SGT Provides for International Shippers

▷ SGT Provides for International Shippers

If you ever need to ship your car internationally, SGT Auto Transport can play a vital part in the process. For a number of years now, we’ve been delivering and collecting vehicles from ports around the coast of the US. You might need covered car transport to get your classic Buick to Hawaii, or a door-to-port service so your vehicle is ready to be shipped to Europe. Whatever the final destination, we can help make the ground transportation side of the process run like clockwork.

How Much to Ship a Car?

Getting a car shipping estimate is as easy as filling out a form using our online calculator. Follow a few simple steps and you receive an instant free quote, with no further obligation. All prices quoted are valid for seven days and fully inclusive.

Getting Your Car to the Port on Time

There are a number of different ports located around the coast of the US. Which one you use depends on your final destination. Rest assured, however, that whatever port you need your car to be delivered to, we can provide the best possible service and our car hauling rates are very reasonable.

Always Have the Right Documentation

We can make sure your vehicle is delivered to the chosen port in plenty of time for its ocean leg of the journey. However, for the rest of its journey to go as smoothly as possible, all your documentation needs to be in order.

Your vehicle can’t be shipped without the registration and title documents. License plate numbers might also be required, and you’ll need to produce your government-issued ID cards when the vehicle is dropped off or picked up. One other document that has to be completed is the consignee form.

Certain ports also have their own individual requirements and our shipping advisors can give you all the details.

Benefits of International Shipping with SGT Auto Transport

We might not be able to get your vehicle across the ocean, not yet anyway, but we can ensure it’s delivered or picked up from a US port of your choice.

Our car transport prices are fully inclusive and there are no hidden fees or charges, guaranteed. Use our services and you get the benefit of cheap auto shipping without any reduction in the quality of our service.

We are auto transport brokers you can trust with your precious vehicle, and our prices suit most budgets. We also have a range of special discounts you might be eligible for.

If you want to know more about this or any of our other services, simply pick up the phone and dial (866) 774 6570.

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