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No Need to Purchase Snow Tires: Ship Your Car South Instead


Snowbird season is upon us, and many people are contemplating the long drive down south. For some of the popular snowbird routes, snow tires are essential. However, there is a way to save on this expense. 

Choose to ship your car south with the help of snowbirds car transport, and you’ll be able to head south to your winter home in comfort and at your leisure. 

What are the most popular snowbird routes?

Some of the most popular routes for snowbirds making their annual migration are from the New York and New England areas heading south to Florida along the I-95. 

There are also snowbirds departing from Seattle, WA. These snowbirds tend to head south via California to Arizona along the I-5. 

The final popular snowbird route is for retirees leaving Chicago. They tend to head down to Florida or Texas. 

That being said, seniors from across the United States choose to make their way down south in the fall from cities that are too numerous to mention. 

When is snowbird season?

In the US, the snowbird season starts in the fall, around the middle of October. By Thanksgiving, many snowbirds will be well on their way, although there are always a few stragglers. 

The migration back north in the spring is a little more spread out. But by the end of May, most retirees will be heading back to their northern homes to be closer to family and friends for the warmer months. 

Why you might want to consider snowbird shipping this year

Things are a little different for snowbirds this year. An increasing number of them are thinking about booking a snowbird auto transport service because of the following reasons:

  • There is a dramatic shortage of rental vehicles
  • Dealers are seriously marking up new vehicles
  • Recent issues with flooding are also casting doubts over the pedigree of any used cars because it’s difficult to tell whether they are flood-damaged
  • Most significant of all is the fact that inflation is out of control. Prices for cars, new and used, have sky-rocketed in recent months

How much does snowbird car shipping cost?

Choosing a snowbirds auto transporter based solely on the price is not the best way to do it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not useful to have an idea as to how much it might cost. It’s also good to know what factors can affect the overall cost.

Snowbirds are shipping cars to Florida and other southern states because it means they get to save money on travel costs. A cross-country road trip can be very expensive. There is the cost of gas to cover, hotel stays, and food. Other expenses that should be calculated into the budget include unexpected emergencies such as a dead battery or flat tires.

So, you’re probably wondering how much hassle-free snowbirds car shipping costs. Companies’ rates tend to differ; however, most use the same general factors when calculating your car shipping quote:

  • Distance: This is one of the primary factors that auto transport companies use. The longer the distance the carrier has to go, the higher the cost of snowbirds car shipping. 
  • Make and model of your vehicle: Larger vehicles take up more space on the auto transport trailer, which means they cost more to transport. Modified cars require specialist equipment and attention which also increases the cost. 
  • Type of transport: Here at SGT Auto Transport, we offer two methods of transport: open and enclosed auto transport. Open auto transport is the standard shipping service. Enclosed auto transport is a little different in that it provides more protection from debris and weather. However, enclosed auto transport is between 30% and 40% more expensive. 
  • Condition of your vehicle: Something else you should consider is whether your car is operable or not. If you want to ship an inoperable car and get it fixed when you reach your southern state destination, it will cost more. This is because special equipment is needed to load and unload a car that’s not working. 
  • Location: Where you’re going also affects the price of car shipping services. Major highways are the most popular and cost-effective routes for car shipping companies to use. If you want to ship your car to or from a small town, you may have to pay more.   

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Ways that snowbirds shipping cars can save money

While snowbirds car shipping is considered to be a very affordable way of getting your car to your winter home, there are things you can do to make further savings. 

  • Try to be as flexible as possible with the pick-up and delivery window.
  • Plan to drop off and pick up your car somewhere that’s easy for the carrier to access.
  • Book as far in advance as is practical to do so.
  • If a round-trip shipment is an option, consider booking it.
  • If your car is a standard make and model, book open car transport rather than enclosed auto transport because it will cost less.
  • However, if you want to ship a classic, exotic, or luxury car, do the opposite. Ship your valuable car in an enclosed trailer as it will be completely protected. 
  • If you own several cars, consider shipping the smallest one for the winter. 

Is snowbirds car shipping to the US better than driving? 

There are many reasons why snowbirds car shipping is better than driving, particularly as you get older and driving long distances becomes less convenient. 

There are many benefits to having your vehicle shipped rather than driving. Here are a few of them:

  • Saves time: It can take days to get from one part of the country to another. What’s the point in wasting a week of your vacation driving? Far better to be enjoying your time exploring the area and relaxing and soaking up the sun as soon as possible.   
  • Saves wear and tear: Transport your car south and you don’t have to stress about driving it in the winter weather. You're also preventing the accumulation of miles that are part of a long-distance drive. 
  • You can get around more: There are many beautiful places you can visit when you’re staying down south. You’ll be able to explore the sights and enjoy the comfort and convenience of having your own vehicle.  

Now you know a little bit more about snowbirds car shipping, it's time to get in touch with us here at SGT Auto Transport. Speak with our shipping advisors and ask for a quote. Call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 


What do snowbirds generally do with their cars?

When snowbirds travel south for the winter, some leave them behind. Others keep a vehicle stored locally or drive their car south themselves. However, an increasing number of snowbirds now choose to ship their cars south each fall and north again in the spring. 

Can I ship stuff in my car when I ship it?

The answer to this depends on the car shipping company you choose. Some say that it’s not possible at all. However, there are others, such as SGT Auto Transport, which allow you to ship personal possessions, if you follow certain guidelines. For example:

  • You can ship up to 100lbs in the trunk/cargo area
  • The items must be contained in a single box or suitcase
  • Both front seats and front seat floorboards and the backseat must be empty

I have an extraordinary antique car. Can I ship it?

Yes, it is possible to ship a special vehicle. However, you must provide all the relevant details and be prepared to pay for an enclosed car shipping service. In addition, check that your car is fully insured. It may cost a little more, but it’s got to be worth it.

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