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Automobile Shipping Quotes – What Do They Include?

Automobile Shipping Quotes – What Do They Include?

Automobile Shipping Quotes – What Do They Include?

When it comes to car shipping services, whether it’s across the state line, across the country, or internationally, one of the major concerns has to be the price. There are hundreds of shipping companies to choose from, which means you’re likely to receive several car movers quotes.

Each car shipping cost estimate is going to be different, so you need to look carefully at each one. You also need to input the correct information to receive an accurate quote. Many car shipping companies provide free quotes online. Plus, you always get the option of speaking with a customer service representative by telephone or using the instant chat option.

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we provide both options. Use our online calculator or call (866) 774 6570 and speak with our shipping advisors.

Comparing Auto Transport Quotes

Getting a quote for an auto transport service is relatively easy. Most modern, forward-thinking transport companies allow you to do it online. It might be called something different, for example, we refer to it as our online calculator, but basically, it's the same as getting a quote.

Inputting the correct information is vital, as the details of your shipping requirements and the vehicle to be shipped determine the car shipping rates you can expect to pay. Here are some of the details you’ll be required to provide:

Step 1 - input the pick-up and delivery location (zip code).

Step 2 – choose between open and enclosed auto transit.

Step 3 – enter the vehicle details and whether it’s running or not. SGT Auto Transport provides handy drop-down lists for you to choose the year of manufacture for your vehicle, the make, and the model. If you can't find your car in any of the lists, you'll need to speak with a customer representative. Similarly, if the year of manufacture was before 1941, a tailored quote is required. This step also includes letting us know whether your car is running or not. 

Step 4 – this is when you provide your contact details, including your email address. Your email is required because we always email you a copy of your quote, so you have one for your records. At this stage in the quote process, you need to provide the first available pick-up date. It should be the earliest date your vehicle will be ready to ship. Remember, there are things you need to do to your car to prepare it for the journey.

Step 5 – this is the final step in the quote process and is when you get your quote. You click on the 'view your quote' button, and it automatically appears on the next page. You get to see all the details of your auto transport service, and it's now you've got to check them carefully. You can expect to see:

  • First shipping date
  • Distance to be traveled
  • Timeframe for delivery
  • Details of your vehicle
  • Location of both the pick-up and delivery
  • Whether your car is running or not
  • The type of service required – for example open/enclosed
  • Whether or not insurance is included
  • Two prices – one regular and one for cash

What Goes into the Price Being Quoted?

You're probably wondering why there are two prices when you ask for a quote. It's because you have the option of paying in full with a credit or debit card. Whichever way you choose to pay, rest assured that the car transport quote you receive from us, whether it’s online or over the telephone, is fully inclusive. Included in the price are taxes, insurance, and shipping costs. You can expect to pay no further fees or charges, and that’s guaranteed.

When comparing our auto transport rates with other providers, bear this in mind and make sure you read the small print of the offer. Not all the best auto transport carriers include all costs in the price. Check there are no additional fees or charges that you might have to pay at a later date.

How Long is a Quote Normally Valid?

Again, this is something that varies between transport providers. As far as an SGT quote goes, it’s is valid for seven days. Don't worry if you don't confirm your booking at that time. You don't have to input your details again because we have them on file. It's a simple case of getting back in touch, and we'll recalculate the cost of your service.

If you want to know any more about our vehicle shipping rates, don’t hesitate to get in touch right away. While you’re talking to our shipping advisors, remember to ask about any special offers or discounts you might be eligible for.