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How to Ship a Car From Texas to New York (and Vice Versa)


When it comes to moving a car from New York to Houston, a distance of almost 2000 miles makes it quite a challenge. Driving it between these two locations could be an option, but what if there’s a better way? You can ship a car from New York to Houston by train or even by plane, but have you considered an auto transport service such as the one provided by SGT Auto Transport? 

Shipping a car from New York to Dallas or anywhere else in the state of Texas is something thousands of people do every day. Why do they choose to ship their car rather than driving? Let’s see if we can explain. 

The benefits of shipping a car with an auto transport company

When you want to ship a car from Houston to New York or anywhere else in the United State, auto transport is a popular option for the following reasons:

  • The shipper plans everything for you: A reliable auto transport company makes all the necessary arrangements and your car is shipped from Texas to New York, easy-peasy.  
  • You’ll save time: You’re not sitting behind the wheel of your car for hours a day and even for days in a row. All that drive time is taken off your hands. 
  • Fewer miles on your car’s odometer: As well as causing wear and tear on your vehicle, driving long distances also adds extra miles on the odometer. In addition, you may have to face costly maintenance bills and the resale value of your car will decrease. 
  • It’s safer for you and your family: Driving long distances can lead to soreness, backache, and extreme exhaustion. There’s also the danger of bad weather, accidents, congestion, and roadblocks being just around the corner. You and your family can avoid all these scenarios by shipping your car from Dallas to New York on your behalf.  
  • You’ll save money: Hiring a car shipping company is not as expensive as you think. Calculate the cost of driving your car, remembering to include hotel stays, food on the road, and gas, and it generally works out to a similar price. It might even be more expensive to drive your car. 
  • You’ll save on insurance costs: One factor that can affect car insurance rates is the number of miles you drive every year. The higher the number of miles, the more your premiums could increase. Having your car shipped doesn’t affect your car insurance rates. 
  • It’s a door-to-door hassle-free service: You get to have your car picked up from right outside your front door if this is convenient. The driver will also drop it off as close as possible to the final destination. 
  • You can move more than one vehicle at the same time: A significant benefit of shipping a car from Texas to New York, and vice versa, is that you can ship more than one car at the same time. This is perfect if you happen to be a multi-car household. 
  • No chance of vandalism or burglary: It’s very unlikely that your car will get stolen or vandalized during the car transportation service. 
  • Protection from the elements: Elements such as falling debris, rocks, stones, sticks, snow, and rain can damage your vehicle. Choose enclosed car shipping and your car is completely protected from all kinds of outside elements. 
  • Concessions and discounts: Many car shipping companies offer discounts on certain routes, in certain seasons, and for certain members of the public. For example, here at SGT Auto Transport, we offer discounts for serving military, veterans, front line workers, snowbirds, and students. 

Shipping a car from Dallas to New York - how it works

One of the most important deciding factors when it comes to booking an automobile shipping service has to be the cost. Before you make your final decision, spend time shopping around and asking for several quotes. Choose us and you’re lucky enough to be able to get an online instant quote using our calculator.

Any quote you get is not set in stone until you’ve made your final booking. The quote you receive is fully inclusive of all fees and charges. It’s also guaranteed for 7 days. If you find you can’t make your booking within that time frame, don’t worry. Your details will be in our system and the price can be recalculated.

Making Your Final Booking

Before you make your final booking, it’s a good idea to understand how the shipping process works. Take a look at some of the articles in our blog section and you’ll know everything there is to know about shipping a car.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • It costs more, generally, to ship a large vehicle than a smaller one
  • Trips that are shorter, tend to cost less than moving your car from one side of the country to the other
  • Express shipping is available, but it will cost a little more

Making your booking with us here at SGT Auto Transport is as easy as ABC.

Arrangements – get in touch with our shipping advisors and give them all the details.

Be available at the pick-up location – make sure you’re there at the pick-up location for the scheduled date and time. Make sure the location is easily accessible, with no overhanging trees, parking restrictions, or narrow streets. If you’re unable to be at the pick-up location, make sure a trusted friend, relative or neighbor is there to act on your behalf.

Collection – the final step is for you to receive your vehicle. When the truck driver is close to the final destination, they will give you a call to let you know they’re on their way. Be available to greet them at the scheduled delivery location wherever that might be. 

Part of the delivery process is for you to check over your car and make sure no damage has occurred. If everything is in order, you simply sign the bill of lading and drive away in your car. You won’t owe the driver anything if you paid in full. If this isn’t the case you’ll need to pay the trucker in cash or by certified funds. 

If you like what you’ve learned about shipping a car from Texas to New York and want to book your auto transport service, our shipping agents are waiting to speak to you directly. Use our Live Chat or speak directly with our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038

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