Shipping Your Car to Hawaii – Let’s Give You the Lowdown

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Shipping Your Car to Hawaii – Let’s Give You the Lowdown

Knowing what to expect when shipping your car to Hawaii, means it’s far more likely to be smooth sailing all the way. With Hawaii being such a long way from the coast of the United States, you might think it's considered international shipping. Lucky for you, it falls under domestic shipping, which means there’s much less paperwork and hassle.

How Shipping to and From the Islands Works

However, interstate car transport to Hawaii does involve a few more logistics. As well as ground transportation, your car also needs to travel via sea transport. The addition of an ocean leg of the journey means there are two pick-ups and drop off points on either side of the pond.

SGT Auto Transport offers a door-to-port service. The first step is to go online and get your instant free quote. If you’re happy with the price, you book your car freight service directly with a member of our team.


The next step is to get your vehicle ready for the journey.

  • Ensure the gas tank is no more than one-quarter full
  • Clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle
  • Make sure your vehicle is in operating condition and disable any alarms
  • Remove all personal items

When your vehicle is ready, one of our partner car moving companies picks up your vehicle at the pre-arranged time and location. It’s then delivered to the port of your choosing.

Certain rules are followed when shipping a vehicle across the sea to Hawaii. The most important is the restriction on personal items inside the car. While it might sometimes be allowed when vehicles are transported across the mainland, to and from Hawaii, it's strictly forbidden.


What Paperwork is Required?

Specific documentation is required when shipping a car to Hawaii. Make sure the following documentation is available when your vehicle reaches the port.

  • A copy of the car’s title and current registration
  • Order confirmation and vessel booking number
  • A notarized letter on an official letterhead authorizing the shipment of the vehicle
  • If there is a second owner listed in the title, notarized proof of power of attorney is required

How We Can Help

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we can help with certain aspects of the journey. We can arrange for a car hauler to get your vehicle to the seaport. At the other end of the line, you’ll need to arrange a pick-up from the port and transportation to its final destination. If you’re shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland, we can arrange auto transport services from the port to your door.   

If you want to know more about our car shipping service from and to Hawaii, speak with one of our customer representatives. Call (864) 546-5038 or use the online instant chat option.