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Do You Tip a Driver Who Delivers Your car?


Tipping is a hot topic in the US right now. Some believe that unscrupulous employers take advantage of tipping to shortchange their employees. Others believe that tipping is a way of expressing gratitude for a job well done.

In the auto transport industry, tips are not required when a car is delivered to your door. However, that doesn’t mean a driver won’t appreciate a tip when they deliver your car. After all, they’ve put a lot of time and energy into transporting your vehicle across the country.

Tipping isn’t mandatory or included in the price of your car shipping. Nevertheless, it’s a nice gesture that goes directly to the driver. For example, you wouldn’t think twice about tipping a hairdresser who gave you a great haircut. Similarly, why wouldn’t you want to tip an auto transport driver who provided great service?

In this post, we’ll try to help you decide whether you should tip car delivery drivers. In addition, we’ll examine when it might be prudent to tip or not.

Reasons why you might want to tip your driver

If you’re a first-time user of an auto transport service, you’re probably wondering when you should tip your driver. Let’s look at some of the main reasons people choose to tip the driver when they get their car delivered.

Reward for a life on the road

To deliver your car to you on time and in good condition, an auto transport driver has to deal with many things. They’ve got to work around unexpected traffic stops and road diversions. They might have to deal with a flat tire, drive through tolls, and overcome many other struggles you won’t hear about. 

Tipping them can be a reward for all the effort they’ve put in and shows how thankful you are for all their hard work. 

Shipping personal items in your car

If you’ve ever moved across the country you’ll appreciate how challenging it can be to find unique places to fit everything. Being able to fit additional personal items in your car during the car shipping process will give you peace of mind. 

Not all car shipping companies allow you to ship personal items in your car, but here at SGT Auto Transport, you can ship up to 100 lbs of personal items in the trunk of your car. There is no additional cost, but the items must be secured in a box or suitcase.

If you want to know how much it will cost to ship your car, get a quote today.

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If the items arrive in the same condition that you left them, it’s a good feeling. Tip the driver to show how pleased and grateful you are. How thrilling would that be for everyone involved?   

The driver arrived ahead of schedule

The auto transport industry runs according to tight schedules, but sometimes, your car might arrive early. It will be a welcome surprise and you can show your gratitude by tipping the driver.  

Car delivery was door-to-door

The aim for any auto transport driver is to get as close to your chosen locations as possible. Drivers often find themselves carrying large loads, particularly when delivering cars across the country.

If you live in a neighborhood where a large truck will struggle to fit, the driver has to plan strategically how they can get close based on your location and your load. If they’re able to nail this and get very close to where you are, giving them a tip will be recognition of a job well done. 

An attentive and kind driver

As we all know, not everyone has a bright and cheerful attitude. If you get a driver that goes above and beyond to have a laugh with you, ask you how you are, or let you know how their day has been and where they’ve been. Such attention makes all the difference.

Such kindness goes a long way when it comes time to pay and add a tip for the driver. 

Communication was good

It’s perfectly natural to feel worried about your auto transport service, especially if this is the first time shipping your car. You might feel a little embarrassed to be waiting for your daily updates, but it’s perfectly alright. 

Communication is key with any kind of transport. A good driver will be happy to keep you updated every mile, provide regular feedback and let you know exactly when they plan to arrive. 

This type of communication is worthy of a tip for the driver. 

Specific needs were accommodated

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. It has a habit of throwing a curve ball every now and then. If this happens to you, a driver who is understanding and willing to adapt to your changing situation is invaluable. 

If you get a driver who is flexible and willing to work around your schedule, it’s going to mean a lot. Tipping a driver who meets your needs is great customer service. Consider giving your driver a tip when they not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  

Reasons why you might not want to tip your driver

There are some people that just don’t tip under any circumstances. It’s generally considered rude, but there may be a legitimate reason for not tipping a driver. 

The car arrived in a poor condition

Transporting a car across the country is a dirty job. Not only are there changes in the weather, but the highway is also a grimy place to be. During its journey, your car is very likely to get dirty. 

If the driver has taken the time to ensure your car arrives clean, could make the difference between giving a tip or not. 

A lack of communication

If the communication from the driver is lack luster this is going to damage the chances of getting a tip. A customer is not going to be satisfied with their car shipping experience if they are constantly wondering about the status of their car. 

Communication from the driver, at least every couple of days should be reason enough to give a tip. 

Delivery was late

Tips are generally given when a job is done exceptionally well. It’s safe to assume that if it doesn’t happen, a customer is going to be disappointed and even upset. 

Auto transport industry logistics depend very much on traffic patterns. If a driver is late with a delivery, it could be seen as a lack of planning. 

Car arrived damaged

There’s possibly nothing worse than a car being delivered in a damaged condition. Scratches, dents, or any other issues will influence whether a tip is given. Damage is very rare, but will likely influence whether a driver receives a tip. 

Scheduling issues

If a customer needs their antique car transported to a car show but there is limited availability around that time, it will create a scheduling conflict. Scheduling issues and whether an alternative solution was offered will affect tipping.

Showing your appreciation

Tipping your auto transport driver is a way of showing your appreciation, but ultimately, it’s a personal choice. It’s an easy way of showing your appreciation directly to the car shipping driver.    

Now you know all there is to know about tipping etiquette for the car shipping industry, why not speak with our shipping advisors and make your booking? We’ll ship your car across the country with the minimum amount of fuss. Call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 


Is shipping a car a good idea?

This really depends on the distance. If you want to move your car over a long distance, shipping it is a good option. It can save time, hassle, and effort. It’s also a safe, secure, and affordable way to move your car. 

How much should you tip auto movers?

This really depends on you. However, if you want a figure, aim to tip between 10%and 20% of your total bill for a long-distance move and between 5% and 10% for a short-distance move. 

Do you have to tip your transport drivers?

It is not obligatory to tip transport drivers. Tipping is optional in the transport industry. However, if you get a 5-star car delivery service, a tip would be a good way of saying thanks. 

Why does it take so long to deliver a car?

It takes a long time to get a car delivered because there are so many variables involved. For example, road closures can cause delays. Traffic jams and storms also slow down the process. 

Is it cheaper to ship or drive a car? 

It is often cheaper to drive your car but there are lots of other benefits that make shipping your car the best option. For example, you won’t put miles on your car by shipping it. Shipping your car rather than driving it will save time. Driving a car with kids and pets can be harder than just shipping it. Weather can make driving very hard. 

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