Car relocation services: The perfect add-on if you’re relocating to a new place

Car relocation services: The perfect add-on if you’re relocating to a new place

There are many reasons you might want to relocate. The kids might have flown the nest and you’re downsizing, your bosses might have offered you a temporary or permanent job in a new city, or you could be moving down south where the weather is warmer. 

Whatever the reason, relocating can be stressful. There are so many things to organize, and then there’s the issue of what to do with your car. Should you sell it and buy a new one? Is driving it there an option? In this article, you’ll find out about the perfect add-on when relocating: car relocation services. Car relocation companies help to lighten the load, letting you concentrate on all the other aspects of relocating.

What are car relocation services?

They are convenience services that mean you can move your car across the country with a minimum of stress. You can arrange the pick-up from your current location, or as near as is safe and legal to do so, and transported using a truck and trailer to a new place. 

Car relocation services are one of the most popular ways to ship a car. You don’t have to worry about driving long distances and can travel by plane, train, or bus to your new location. There are several options for moving a vehicle, but hiring a car relocation company is by far the most convenient.

The benefits of auto relocation   

  • It’s a flexible service: You can make the pick-up and delivery arrangements for a location that suits you. It’s even possible to arrange for someone to release or accept delivery of a vehicle on your behalf.   
  • Saves time: If you’re relocating across the other side of the country driving there yourself could mean long hours sat behind the wheel. The trip could end up spanning several days which is going to disrupt your schedule. Book with a car relocation company and you’ll be able to settle down into your new neighborhood while you’re waiting for the delivery of your car. 
  • Safe and secure method of transportation: You can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is being taken care of because car relocation companies provide a secure and safe way of shipping a car.  
  • Reduces vehicle wear and tear: If you’re driving long distances it’s putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. There’s even a possibility you could break down on the way, if you decided to drive. 
  • Reduces stress associated with relocating: The whole process of moving house is stressful enough without having to worry about moving your car. An auto relocation provider can save some of the stress by taking care of the transport process. 

How much do car relocation services cost?

It’s difficult to give you an exact cost, because there are so many factors that can affect the cost of auto relocation. We can, however, give you an idea of what factors affect the final cost. 

  • Distance: Shorter distances are cheaper than longer ones. For example, transporting your car from California to South Carolina will cost more than from Montana to Wyoming. 
  • Pick-up and delivery locations: If you want to have your car picked up from and delivered to a rural location, it will cost more than urban or metropolitan locations. 
  • Make and model of your vehicle: Smaller vehicles are cheaper to transport than larger and heavier ones. 
  • Type of transport: You will have several options to choose from, such as guaranteed pick-up, express car transport, and enclosed auto transport. If you want to keep the overall cost of relocating as low as possible the best option, however, is to choose open car transport. 
  • Condition of the vehicle: Shipping a vehicle that’s not running tends to cost more. 
  • Time of the year: Special holidays can be costly times to ship a car. Winter is also an expensive time of the year thanks to the weather.    

What are your auto relocation options?

In the auto transport world, no two customers are the same and the options available reflect this. Reliable car relocation companies will offer you a variety of services. 

  • Express car transport: if you’re relocating at short notice it’s possible to arrange car relocation services with a pick-up window of just 1-2 business days. The industry standard, on the other hand, is between 5 and 7 business days. 
  • Guaranteed pick-up service: If you’re making last-minute arrangements for your relocation a guaranteed pick-up service means you can make your booking with a 24-hour window. 
  • Military car shipping: Members of the military often have to relocate and it can happen with very little notice. Auto relocation companies understand this and will help make a PCS move less painful by taking care of shipping a car.  
  • Classic and luxury car transport: If you’re the proud owner of a luxury or classic car, you won’t want to leave it behind when relocating. A premium auto relocation service is available for this type of car.  

Open car transport vs. enclosed auto transport 

Open car transport and enclosed auto transport are two further options you might want to consider. They are the most popular options for people wanting to relocate. 

Open car transport

This is the most popular option for people wanting to ship their car. Your car is picked up from an agreed location and transported using a truck and trailer. The trailer transports several cars at the same time and is open on all sides. This means your vehicle is exposed to the elements, but it’s really no different from driving it on the highway (without the extra miles and wear and tear). Car relocation services that use an open trailer are a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to transport a car, especially when compared with taking a road trip. 

Enclosed auto transport

If you transport a vehicle using enclosed auto transport it is completely protected throughout the length of the journey. Owners of luxury, custom, antique, exotic, and unique vehicles prefer this method. It is also recommended when you need to transport your vehicle in the winter. 

Enclosed auto transport costs more than open car transport, but you do get more bang for your buck.

Getting your vehicle ready for auto relocation

Before the car relocation company picks up your vehicle, there are a few things you need to do. 

  • Wash your car: Wash your car thoroughly before it’s picked up and check it over for dents, dings, and scratches. You need to know where these are because you must record them on the Bill of Lading, before they load your car. If your car is clean, you’ll be able to notice the damage better. 
  • Clean the inside of your car: It’s always best to clean the interior of your car and remove anything that’s not secure. Car relocation services are safe and secure, but your car may get jostled around a bit during its journey. Remove things such as your spare change, electronics, supporting cables and chargers, and air fresheners.  
  • Disable the alarm: You don’t want your alarm to keep going off during transport so make sure you disable any alarm systems your car might have. 
  • Don’t gas up: Leave as little fuel in your car as possible before it’s transported. If your gas tank is full, it will only make your car heavier. The recommended amount to leave in the tank is only a quarter full. 
  • Check for leaks: Check the undercarriage of your car for possible leaks. You should repair any you find before you relocate. 
  • Check tire pressure: If your tires are under or over-inflated, they risk being damaged when your car is loaded and unloaded. 

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