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What is the Best Time of Year to Ship a Car to Florida?


If you ever find yourself thinking about shipping a car to Florida, you’ll be interested to learn that there is a good and a bad time to do it. Like many other industries, the auto transport industry can be seasonal. In addition, some routes are more seasonal than others, and shipping to and from Florida is one of them.

Learn everything there is to know about seasonal fluctuations when it comes to door-to-door car shipping services to and from Florida.

Why do people move to Florida?

Florida is a popular destination for anyone looking to enjoy long sunny days, no state income tax, fantastic beaches, cultural diversity, a laidback lifestyle, affordable housing, tasty food and drink, and much more. Some people move to Florida permanently, while others (known as snowbirds) take a more seasonal approach because they’re looking to escape the extreme winter weather in the northern states of the US.

Is there a good time of the year to ship your car to Florida?

The auto transport industry is very much affected by the seasons, in terms of cost, demand, availability, and possibility of delays. 

Understanding as much as you can about the seasonal fluctuations will help you decide whether there is a good time of the year to ship your car to Florida. 

Let’s look a little closer at those seasonal variations.

January and February

January is the time of year when people head back home after spending the holiday season with friends or relatives. It’s just the same for car shipping drivers. They’ll be heading back to work after enjoying a Christmas break. 

The first couple of weeks in January can be very hectic as the carriers are playing catch-up. It’s also the time of year when snowbirds are starting to make their plans for heading back north. 

The weather can also be a little unpredictable at the beginning of the year which can cause problems for carriers and their schedules. 

If you can, it’s usually better to wait until the middle or the end of January to book your auto transport service.  

February is much slower when it comes to shipping cars. You’re more likely to get a better deal and not have to wait so long.  

March, April, and May

March is the start of the snowbird season. People who have been enjoying the winter in the warmer southern states are heading back to the north where it’s going to be cooler over the next few months. 

The price of shipping a car from Florida to the north will start to rise and the demand for services also increases. 

Summer months

The summer months are hectic for auto transport companies across the United States. Families are relocating because the kids are not in school. People often relocate because of their jobs in the summer.

Other events that increase the demand for auto transport services include:

  • More people are buying cars
  • College students want to ship their cars back home for the summer recess
  • Around Independence Day, fewer carriers operate, prices tend to be higher, and the service is slower 

The fall

The months of September, October, and November are good times to ship your car to Florida or anywhere else in the country. 

The weather is favorable, temperatures are moderate, and fewer people want to ship their cars. 

This reduction in demand means you benefit from favorable prices and quick service. 


December is another time of the year when fewer carriers are available to provide auto transport services. Thanksgiving and Christmas are when truckers like to take their vacation time. This means fewer carriers which increases the price. Snowbirds are also making plans to move from the north to the south where it’s warmer. 

The benefits of shipping a car to Florida with an auto transport company like SGT Auto Transport

Whatever the reason for moving, knowing what to do about your car is something that has to be considered. In all situations, hiring an auto transport company is a worthwhile option for many reasons. 

It requires less planning and worry

If you’re considering driving your car to Florida are you prepared for all the required planning? As well as getting your car ready for such a long trip, you also need to plan your gas and rest stops, meals, hotel stays, and various other road trip hassles. 

In addition, you should have plans in place should you have to deal with a vehicle breakdown, bothersome road works, and other unexpected travel dilemmas. You’re also going to have to deal with other drivers and their bad driving habits.

On the other hand, if you book car transport to Florida you’ll be able to focus your attention on other things. The auto transport company will take care of all the details and make the necessary arrangements for shipping a car to Florida.    

You’ll save time

People often choose to ship their car to Florida because they don’t have the time to drive it there themselves. Our schedules are so busy that it’s difficult to find eight hours a day over several days to drive such a long distance. 

Choose to ship your car to Florida and you get to select a specific time window for when your vehicle arrives. While your car is being shipped, you can schedule a flight and arrive at your destination exactly when you need to. It’s also much quicker to fly to Florida instead of driving.  

Your vehicle is protected from unnecessary wear and tear

If you drive your car a thousand miles or more, it adds unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle. These extra miles will reduce its resale value and lead to expensive maintenance procedures. You can avoid all these extra miles by shipping your car to Florida instead.

You’ll save money

It might surprise you to learn that shipping your car to Florida is more affordable than you think. A long-distance road trip, on the other hand, can work out to be very expensive. As well as the cost of gas, you’ve also got to cover the cost of hotel stays. 

A car shipping service saves you money because there are no travel expenses to worry about during transit. In addition, there will be no breakdown costs or flat tire repairs to consider. Let’s not forget the time investment that comes with a long and expensive road trip. You’ll be forced to take time away from work, use up vacation days, or take unpaid leave. 

You can move multiple vehicles

A significant benefit of using auto transport services is that you can ship more than one vehicle simultaneously. This is a big advantage if you’re one of the many two-car households in America. 

Door-to-door shipping

Door-to-door shipping, rather than terminal-to-terminal shipping, is now the norm. Your vehicle can be collected as close to your home as possible and dropped off as close to your chosen destination as possible. 

Professional and reliable car shipping services to/from Florida

SGT Auto Transport is a reliable and professional auto transport management company that has a network of verified carriers that have years of industry experience. Put your trust in us and we’ll make sure your precious vehicle is shipped to Florida safely and securely. The carriers will use the correct equipment and your vehicle will arrive on time without any delays or complications. 

Attractive rates and discounts are available

Most reputable car shipping companies will offer competitive rates and exciting discounts, more so during the low season. It’s possible to save lots of money by choosing the right time to ship your car. 

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How much would it cost to ship a car to Florida?

The average cost of car shipping to or from Florida depends on many things. For example, the pick-up and delivery locations, type of vehicle, distance, and whether you choose open or enclosed car transport all affect the price. 

If you want to know exactly how much it will cost to ship your car to Florida, the best thing to do is get a free instant online quote. 

Can I have my car shipped to Florida?

Yes, you can ship a car to Florida from anywhere in the United States. The process is very simple and starts with getting a quote. 

Is it worth it to ship my car?

In many situations, shipping your car to Florida is worth it. You’re probably saving money compared with driving it there yourself, and you’re bound to save time. Car shipping services are also very flexible and convenient. 

How long does it take to ship a car to Florida?

There are two things to consider when it comes to the time it takes to ship a car to Florida: The time it takes to pick up your car and the time it takes to transport it. 

How long it takes for a carrier to pick up your car is typically between one and five business working days, depending on the carrier. 

The time it takes for the carrier to transport your car could be as long as 10 days, for example, if you’re shipping a car from California to Florida

However, some factors play a major role when it comes to timeframes. These include:

  • Pick-up and delivery locations
  • The number of stops the carrier has to make
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic flow
  • Road construction
  • Detours
  • Heavy traffic

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