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9 Tips for Anyone Shipping Their Car Across State Lines

tips for anyone shipping their car

If you want to move your car to the other side of town, it's easy. When the final destination is across state lines, a simple process suddenly becomes very complicated. Moving your personal belongings isn’t such an issue. However, the logistics involved in shipping a car across the country require some expert intervention.

Lucky for you, hiring one of the best car shipping companies out there is easy. We offer door to door transport that’s affordable and hassle-free.

For anyone about to undertake such a car transport project, here are 9 top tips from us here at SGT Auto Transport.

1. Find the Right Car Transport Service
There’s little point in picking a name out of the hat or sticking a pin in the Yellow Pages. Shipping what is possibly your most significant investment, requires the help of a reputable company. We can help you find the best providers in your area and make all the arrangements on your behalf.

Any company you choose to work with should be licensed and insured to provide interstate transport services. A good rating with the Better Business Bureau is another indicator of a company's reputation. One last thing to check for is good online reviews.

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we tick all three boxes.

2. Work Out the Car Shipping Cost
Car shipping companies vary, and so do their prices. There are, however, certain common factors that play into the total cost. Here are just a few factors that affect the total cost of car shipping services:

  • The size and weight of your vehicle – the bigger and heavier it is, the more it’s going to cost
  • How far the car needs to be moved – the longer the distance, the higher the total cost
  • The make and model of your vehicle – luxury, high-end, classic and exotic motors cost more to ship than a family sedan
  • What time of year you want your car moved – summer is more expensive than winter. Holidays are another costly time to ship your vehicle.
  • The type of auto shipping you choose – you have several options: express shipping, open, or enclosed shipping, and guaranteed pick-up service

If you’re wondering about the cost of our services, it takes just a few minutes to get auto shipping quotes using our online shipping calculator.

3. What Type of Car Shipping Should You Choose?
We’ve already touched on some of your options. Let’s look at a couple of them in more detail. 

  • Enclosed auto transport – if you want guaranteed total protection, enclosed shipping is the obvious choice. It might cost a little more, but sometimes, the expense is not the issue. For luxury, high-end, custom, exotic, classic, or antique vehicles, being protected on all sides from the outside elements and road debris is priceless.
  • Open car transport – if you see a car transporter on the highway, it’s likely to be an open car transporter. These are the most popular car shipping services. They are more affordable, readily available, and provide more than adequate protection for the average vehicle.

    4. What You Need to Do to Get Your Vehicle Ready
    If you want to ensure the transportation of your vehicle goes as smoothly as possible, there are several things you can do to make sure it's prepared. Your gas tank should be no more than one-quarter full. Remove all personal items from your vehicle. These are not covered by the carrier's insurance. Such items include standalone GPS devices, stereo or CD players, and any important documents you might have in the glove compartment. Also, check the battery is fully charged, the tires correctly inflated and in good condition.

    5. Check and Document the Condition of Your Vehicle
    It’s always a good idea to check the condition of your vehicle before handing it over to a reliable auto transport company. Look closely for any existing damage, such as scuffs, dents, dings, and scratch marks. Take photographs as proof of the condition of your vehicle before it was shipped.

    Should any damage occur, and we have to say it’s very unlikely, you’ll have proof the damage was not pre-existing. This is vital if you need to make a claim through the appropriate insurance channels.

    6. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions
    When you're shipping something valuable, whether that value is sentimental or financial, asking the right questions ensures you get the auto transport car shipping service you want.

Here at SGT Auto Transport, there are several ways you can get in touch with our shipping advisors. Call (866) 774 6570 or send an email to Your third option is to use our online live chat service, available during office hours.

Ask questions about whether there’s a refund or cancellation policy. Inquire about insurance coverage that’s included in the price of the service. If you’re shipping a car to Hawaii, make sure the company you use has marine transport experience.

      7. Book in Advance if Possible
As soon as you know you need to move your car across the country, get in touch with an auto transport management company like ours. With plenty of advance notice, we’ll be able to secure the best price possible. It also gives you lots of time to make any other arrangements.

     8. Quality vs Price
The cheapest is not usually the most sensible option to choose. This statement applies across the board, whatever you’re spending your money on. There are many reasons why it’s so true, but when it comes to car relocation services, quality is most definitely what counts.

Even if your car is as run-down as they come, you still want it to be delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up, right? There are hundreds of different auto moving companies across the US, each with their own set of rules and protocols. If you find a company that’s cheaper than all the rest, you have to stop and ask yourself why. Checking the carrier is fully insured is a good place to start. Ask questions about the length of time they’ve been operating, whether they have invested in any safety equipment, and if their drivers are fully trained.

     9. What You Need to do When Your Vehicle is Delivered
There’s a certain amount of paperwork you need to deal with when your car arrives in a new state. As soon as possible, pay a visit to your local DMV and get your vehicle documentation in order. Both registration and insurance have to be transferred to your new state. Fail to do this in time, and you could pay a hefty penalty.

Changing your title and registration is a walk in the park. All you need to produce is proof of ownership, proof of insurance, proof of inspection, and your government-issued ID. One final document is a utility bill for proof of address.

Bear these 9 tips in mind whenever you need to ship your car across the country, and your experience should be a positive one.

If you’re ready to ship your car with us, our customer service agents are available on (866) 774 6570.