Vehicle shipping instant quotes

Vehicle shipping instant quotes: Where to get one and what to be aware of


The first step in the car shipping process is to get a selection of vehicle shipping instant quotes. With so many auto transport companies to choose from, it’s smart to request quotes from a number of different providers. You can then make a comparison and choose the service that works best for you and your budget. Sounds simple, but there are several things to be aware of when comparing instant car shipping quotes. In this article, we’ll introduce the best places to go for online car shipping quotes and what to be aware of when making a comparison. 

The best place to go for vehicle shipping instant quotes

Getting online car shipping quotes is the first step to getting your vehicle shipped from point A to point B. Every auto transport company handles car shipping quotes differently, which can sometimes make getting a quote confusing. You have the option of contacting car shipping companies directly and requesting a quote which you can usually do by email, telephone, or instant chat. 

Another option is to use a shipping marketplace such as uShip. With uShip, you can compare the rates from many different car carriers at once. If you don’t like any of the rates provided, you have the option of taking your shipment listing to uShips marketplace by starting an auction. Specify your shipment details and car shipping experts will send you shipping quotes for your review. 

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we provide our customers with an online instant quote calculator. Simply provide the necessary details and you’ll instantly see the different price options. We have thousands of fully vetted and trusted carriers to choose from in our network.

What factors affect instant car shipping quotes

Car transport online quotes

There are several different factors that affect a car shipping quote. The information that you provide when using our online calculator, for example, determines the final price. The cost of shipping a car varies according to the following factors:

Type of vehicle: The type of vehicle you want shipped is one of the top factors. Larger and heavier vehicles cost more than a light sedan. The size of a car affects the price because space is a premium on a car transporter's trailer. The average size of a family sedan is around 189 inches long. If the vehicles are shorter than that, the carrier can ship more on one trailer. Likewise, if the length is longer, the carrier can transport fewer cars at a time. Auto transport carriers have to be very careful when considering how many vehicles fit on a trailer. They want to make each journey as cost-effective as possible.

The height of your vehicle also matters. Vehicles, such as SUVs, which are typically higher than the average sedan, cost more to ship. 

Distance traveled: One of the biggest variables in car shipping prices is the distance the carrier has to travel. A long trip costs more than a short trip overall, however, the cost per mile is generally lower the further your car has to travel.

Urban or rural: More than two-thirds of people in the US live in urban areas. If you happen to be one of them, you can expect to pay less for your car shipping service. It’s much easier for car haulers to organize their schedules in areas with a high density of people. 

Type of carrier: One of the most common ways to transport a car is with an open carrier. They tend to be more widely available, but your car is going to be exposed to the elements and traffic grime. For particularly valuable, rare, exotic or custom vehicles, or because your vehicle is a prized possession, an enclosed carrier is the preferred option. The cost is usually higher, but this is because of the high value insurance.

Time of Year: It costs more to transport a car during the summer months and during the holidays. Rates can also rise during the fall when large numbers of people move to warmer locations. If you want to save money, the best time to book your transport is off season.

Condition of Vehicle: If your car doesn’t run, there will be additional costs. 

Express shipping: if you need your vehicle quicker than the standard timeframe, expect to pay more for speedy shipping.

Time frame: if you need to make your auto transport arrangements at the last minute that’s not usually a problem, however, you’ll secure a much better rate if you make your vehicle shipping arrangements a few weeks in advance.  

Things to be aware of when getting car transport online quotes

Getting your car transport online quotes is an uncomplicated process. There are, however, several things you need to be aware of. 

Is the price all-inclusive?

Car transport rates vary, so when you’re looking to compare instant car shipping quotes you need to be careful when comparing. Whether you’re speaking directly with an auto transport company, using an online car shipping quotes calculator, emailing, using Live Chat, or comparing prices on a comparison website, make sure you understand exactly what’s included in the cost. 

Determine whether the price is all-inclusive, because you don’t want to pay any ‘extra’ charges you weren’t aware of. Always read the small print of the offer because not all auto transport carriers include all costs in their vehicle shipping instant quotes. Check there are no additional fees or charges you might have to pay at a later date. 

Does the quote include full insurance?

Standard motor insurance tends not to cover the cost of transporting your car across the country, so it’s crucial you make sure the shipping company giving you the quote has adequate insurance coverage. Ask to see the insurance documentation so you can check what level of cover your vehicle will have while it’s being shipped. If you don’t think it’s adequate, you may be able to increase the cover, but it costs a little more.

Check whether your vehicle shipping instant quotes include the cost of full insurance. It’s not something you want to worry about having to pay extra for. What are the payment options?

When you request instant car shipping quotes, a couple of options are usually given with regards to the price. Here at SGT Auto Transport, for example, we offer a Discounted Cash Price and a Regular Price. The Regular Price is for an auto transport service you pay for in full once your vehicle is scheduled for pickup. With a Discounted Cash Price, on the other hand, we take a small partial payment once your vehicle is scheduled for pick-up. You pay the outstanding balance in cash or certified funds upon delivery of your vehicle.  

Is $0 upfront payments part of the deal?

Some shipping companies take no upfront payments until they confirm your auto transport booking. Others, however, may require a deposit in order to secure the quoted price. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we have $0 upfront payment at the time of booking.   

How long is the quote valid?

How long your quote will be valid varies between auto transport providers. A quote you get from us is valid for 7 days. If you make your booking within that time, the quote remains the same. Wait longer than one week to make your booking and we’ll simply recalculate the cost of your service, using the information you’ve already provided.

How to avoid being spammed

You usually need to provide an email or telephone number as part of the vehicle shipping instant quotes process and for some people this can be a concern. There are, however, things you can do and check to avoid the chance of being spammed or receiving bothersome emails and sales calls in the future. Always check whether you’re requesting a quote from an actual car shipping company. Look for direct phone numbers, chat integrated systems, and direct emails. These are a good indication that you’re dealing with a trustworthy company. They should also inform you that personal information is not being shared with 3rd parties as part of their privacy notices.  

If you want to know the cost of shipping a vehicle with us, get in touch today by telephone at (864) 546-5038 or Live Chat . Alternatively, fill in the details using our vehicle shipping instant quotes calculator. Our quotes are all-inclusive, we include insurance cover in the price, and zero upfront payments are part of the deal.

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