Reliable auto transport companies: Top 7 review sites to check

Reliable auto transport companies: Top 7 review sites to check


When you’re looking for a reliable auto transport company one of the most important things you must do is check out customer reviews. You'll find them on an auto transport company’s website, but there are also several third-party review websites you can visit. People who have used the auto shipping service leave their reviews and they are an excellent indication as to whether you’ve chosen a reliable car transport company. 

However, everything might not be as it seems. There are helpful and useless customer reviews, and there are also reviews you might consider a little suspect. This article will act as your guide because well-written reviews are an indispensable resource. If you know what to look for, you’ll get all the information you need to make an informed choice. 

Why you should check auto transport company's profiles

Reading customer reviews plays a crucial part in the search for reliable auto transport. Visit a trustworthy auto transport review website, and you’ll be able to check out company profiles for reliable auto transport providers. Customers use review sites when they want to give honest feedback on the services they receive. 

As well as honest feedback, the reviews often include a person’s story, for example, why they needed reliable auto shippers, what service they used, and a blow-by-blow account of how the service progressed for them. 

A good review will also include links to the reliable car transport company’s website, in-depth information about different services, dates, and other information that when presented together paints a realistic picture of the customer's experience. This is all relevant information when you’re looking for the best car transport company

How to use an auto transport review site

Visit an auto transport review website and it’s possible to sort reviews in several different ways. You might, for example, be looking for a reliable auto transport company that operates in a particular area, or one that operates nationwide.

Reliable car transport providers are generally given a star rating, and you can choose whether to see three-star or five-star reviews, for example. An alternative way of ranking auto transport services is based on the overall number of positive or negative reviews. 

Here are some things to consider when visiting auto transport review websites: 

How many reviews does the auto transport company have?

The more reviews you find about an auto transport company, the better and more accurate a picture you’ll get. A handful of reviews about a company simply don’t paint a picture in the same way. 

Recent reviews have more value

Companies change over time. You can’t rely on a glowing review that was left several years ago. One that was left just a few days or weeks ago, on the other hand, is likely to paint a more accurate picture of a company. Similarly, an older review that is just so-so may not be an accurate picture of the service offered today. 

Look for relevant reviews

If you’re looking for a reliable enclosed car transport company, you need to look for reviews left by people shipping classic, custom, antique, or luxury vehicles. If you’re interested in snowbirds auto transport services, look for reviews left by other people moving south for the winter. 

Be wary of the extremes

You will encounter reviews at both ends of the spectrum, overwhelmingly positive or devastatingly negative. There’s nothing wrong with reading these, but most customer experiences will fall somewhere in the middle. These are the ones you should give more weight to.

You should also be very wary of companies with only positive reviews. Even the biggest and most successful companies around the world have angry or dissatisfied customers from time to time. How a company resolves issues can be just as important as having a lengthy list of glowing reviews.

Look out for specialized or technical language

If you come across reviews full of jargon, take this as a sign and run for the hills. Generally, industry terms are not used by ordinary people in their reviews. There’s a good chance a PR firm or a company representative has written reviews that include a lot of industry terms. 

Is there a common thread?

It’s often the case that you’ll read reviews left by customers who have had similar experiences. They might also offer up the same compliments. These are the reviews to take seriously. 

Now you know what to look for, here are the top 7 auto transport review sites.

Top 7 auto transport review sites 

Car transport review websites


Consumers often use the Better Business Bureau when they want to make a complaint. There is, in fact, much more on offer. Consumers also visit this site when they want to applaud great service. Several search features are available. The Better Business Bureau team members carefully vet reviews left by consumers. They also send them to the business in question before they publish them online. investigations will take place if there are any questions raised about the legitimacy of a review. 


Almost every auto transport company will have reviews that their customers have posted directly on Google. You can find them by either searching for the company name and scrolling through the results until you reach the local results. In the local results, you’ll find the company name and a small map. Click on the company name and you’ll be taken to a second page with a larger map and a link to the reviews. You can also look for customer reviews using Google Maps. 

You can sort Google reviews in several ways. Look for the most relevant, newest, lowest, or highest ratings. Sometimes, Google shows names and ratings for other auto transport companies, allowing you to compare two or more companies at the same time. 


Yelp used to be the leader in online review aggregation. Google may have overtaken it, but its reviews are still a valuable source of information. It collects reviews regarding many different services, including auto transport. 

This is where many people start their search for reliable auto shippers. Visit the site and you’ll find more than 200,000 reviews of 4,100 auto transport companies of all shapes and sizes. Any reviews left on this site are subject to verification (by providing order details). Any reviews that are flagged as being posted by a non-customer will be investigated. If they find they are fictitious or from a non-customer, they are removed from the site very quickly. 


Facebook has a feature called Recommendations. Consumers who interact with a business have the option of recommending the business. If they want to, they get the opportunity to share more information about their experience with the company. You can find the link to a company’s Recommendations by visiting their Facebook page. 


TrustPilot is a site where you can find reviews about virtually anything, including auto transport. It’s popular because it has a zero-tolerance policy toward fake reviews. There is a dedicated compliance team that works diligently to uncover fictitious reviews. Visit the site, and you’ll find many thousand trustworthy reviews. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find some relevant to your situation and find the most reliable auto transport company for you. 


uShip was launched in 2004. It’s a company that connects customers with customer-reviewed transportation service providers, ranging from independent owner-operators to the largest freight carriers and brokers. uShip provides reviews and history for each carrier so you can confidently book with a reliable auto transport company. 

There are plenty of other review sites online that you can visit. However, the seven featured above are reliable and trustworthy. 

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we’re proud of the reviews left by our customers on these sites. If you want to know more about the services we provide don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Get an instant quote online, call (865) 546-5038, or use our Live Chat service.  

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