Shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego

Shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego & from San Diego to Hawaii


For many people, wintering in Hawaii is a dream come true. Hundreds of snowbirds take a trip more than 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the winter sunshine in this island paradise. Are you thinking about relocating for the winter? Have you considered taking your car? How great would it be if you could explore the islands in your own car?

Whether you’re relocating to Hawaii for a few short months or making the move on a more permanent basis, SGT Auto Transport can help with our Hawaii shipping service. You make the arrangements for moving your personal possession and we’ll take care of shipping your car - both ways: from Hawaii to the mainland and from the mainland to Hawaii. 

Shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego is more convenient than think

You might think taking your car back to the mainland is not worth the hassle when you relocate. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you’re fond of your 1960 Cadillac Seville. Finding a new car on the mainland that suits your needs and budget could also be a challenge. 

SGT Auto Transport provides a convenient and hassle-free way to ship your car, from the islands of Hawaii to your door on the mainland. If you enjoy spending the winters in Hawaii, it’s a service you won’t mind using time and time again.

Let’s give you an idea of how easy the shipping process is if you’re shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego. 

How to ship a car from San Diego to Hawaii?

To ship a car from San Diego to Hawaii takes 3 steps: 1) Arrange for your vehicle to be picked up by an auto transport service company; 2) Vehicle is transported to a port in Hawaii of your choosing; and 3) Collect it when it arrives at the port.

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Get your instant free quote online

If you want to know how much it costs to ship a car from Hawaii to San Diego, we’ve got a handy online quote calculator you can use. All that’s required a few basic details and your quote is available instantly and free of charge. 

We need to know the pick-up and delivery locations, whether you want open car transport or enclosed car transport, and the year, make and model of your car. We also need to know if the car is running and your first available pick-up date. Finally, we need your email address so you can receive your quote.

If you prefer, we have a team of shipping advisors you can speak to. Call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat

Book your order and prepare your car for shipping

Once you’ve accepted your quote, it’s time for you to book your order. You can do this online or confirm the details with our shipping advisors by calling (864) 546-5038 or using our Live Chat

When you’ve booked the order and the pick-up date is looming, all that’s left to do is get your car ready for shipping. You’re responsible for getting your car to the port on time, but before that there are a few things you need to do.

  • Clean the inside and outside of your vehicle.
  • Inspect your car thoroughly and take photographs of any dents, dings, or scratches.
  • Check the fluids are topped up, the tires are inflated, and the battery is charged. 
  • Secure or remove any removable parts such as the GPS, custom stereos, after-market video player or DVD, and car charger. 
  • Deactivate any alarms, parking passes or toll tags.
  • Run down the gas tank to at least one quarter full.

Do all these things and shipping your car from Hawaii to San Diego will be trouble-free. 

Delivering your car to a Hawaiian port

Whether you’re shipping your car from the Port of Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Hilo, Kahului, or any other port the following guidelines apply. You’re responsible for getting your vehicle to the port and bringing:

  • Order confirmation number for your SGT Auto Transport shipping service.
  • Keys or remote for the alarm if your car has one.
  • A set of keys for your car.
  • If you’re the owner of the car you need to bring the title and current registration documentation. 
  • A letter of authorization or power of attorney might also be needed from the lien holder if your car is financed or leased. 
  • A government-issued photo ID.

Don’t worry if you can’t drop your car at the port yourself. You can appoint a third person to deliver the car to the port for you. They do, however, have to be 18 years of age or over. When the vehicle is delivered, they have to provide proof of power of attorney allowing shipment of the vehicle. 

When your car arrives on the mainland

If you live close to the port of San Diego, you can pick up your car from the port and drive it home yourself. You will, however, need to provide some paperwork when collecting your car from the port. 

  • If the car is financed or leased, you must provide a letter from the lien holder. It must be on official letter headed paper and notarized. It also has to be issued within the previous 30 days. 
  • If you’re the owner of the vehicle you must provide a copy of the current registration and title deed. Any names of the documentation have to match the details in the shipping order. 
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • If you own the car with a partner or spouse, you both have to be present to collect the car. If this isn’t possible, notarized consent from the absent owner has to be issued before they will release the car. 

Another option that’s much easier is to let us deliver your car to your door. Our port-to-door Hawaii transport service is far more convenient. Once you’ve dropped your car off at the port in Hawaii, you’re free to get on with other things. 

When you make your booking, provide a delivery location and make sure someone is on hand to receive the vehicle. 

Shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego - how much does it cost?

When calculating the cost of shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego, there are several factors we take into account. Use our instant online quote calculator, speak with our shipping advisors on (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat

For your information, the final price depends on the following details:

  • Year, make, and model of your car.
  • Type of transport service, for example, open car transport or enclosed auto transport.
  • Whether or not your car is running.
  • How far we have to transport the car and pick-up and delivery location.
  • Customer demand.
  • Time of year. 

Rest assured, we do everything we can to ensure you pay the best price for shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego. 

Hawaii car shipping options

You have two auto transport options when shipping a car from Hawaii to San Diego or from San Diego to Hawaii.

Open car transport

One of our most popular auto transport services is open car transport. It’s the transport service of choice for car dealerships and those looking for an auto transport service that won’t break the bank.

We transport cars on an open car trailer along with several other cars. It exposes your car to the elements and traffic grime, but this doesn’t mean your car isn’t safe and secure. 

Enclosed auto transport 

Enclosed auto transport is a little different in that we will transport your car in a trailer that’s completely enclosed. For this reason, it’s the service we recommend for owners of luxury, custom, classic, vintage, new, and antique vehicles. 

Complete protection is provided for your car, but the cost is a little higher. Typically, this is around 30% to 40% extra. 

How to ship a car from San Diego to Hawaii

San Diego is a popular port for people relocating to Hawaii even though it’s not the closest. Shipping a car from San Diego to Hawaii is an easy thing to do whether you’re moving to Hawaii for the winter or on a more permanent basis. 

The process is less complicated than shipping a car in the other direction, but but you do need certain documentation when you collect your car from the port. Make sure you take with you the current title and registration, a notarized letter of authorization from any non-present part and a valid ID.

The first step is to find out the cost by using our instant online quote calculator. You also have the option of calling our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038 or using Live Chat

You then make your booking and get your car ready for shipping. We’ll pick your car up on the pre-arranged date and you then have to be available to collect it at your chosen port in Hawaii. 

What is the price for shipping a car from San Diego to Hawaii?

The price for shipping your car from San Diego to Hawaii depends on several different factors. These include:

  • Locations for the pick-up and delivery.
  • Distance traveled. 
  • Type of transport service.
  • Year, make, and model of your car.
  • Whether or not the vehicle is running.
  • Customer supply and demand.
  • Time of the year.  

How long does it take to ship a car from Hawaii to San Diego and from San Diego to Hawaii?

The distance between  San Diego and Hawaii is more than 2,500 miles. That’s a lot of ocean to cover when shipping vehicles between two ports. The time to cover that distance ranges between 7 and 14 days. 

You can rely on SGT Auto Transport to provide a reliable, trustworthy, and top quality service when you want to ship a vehicle between Hawaii and mainland USA. Work with us because the transport services we provide are straightforward and convenient. 

If you want to know the price of our transport services use our online quote calculator. You can also speak with our shipping advisors by calling (864) 546-5038 or using Live Chat.    

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