportation services as well.

Is auto transport with car carriers a better way to ship my car?

There are many occasions when shipping a car using a door-to-door car transport service is better than shipping a car by train. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we offer an extremely convenient shipping service.

What are the benefits of moving your car with SGT Auto Transport?

Use one of our auto transport services and you get to enjoy working with a company that provides a professional service, saves you time and money, covers the insurance, offers attractive rates and discounts, and provides the convenience of a door-to-door car transport service.

We provide a professional service

Hire a professional auto transport company like ours and you enjoy a top-quality customer experience. The employees we hire are well-trained, competent, and professional. The drivers responsible for transporting your vehicle are highly trained and experienced. 

Our shipping advisors are on hand 24/7 to answer your questions and give you advice on the best way to transport your car. We’re car enthusiasts ourselves and appreciate how important it is that your car is taken care of. We treat each vehicle as if it were our own.  

We save you time and money

We’ve already mentioned that shipping a car by train can be cheaper, but you must consider the extra costs of such a service. You must cover the cost of getting your car to the station and picking it up at the end of its journey. Depending on the distance, this could increase the cost considerably. 

There’s also the inconvenience of having to get to the station in the first place. Choose our door-to-door service and we’ll pick your vehicle up from outside your front door. 

Our prices are inclusive

All the cars we transport are covered by insurance. Use our instant online quote calculator to find out the cost of your car transport service. You can also speak with our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat

Input a few basic details such as the pick-up and delivery location, and type of car, and choose between open car transport and enclosed auto transport. Your quote is available instantly. 

All costs are included. You can expect no hidden charges or fees. That is a guarantee.

Personal items can be transported

You're allowed to ship personal items or boxes in the trunk of your car during our auto transport shipping service. Book your shipping order with us and you can ship up to 100 pounds of personal possessions. They must, however, be secured in a box or suitcase and stored in the trunk of your car. 

Open car transport vs. enclosed auto transport

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to transporting vehicles across the country or state lines. This is why we offer all our customers their choice of several options. We can offer a guaranteed pick-up service, fast car delivery, as well as open car transport and enclosed auto transport. What’s the difference between these two services?

Open car transport

One of our most popular services is open car transport. It’s easy to arrange, affordable and offers the fastest turnaround. There are several reasons our customers prefer this method when they want to ship a car.

  • Fast and efficient: Open car transport is one of the fastest ways to ship a car. There are more carriers to choose from so you stand a better chance of getting the right service when you need it.
  • Car dealerships prefer it: They prefer open car transport because it’s reliable, safe, and good value for money. 
  • We can arrange guaranteed pick-up: This option is perfect if you need your vehicle picked up on a specific day.
  • Added protection is available by requesting top loaded: This option costs a little extra but it’s worth it for the extra protection your car will enjoy. 

Use open car transport and your car is exposed to the elements, but this does not differ from driving your vehicle daily. That being said, there’s almost no chance of it being damaged. 

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed auto transport is the service we recommend for owners of luxury, new, exotic, custom, classic, antique, and vintage cars. It’s also a better choice if you have modified your vehicle in any way. 

When moving cars using enclosed car transport, we use the utmost care and attention. We can offer both soft and hard-sided trailers if you choose enclosed auto transport. Both offer complete protection for your vehicle. 

The cost of enclosed auto transport is around 30% to 40% higher than open car transport, but it’s worth it for the extra protection your car receives. 

Competitive rates and exciting discounts

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we do everything we can to offer our services at the most competitive rates. Use our instant online quote calculator to find out how much it costs to ship your car. Alternatively, you can speak with our shipping advisors by phone or Live Chat.

You will also be interested to learn that we offer exciting discounts. You might be eligible for our special rates if you’re a member of the military, veteran, snowbird, or student. 

Do you like the sound of door-to-door transport? Would you like to find out the cost? Use our instant online quote calculator. Call (864) 546-5038 if you’d prefer to speak with one of our experienced shipping advisors. Alternatively, use our Live Chat option. 

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